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Patio Covers Clear Lake

Patio Covers Clear Lake

Patio Covers Clear Lake

When planning for patio covers Clear Lake, working with the best general home renovation and remodeling contractor makes your work pretty effortless with an outstanding quality guaranteed. 

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we don't take chances for granted, but we honor every chance we get to serve you and deliver precisely what you want. Since we understand how important your home remodeling project is, we only work with highly experienced remodelers who guarantee nothing but 'pure gold.'

Whether you’re just looking forward to upgrading your patio or want to bring everything down and build it fresh, no project is too big or too small to handle. Our experts will install custom patio covers that make your backyard an ideal spot for a wide range of enjoyment. 

As such, it can be a place for hosting parties, family and friends' entertainment, enjoying evening cocktails under the beautiful patio lights, weekend lunches, taking a mid-day rest during hot summers, or watching games with friends. 

Professional Patio Cover Installation in Clear Lake

Installing a patio cover in your backyard provides not only a shady area for entertainment but can also add elegance and style to your outdoor living space.

At Smart Remodeling, we build all types & shapes of custom patio covers for our customers in the Clear Lake area.

If you're looking to maximize your backyard's function, we offer services that you can trust to help build your dream outdoor getaway retreat.

Benefits of Our Patio Cover Installation Services in Clear Lake

We are proud to have provided custom patio covers to the residents of the Clear Lake area since 2010. Customers who choose our services benefit from our excellent services and high-quality products.  We provide endless patio covers options for covered:

  • Patio brick  flooring
  • Patio concrete pavers
  • Poured concrete floors
  • Natural stone floors
  • Deck wood floors

With our patio cover services, you can enjoy the beauty and ambiance that Mother Nature provides without freaking. 

Full-service Patio Cover Installation in Clear Lake

As the top full-service exterior remodeling company, we focus on providing custom solutions to meet your Patio Covers Clear Lake needs. Furthermore, customer service is our number one priority in the Clear Lake area, and it's our responsibility to give you 100% satisfaction on all your outdoor remodeling projects.

We provide free up-front cost estimates on all our services, so you don't have to worry about any surprises upon completing your project. 

A professionally installed patio cover can protect you from elements and increase your outdoor living space's usability. We provide lots of patio cover ideas that can enhance your backyard function and aesthetics.  Below are some of the patio cover ideas that you can try out.

Pergola – A pergola with climbing vines is an excellent way to add a visual statement to your backyard. We can pair it with a dining table to create an impressive set.

Natural light patio cover – You don't have to invest so much in your outdoor lighting; natural light can serve the purpose. Our outdoor remodeling experts will install a glass sunroof in your backyard to allow for natural light penetration as well as lock element out.

Stone and brick patio covers – If you're looking for a way to protect your deck and still add beauty to your exterior living space, we can help design a decorative and elegant stone and brick cover to suit your style.

Fabric patio covers – Let our professionals add a visual statement to your backyard by installing classic fabric patio covers to your outdoor living space. 

Freestanding patio – We will build a freestanding patio in your backyard to enhance flexibility and function. 

We can also;

  • Create an outdoor kitchen in your backyard
  • Install fans on your patio
  • Include screen walls to protect your patio from dust and insects
  • Add concrete designs for beauty.
  • Install outdoor TV & speakers to enhance your entertainment experience
  • Add water features & a fireplace.

Patio cover materials – We offer a full range of exciting patio cover materials to suit any need in the Clear Lake area. These materials include;

  • Wood patio covers
  • Aluminum patio covers
  • Mixed materials patio covers
  • Canvas patio covers
  • Natural stone patio covers
  • Fabric patio covers
  • Plastic patio covers
  • Poured patio covers

The choice of patio cover material that you choose will depend on the 

The Cost of Patio Covers Installation in Clear Lake

Patio Covers Clear lake projects vary greatly, and so does the cost. Therefore, when it comes to cost-pricing, it isn’t cast in stone. Various factors can influence the patio cover installation cost, including the type of material you choose, backyard size, potential project changes, labor expenses, and personal preferences. 

The average cost of installing a patio cover in the Clear area ranges between $7,800 and $30,000, but it can be lower or higher than the project scope and preferences. We understand that each project is different, so our experts will craft a cost estimate that fits your needs and budget.

Why Work With Smart Remodeling?  

  1. We are licensed and fully established.
  2. We provide exceptional customer support & service.
  3. We offer a free consultation and cost estimate.
  4. Our services come with nothing less than a 5-year warranty.
  5. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.
  6. We use advanced technology and high-quality products and materials.
  7. Outstanding professional communication 
  8. We’re BBB accredited with an outstanding rating

Clear Lake Patio Cover Consultation & Scheduling

Whether you’re planning to renovate your patio and install new patio covers in Clear lake or don’t have a pre-installed patio cover and want one installed in your outdoor space, we’ve got all your needs covered. 

Schedule a FREE consultation today and get started with a personalized patio cover.



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