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Best Commercial Renovation Services

Best Commercial Renovation Services

 The Best Commercial Renovation Services

Commercial renovation services are essential when it comes to giving your commercial space and building a new look. Besides that, renovations cost less than what could be spent to buy a new structure or raise a new building from scratch. 

commercial remodeling Houston

A successful renovation project usually results in an increased number of clients, customers, as well as increased building functionality and comfort. However, not every commercial renovation company or commercial renovation contractor will bring out what you want and how you want it to be. 

And that’s why choosing top commercial renovation companies such as Smart Remodeling LLC is a step forward in achieving your renovation goals. 

We handle your project with the utmost professionalism, innovation, and dedication to ensure you only get the best. 

All About Our Commercial Renovation Services 

Believe it or not, the impression of your commercial buildings and spaces is one of the things people remember the most. 

In addition to that, it makes your commercial premises juxtaposed from the neighborhood. 

Whether you own a high-end hotel, multi-housing complex, or a store, having chipped floor, paint, and dirty walls may send a wrong signal across your customers’ minds.

Therefore, if you want to increase the functionality, comfort, safety, and visual appeal of your commercial premises, we offer you the best commercial renovation services that you deserve. 

Below are some of the commercial renovation services that we’re glad to offer you. 


  • Sealant caulking services—Not only will the sealant provide a watertight seal to keep your building drought-proof, but also helps to keep your utility bills down. When water gets into your wall system, it can cause a lot of problems. 


  • Siding installation services—New siding adds an instant fresh look and increases curb appeal. If you notice that your siding is swelling along with the panel, cracking, becoming loose, and has dry rot, renovation is key to fixing the problems. 


  • Doors and windows renovation services— Replacing aged and cracked doors and windows not only increase the curb appeal but also improves energy efficiency. Whether you own a hotel, a store, or an office building, doors and windows are like portals to your business. 


  • Flooring Services—When it comes to our floor renovation services, our flooring experts will revamp the look of your interior spaces by replacing your old and worn-out flooring. 

Whether you prefer hardwood, tiles, vinyl, laminate, or carpet, our contractors are highly experienced in handling the task professionally and efficiently. 

commercial Flooring Houston


  • Painting services— This is one of the ways of improving the visual appeal of a commercial building at a lower cost. Applying a fresh coat of favorite paint can transform your building into a masterpiece. Besides that, painting improves your property’s appeal, ambiance, and value. 


  • Roofing Renovation Services—A leaky roof is a nightmare to any business owner. Think of getting your valuable documents water-soaked, stained ceiling board, and dumpy room. Whether you want to repair your roofing or replace all the old roofing with a new one, our roofing expert will get you precisely what you want.


  • Restoration services—Inclement weather and accidents are part of our lives, and we have little or no control over them. When your business building is hit hard by adverse weather conditions, our experts are more than willing to restore it as soon as possible.  Whether it’s hail damage, water damage, or fire damage, we’ll work together with your insurance company to ensure you get the renovations you deserve. Sounds great, right?

Some Of The Commercial Renovation Projects That We Work On

Our experts are highly trained and experienced in providing the best quality commercial renovation service, with precision, innovation, and adherence to safety codes being our overriding principles. 

With our team of experienced renovation experts, we specialized in handling the following projects

  • Hotel renovation 
  • Tennant improvements
  • Renovation of medical facilities
  • Renovation of structures within learning institutions 
  • Large office renovations
  • Corporate custom projects
  • Warehouse renovations and remodeling
  • Medical clubs
  • Renovation of buildings in learning institutions 
  • Others

Get Your Project Done With The Best Commercial Renovation Contractor

Got your plan set and now looking for top renovation contractor work on your project? Well, we can implement your plan precisely and effectively. 

Our experts are well-trained and capable of working on any renovation project with innovation to get you exactly what you want without hurting your pocket. 

Best Commercial Remodeling Contractor

We also use revolutionary equipment to improve efficiency and safety, thereby assuring you timely project completion. 

Being a fully licensed and insured general renovation contractor, we source high-quality materials in bulk from trusted suppliers to give a high-quality end product yet at a pocket-friendly price. 

What Makes Our Renovation Services Unique?
  1. Free consultation with our experts to help streamline your renovation ideas.
  2. Free cost estimates to give you great insight into your project.
  3. We have an on-site project manager to oversee the project and ensure everything goes to plan.
  4. Our commercial renovation experts are highly trained to handle a wide range of renovation tasks.
  5. Excellent 24/7 customer support either through calls or online chats. 
  6. We accept nothing than 100% customer satisfaction.
  7. Our guarantees range from 5 years to a lifetime, depending on your project.
  8. We offer our services at an affordable cost.
  9. Our contractors use pro-rated materials from trusted dealers to ensure the quality and longevity of the finished project.
  10. Smooth work coordination and communication throughout the project. 

Contact us today and enjoy our free consultation and cost estimates plus expert advice that will make your project successful. 




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