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Patio Covers Sugar Land

Patio Cover Sugar Land

Patio Covers Sugar Land

Are you planning to add new, or replace your patio covers Sugar Land? If you're searching for the best company to take care of your patio covers & deck project, Smart Remodeling LLC is here to help. 

We're the leading patio covers installation contractor in Sugar Land that has successfully helped homeowners enhance their outdoor living experience since 2010. 

Regardless of the type of patio covers you want for your outdoor aesthetics, we're here to help turn your backyard into an enjoyable space for relaxing, entertaining guests, and hosting family celebrations. 

With our experts' help, we employ creative and innovative ideas to build a patio that will increase your home's value, elegance, and comfort.


Benefits of Adding a Patio Cover to Your Home

Sugar Land patio covers are a significant feature to include in your backyard for many reasons. 

  1. Professionally-done job— correctly installed patio covers can add real estate market value to your property.
  2. Curb appeal – We provide a wide range of patio shade solutions to match your home and perfectly fit your existing roof for a distinctive look. 
  3. Protected space– Covered patios enable you to enjoy your outdoor living space no matter the weather. They help protect your outdoor kitchen, patio furniture, and grill from rain and harsh sun.


Full-service Patio Cover Installation in Sugar Land    

At Smart Remodeling, we understand that every home has different and unique needs. Therefore, we offer various patios cover shapes and sizes and custom paint color choices to meet your specific requirements.

We also incorporate various features to enable you to make the most of your custom patio covers. We can add an outdoor kitchen for your outdoor events, a stone knee wall for beauty, and tile or slate flooring for a contemporary look. 

Whether you want wood, aluminum, or metal patios, trust our team to build beautiful and functional structures that are affordable. 

In addition to that, our experts will be happy to offer you the following patio services:

  • Patio design Sugar Land TX – Our primary goal is to create a perfect patio design to fulfill your dreams. Our patio construction experts will adjust the scope and size of your shade addition to meet your needs and keep the costs within your budget. 
  • Patio cover installation Sugar Land TX – We can install or replace your old patio cover to provide your property with a beautiful shade. We offer tons of quality covers to choose from, and our experts will help select the best materials to match your outdoor areas.
  • Patio repairs Sugar Land TX – We're also experts in patio repairs. We can update your patio by replacing old, damaged, or worn-out wood and take care of any masonry work. 


Common types of patio services 

Some of the common types of patio cover we install in Sugar Land, tx include:

  • Open style patio cover – Open patio covers create a partially shaded area by allowing light to filter through. You can select the amount of shade you want with an open lattice cover. If you're unsure of what to expect, we will provide expert ideas to enhance your decision.
  • Combination style patio covers – If you're looking for a custom design cover to complete your outdoor living experience, let our professionals help. We will create a perfect combination patio cover to enable you to enjoy both worlds during extreme weather conditions.
  • Solid style patio cover –We build solid style patio covers that offer complete protection from rain and sun. Whether you prefer insulated or non-insulated solid style patio shade, our experts will design your dream structure. You can also choose to add light fixtures and ceiling fans to enhance comfort.
  • Freestanding patio cover – The unique thing about free-standing patios is that you can position them anywhere in your home. It can stand in a garden, pool area, or even over a carport. Our experts will install a functional and durable freestanding patio cover of any shape and size to suit your requirements.


Patio Covers Installation Cost in Sugar Land

Patio creations Sugar Land's cost varies greatly depending on your material choices and the installation company you choose to handle your project. Ideally, some patio covers will cost more to build than others, and your overall budget will depend on your situation, home, tastes, and finances.

Based on your patio features, material, and labor, the average cost to build a patio cover ranges between $8 272 and $24,512. However, you can spend up to $40,000, depending on what you envision.

If you want to know how much precisely it would cost, we can tailor your costs and give you an estimate to suit your needs, budget, ideas, and requirements.


The Best Patio Covers Installation Company

As the best full-service patio covers Installation Company in Sugar Land, Smart Remodeling takes pride in quality services and a stress-free installation process starting from consultation, contract signing, material selection through to project execution. 

We offer cost-effective services and focus on customer satisfaction. Additionally, we strive to provide excellent services to give customers the best experience possible.


Why Choose Smart Remodeling for Your Patio Cover Installation Project?

  1. We design and install top-quality patio covers that add value to your home.
  2. Perfectly-planned work and prompt communication throughout the installation process ensure we build something that meets your requirements and budget.
  3. We provide 24/7 customer support.
  4. Our process is transparent and stress-free.
  5. We're an established and reputable company.
  6. All our patio covers services are backed with a solid five years warranty. 
  7. We are certified and insured to provide the safest services.
  8. We offer a free quote and free-cost estimates.


Patio Services Consultation & Scheduling

Want to start your project today? 

We're more than willing to help you. With our FREE consultation scheduling and FREE cost estimates, we'll help you perfect your ideas and provide exceptional services.

Contact today and make your project a success!



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