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Patio Covers River Oaks

Patio Covers River Oaks

Patio Covers River Oaks

Are you looking forward to installing patio covers in River Oaks and looking for the best experts to get it done? We've got your patio needs covered. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we care about your outdoor experience with friends and family. 

Whether you're looking forward to hosting a bigger summer come-together-event or throwing an overnight bash, patio covers offer a comfortable ambiance for your events. But that's not all. Covered patios also offer a perfect spot to relax during hot summers. 

If your home already has a porch or deck cover, we can extend it to produce a more customized covered patio that you can afford and appreciate.  When installing a customized patio cover, many people tend to overthink and panicky due to the tad high cost of installing a modern revolutionary patio cover. But guess what? It doesn't need to be much costly and complicated always. 

Patio covers can range from mere roof extension creatively designed into a stylish piece to a completely enclosed space featuring screens to keep off pests. With the help of our highly experienced patio installation and remodeling experts in River Oaks, we'll design and install fantastic patio covers that complement your backyard and adds value to your home. 

Benefits of our River Oaks Patio  Covers

With our value-added services, there's much that you can benefit from our quality yet cost-effective remodeling services.  Below are some of the exciting benefits that you can enjoy when you enlist for our services.

  • Free in-home consultation to evaluate your patio cover location, requirements, and specifications. 
  • Customized covered patio that reflects your lifestyle & décor
  • We offer a full range of patio covers from which you can choose your match.
  • We offer innovative and cost-effective patio cover designs and styles to keep your project cost down. 
  • Quick project work-around-time
  • We offer protected services with at least a 5-year warranty.

Full-Service Patio Covers River Oaks—We Bring Your Dream Patio Into Life

Our meticulous patio cover services guarantee nothing but the best spot for your outdoor enjoyments. There are endless opportunities when it comes to a fully-customized patio cover roof shape. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose a gabled-roof, a single slope roof, or a hip roof.  Besides that, e also have a stamped concrete available in any patio cover installation package. With the help of our exterior remodeling experts, we're glad to offer services covering:

  • Pergola covers
  • Pergolas 
  • Garage additions and extension 
  • Pool-side cabanas 
  • Shaded relaxing area
  • Outdoor entertainment area (complete with a television for watching favorite movies, TV shows, matches ) 
  • Retractable roof options
  • Covered outdoor kitchen

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we believe that your patio is a special version of your outdoor living room. Therefore, we make it inherent to your home that nobody would think it didn't come all together with your home. Here are some of the amazing outdoor elements that we can add to your home and make it the best place to spend your time outdoors. 

  • Metal Patio Covers
  • Screen Rooms
  • Wooden Decks
  • Wooden Patios
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stained Concrete
  •  Custom Windows

Affordable Patio Covers in River Oaks, Houston, TX

When it comes to home remodeling, renovations, and decorations, quality and affordability are essential. And that's why we'll always listen carefully to our client's needs to create a customized patio covers that fit snugly into your budget and meet your needs at the same time. Unlike insulated metal and wood, there are several reasons aluminum-covered patios pays off almost immediately. 

  • It's more affordable compared to wood covers. 
  • It can be easily shingled to complement your roof
  • The aluminum cover is mold-resistant, mildew-resistant, and pest-resistant
  • It eliminates the need for repainting the covers
  • Metal awnings and shade covers have a lifetime warranty

In addition to the aluminum cover and metal covers, you can also opt for insulated roof panels to keep your backyard cool. And with our expert remodeling staff, you can get your project done within a day. 

River Oaks Patio Covers Design & Cost

Getting the best patio cover for your home at a ridiculously low cost is a dream of many homeowners.  And at Smart Remodeling LLC, we bring anything from the world of fantasy to life.  Our team of patio installers will ensure your project turns out perfectly beyond your expectations. We can also adjust your project's size and shade cover scope to keep the project cost within your limits. Regardless of your project's size, scope, and budget, we desire to create shade addition to your dream. Besides installing patio covers, there are more possibilities for your project, including:

  • Installing custom brick or stone columns.
  • Selecting the best color options to matches your home décor.
  • Installing screen walls to convert your patio into a fully-enclosed porch with more privacy.
  • Installing gutters on your covers to improve drainage. 
  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • And more

How Much Does A Covered Patio Cost in River Oaks, Houston, TX

Patio covers and installation cost varies depending on the size and your project's scope.  As such, there's no single standard cost that applies to all. However, installing a patio roof extension over a 12'x25′ area may cost about $3,500.00 – $8,000.00 if a concrete slab already exists. Or else, the cost may go a bit higher. Similarly, the addition of ceiling fans and screed walls makes for a higher price range. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we offer FREE consultation and precise FREE cost-estimates to help you make a ration decision from a financial standpoint. 

Start Your Project Today

Are you planning to start your patio cover project in River Oaks soon? Even if you do not have a project soon, getting expert advice can help you plan effectively for your future project. 

Contact us today and get your project done by experts. 



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