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Home Remodeling Richmond TX

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Home Remodeling Richmond

Home remodeling Richmond is our specialty. Whether you’re planning to have your house interior revamped to give it a stylish look that complements your lifestyle or want to schedule exterior house remodeling to make your home more welcoming, we’re always just a phone call away. 

With over ten years of offering high-quality home remodeling services in Texas, turning your home into a comfortable, safe, and more functional living space is our greatest desire. Whether you’re looking forward to scheduling for kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or planning for a full-house remodeling in Richmond, it doesn’t get any better beyond our services. 

At Smart Remodeling LLC, our customers come first. As such, we ensure nothing than 100% satisfaction in every remodeling project we handle in Richmond—whether small or big. 

Our team of professional remodelers in Richmond is highly trained with more than a decade of on-site experience in handling every home improvement project with a perfect outcome and maximum satisfaction guaranteed. 

While we focus on exceptional quality in every remodeling work we complete in your home, we also focus on the affordability of your home remodeling in Richmond Tx. We do that by advising you on the best ways of cutting down your home remodeling cost without cutting corners. 

Get Your Richmond Home Remodeling Done by Experts

Your home remodeling in Richmond involves much decision-making, with the most obvious being where to start. You can start by giving us a call or schedule a free in-home consultation and get all your questions answered. 

With our vast experience in the field of home remodeling, our experts can handle every aspect of your project from start to finish. From design, planning your budget to real work remodeling work, we work with highly qualified experts who are the company’s employees to ensure a perfect project outcome. 

Additionally, we use high-quality equipment and ultra-modern technology to ensure we complete your project within the shortest time possible without compromising quality. For instance, our designers use 3-D technology to let you see how your finished project will look even before starting the project. 

Benefits of Our Home Remodeling Richmond Services

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we understand you are free to choose any remodeling contractor of your choice. And therefore, we are honored to serve you. Choosing our remodeling services comes with the following benefits:

  • Your project will be handled by highly experienced and talented experts. 
  • Quick turn-around time on every project we handle.
  • Free in-home consultation.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Our prices are affordable, with incredible discounts on large projects.
  • Free design services
  • Improved comfort and safety of your home
  • We remodel your home without you moving to another home.

Our Full-Service Home Remodeling Richmond

As a full-service remodeling company in Richmond, we offer a full range of home remodeling services for any home, whether small or large. If you’re looking forward to revamping your bathroom, upgrading your kitchen, adding style to your interior décor, or making your house exterior super attractive, we are your go-to company. 

With our expert team of home remodelers, we’re glad to offer you the following home remodeling services in Richmond. 

  • Kitchen remodeling Richmond tx: Our kitchen remodeling experts will revamp your kitchen and turn it into a new masterpiece customized to fit your household needs and requirements. Whether you want to install advanced sinks, stylish closets, storage shelves, floor-to-ceiling tiles, faucets, countertops, and backsplash, we get it done beyond your highest expectations. 
  • Bathroom remodeling Richmond tx: Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom with the latest designs, features, and fixtures, we’ll get your project done seamlessly with great attention to detail. 
  • Room addition and room conversion Richmond tx: If you have a growing family and need more space in the attic, basement or just want to add to your existing home, your options are endless. 
  • Floor repair &new flooring Installation Richmond tx: Our flooring experts will help you repair, change, or replace worn-out flooring to add a touch of style and professionalism.
  • Wall and ceiling repair Richmond Tx: Our experts will repair your walls and ceiling to ensure it’s up to your dream.
  • Home painting Richmond TX: Painting is the cheapest way to give your home a fantastic look without sacrificing all your money. With our professional painters, your home’s outlook could change in a few days.
  • Flood damage and restoration Richmond TX: We can get your home back to its original state before floods. Also, we can help you win home restoration funding from your home insurance company. 
  • Fire damage repair and restoration Richmond TX: We can also do fire damage repairs and restoration to bring back your home to a tip-top functionality even after a fire incident. 
  • Roof repair Richmond TX: We repair, replace, and change worn-out or damaged roofing materials to protect the internal parts of your house. Whether your home is made up of asphalt shingle and wants to change to iron sheets, we’ve got you covered. 
  • Home exterior remodeling: Our outdoor remodeling experts will help in siding repair and installation, outdoor kitchen remodeling, patio covers addition, deck and porch addition to make your home the best place ever to be.
  • Complete home remodeling Richmond tx:  Whether you want to carry out full-home remodeling or a complete house makeover, we can get everything done professionally and always on time. 

The Cost of Home Remodeling Richmond

 According to Home Advisor, a typical home remodeling or renovation project costs $47,000. However, most of the remodeling projects fall within $3,700 to $150,000. Out of the overall cost, you’ll pay an average of $25,000 for kitchen remodeling, $10,000 for bathroom remodeling, and $20,000 for basement remodeling

Pro tip: Add 20% to all your home remodeling or renovation budget to cover unforeseen costs. 

Start Your Project Today!

Are you planning for home remodeling in Richmond, Texas, and looking for the best company to handle your project perfectly from start to completion? Smart Remodeling LLC is here to take your dreams to the next level. 

Contact us or schedule a free consultation today and get your project handled by top industry experts. 





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