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Best Kitchen Remodeling Katy Tx

Kitchen Remodeling Katy Texas

Kitchen Remodeling Katy Tx

Kitchen Remodeling Katy Tx is one of the home improvement projects that can completely transform the feel and appearance of your home's interior.

From a meals preparation space to a diversified room with kids' homework area, family and guest gathering space, the modern kitchen is a masterpiece that no home would complete without it.

Due to the high traffic and a string of day's cooking activities, the kitchen tends to wear out faster than any other room, requiring periodic upgrades and maintenance. And that's where our services come in handy.

We handle all remodeling, renovation, and upgrades of any type of kitchen in Katy.

All about Kitchen Remodeling Katy TX

A kitchen is an essential room that every household needs. It is the center stage of your home where you cook, share meals, and gather with family and friends.

However, if your kitchen feels small or looks bad and all messed up, you may have to consider a kitchen upgrade. So let professionals do the work. We will help you design and build a nice kitchen that is comfortable, functional, and efficient.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Services in Katy Tx

With over 10 years of experience in home remodeling and room upgrades, Smart Remodeling works with a team of experts to build a home that keeps your family safe and comfortable throughout the year. Moreover, we provide top-quality kitchen upgrades at affordable prices.

Here is what our Katy Tx kitchen enhancement services entail:

Kitchen Design in Katy Tx – If you're having issues with your workspace, or perhaps you have kids and need a more convenient kitchen design, we are your best partner. The Katy kitchen remodeling professionals at Smart Remodeling specialize in different architectural designs. They will help you select a style that will match your new kitchen with your house's design.

Update/reface/remodel or install new cabinets in Katy Tx – What is the current condition of your kitchen cabinets? Notably, nothing destroys the function and look of a kitchen more than damaged and mismatched cabinets. Our experts will renovate, replace, or install brand new cabinets to enhance the cabinets' aesthetics, function, and storage capacity.

Kitchen countertop installation in Katy Tx – As the leading kitchen remodeling contractor in Katy, Tx, we offer an extensive selection of countertop materials and styles to choose from. Whether you prefer marble, granite, quartz, tile, or composites, our crew will help install perfect countertops that work for your style and budget.

Kitchen fixtures or accessories in Katy Tx – Whether you're looking for kitchen supplies or cabinet hardware, our team will guide you in choosing the right size and shape to blend with your property's general design.

Kitchen flooring in Katy Tx – We install the most suitable flooring material according to your preferences, lifestyle, budget, safety, and cleaning requirements. Our team is fully insured, licensed, and certified to install a wide range of kitchen flooring types such as tile, vinyl, engineered wood, ceramic, and more.

Painting in Katy Tx – We use superior paint on your ceiling and walls that not only resist dirt and moisture but also keep your kitchen shining for the longest time possible.

Backsplash in Katy Tx – Backsplash upgrade is an easy way to give your kitchen an aesthetic and function transformation. Professionally installed kitchen backsplash can enhance color and style to your space.

Kitchen sink and faucet in Katy Tx – These two elements are often in constant use; meaning, they need to be of good quality. Our experts will help you select the best sink and faucet for your kitchen to enhance functionality and make cleaning and meal preparation tasks as easy as possible for you.

Kitchen Storage – Staying organized makes work easier in your kitchen. We will incorporate storage features to provide ample storage space for all your food storage containers, dishes, appliances, and more.

How Much is Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Katy?

Kitchen remodeling Katy TX cost will vary depending on your ultimate goal, materials used, labor expenses, project scope, and typical size (small, medium-sized, or large). However, there are average figures to give you a general idea of what to expect for your case.

The average cost for a kitchen remodeling project in Katy is about $23,200.00. While this is the average cost, you can expect to pay as low as $7,700.00 for smaller projects and as high as $38,700.00 or more for larger and complex projects.

The advantage of getting in touch with Smart Remodeling is that we will give you customized service to save you time and money during a kitchen remodel in Katy, Tx.

What Should You Expect During a Kitchen Remodeling Project in Katy?

Whether you're planning for a partial kitchen renovation or a complete overhaul, our committed professionals will help you achieve your dream kitchen in the best way possible. We follow a series of steps to complete our kitchen upgrade process. These steps include:

Planning: The first step involves planning and designing the kitchen layout. We will guide and help you choose a design that maximizes the usage, functionality, and your property's resale value.

Budgeting: Once we're through with the planning phase, our experts will help craft a budget that reflects the type of renovation you want.

Demolition: After inspecting your kitchen thoroughly, we use appropriate tools and equipment to safely remove damaged kitchen fixtures such as floors, baseboards, cabinets, drywall, and more.

Replacement/ installation of new kitchen fixtures: After demolition, our experts will do the necessary upgrades – install new framings, countertops, cabinets, and bring in new appliances, if necessary. Ultimately, we will strive to create a perfect design with a seamless flow to make your kitchen as functional, convenient, and efficient as possible.

Start Your Katy Kitchen Remodeling Services Today!

Want to start your Katy kitchen remodeling project today? We're here to get your project done to plan. You can give us a call at 832-800-8889 or schedule an in-house consultation and let's get you started.



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