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Patio Covers Piney Point Village

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Patio Covers Piney Point Village

Our patio covers Piney Point Village offers the comfort that everyone would need to stay outdoors even during a freaking hot summer day. 

Whether you love busking out during the summer seasons or just enjoy outdoor weekend parties, our patio cover services at Piney Point Village delivers the best outdoor experience like no other. 

Since we love the people of Piney Point Village, we endeavor to deliver exceptional quality service that guarantees comfort, elegance, and style. Regardless of the type and design, you'd want for your home, we get it done precisely above your expectations. 

Since we understand your need for high-quality outcome and speed, we use pro-rated materials that meet the highest industry standards. And more interestingly, we choose, design, and install patio covers that meet your budget. 

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we believe you deserve the best patio covers that offer the longest service and the best return on investment (ROI).

Get Your Work Done By the Best Piney Point Village Patio Covers Experts

A professionally installed patio cover provides a shade for your exterior area and convenient protection against weather elements. Smart Remodeling is the number one company shading the Piney Point area with affordable and quality custom patio covers. 

Our qualified team designs patio covers that are both beautiful and functional and blend seamlessly with your landscaping. Whether you're planning to design a new patio or protect your existing space against elements, Smart Remodeling LLC is your best partner for the job. 

Full-service Patio Cover Installation in Piney Point Village

As a premier patio cover builder in Piney Point, Smart Remodeling works closely with you to find the best solution for your home. We are committed to excellence in home remodeling, and providing full customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We create the outdoor living space of your dreams by including shaded patios, an outdoor kitchen, pergolas, and more. 

Various Styles of Patio Covers We Offer 

Pergolas – Our exterior remodeling experts can build a perfect pergola in your home.  Depending on your preferences, we will attach the pergola to your home or make it free-standing. 

We offer several pergola designs and ideas to help bring your vision to life the best way possible. We build aluminum and cedar pergolas; that come in various sizes and shapes to help create an intimate environment in your exterior area. 

Solid patio cover – If you live in a place with heavy rain, building a solid patio cover could be the best option. As the leading patio cover builders in Piney Point, we will help install a solid patio cover for winter to entirely cover your patio and protect your family from the weather. 

Free-standing retreat – If you're looking for something unique and flexible, then installing a free-standing patio is the best choice. Typically, a free-standing deck often sits anywhere in your exterior space without any support from the house or any other structure. We will install a free-standing patio to make your backyard more cozy and attractive.

Lattice covers – A lattice shade is one of the best patio covers in Piney Point Village that can add beauty and function to your outdoor living space. Our partial patio covers come in different shapes and sizes. We will customize your lattice cover to suit your specific requirement and needs. Furthermore, we combine different lattices to create elegant and appealing patterns.

Various Patio Roof Materials You Can Consider When Making Your Choice

Wooden patio covers – Wooden patio covers offer an element of elegance and functionality. Our wooden patio covers come in various patterns and natural colors, which can work perfectly, especially if your home is constructed from wood.

Vinyl patio covers – Our experts will install vinyl patio covers on your deck to enhance aesthetics and function. These covers come in various colors and finishes and are often resistant to damage, easy to clean, and can sustain extreme weather conditions. 

Other patio roof materials include aluminum patio covers, brick patio covers, canvas patio covers, fabric patio covers, poured concrete patio covers, mixed material patio covers, and more.

  • Patio flooring materials
  • Covered patio brick flooring
  • Poured concrete floors
  • Natural stone floors
  • Covered concrete floors

Patio Cover Design Ideas

  • Build an outdoor kitchen under your deck.
  • Add a visual statement with fabric covers in bright, beautiful colors.
  • Incorporate a screen wall to protect your patio from dust and insects.
  • A free-standing deck offers excellent functionality for large family gatherings. 
  • Select a decorative pergola or lattice design for larger backyards.
  • Consider retractable awnings to make navigation easier for older members of your family.
  • Install outdoor entertainment equipment such as TV and speakers. 

What is the Cost of Patio Cover Installation Services in Piney Point Village?

The installation cost for patio covers Piney Point Village varies based on various aspects, including the type of upgrade to be done, overall design, installation challenges, materials used, and personal preferences. High-end patio cover installation costs can run as high as $130 per sq. or more. You can also spend as low as $20 per sq. or even less. Of course, those are just estimated; our team will work with you to develop a budget that works for your situation.

Why Choose Smart Remodeling for Your Patio Cover Installation Project in Piney Point

  1. Exceptional round-the-clock customer support
  2. High level of trust built over a decade
  3. We offer free after service customer support 
  4. We stand behind our services with at least a 5-year warranty
  5. We provide a free consultation and no-obligation cost estimate
  6. We provide full-time customer support 
  7. We offer competitive rates

Patio Covers Services Consultation & Scheduling in Piney Point Village

Getting you exactly what you want for your comfort and unique lifestyle is our utmost priority. Schedule your free consultation today and watch your dream come true. 



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