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Top Notch Attic Conversion Services in Houston

Do you have an attic gathering dust? Smart Remodeling LLC can help turn it into a cozy room.

In Houston, building codes demand that at least half of the room must have a ceiling height of at least 7 feet? Additionally, the temperature must be maintainable at 68 degrees, and the minimum window space required is at least 8% of the usable space. Our team knows how to make sure your attic meets all the safety standards.

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attic conversion services

Attic Conversion Services

We provide a wide range of attic conversion services to fit your needs:

Drywalling Repair

Drywalling Repair

Our expert team at smart remodeling will handle all aspects of drywall repair and installation. Whether it’s repairing existing drywall or installing new drywall for your attic conversion, we ensure a smooth and flawless finish that prepares your space for painting and finishing.

Windows and Skylights Installation

Windows and Skylights Installation

Enhance natural light and ventilation in your attic with our windows and skylights installation services. We install energy-efficient windows and skylights that not only brighten your space but also add architectural interest and increase energy efficiency.



Smart remodeling attic conversion service also includes subflooring. We provide top-quality subflooring installation to ensure stability and noise reduction in your attic conversion. Our team selects and installs subflooring materials that support a variety of flooring options, creating a solid foundation for your new living space.

Attic Floor Joists Replacement

Floor Joists Replacement

If needed, we assess and replace floor joists to ensure the structural integrity of your attic conversion. Our skilled craftsmen reinforce or replace floor joists as necessary to support the additional weight of your new living area, ensuring safety and compliance with building codes.

Attic Custom Features

Custom Features

Personalize your attic conversion with custom features that reflect your unique style and needs. From custom cabinetry and built-in storage solutions to unique architectural details, we create custom features that maximize space and functionality while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your attic conversion.

Ideas and Designs for Attic Conversion

Transforming your attic into a functional and stylish living space requires careful planning and creative design. Here are some design ideas given below:

Cozy Bedroom

Consider creating a cozy bedroom with skylights or dormer windows for natural light. You can also add built-in storage and A-frame ceilings for architectural charm.

Home Office or Study

A home office can be designed with built-in desks, task lighting, neutral colors, and soundproofing to enhance productivity.

Playroom or Family Room

Family room is essential for good bondings with all family members. You can design this space, with soft flooring, colorful accents, multi-functional furniture, and kid-friendly features.

Guest Suite

A guest suite can include a private bathroom, comfortable bedding, a mini kitchen, and guest-friendly amenities. 

Artist Studio or Craft Room

Artist studio is personal space for artist creativity. You can maximize natural light here, provide ample work surfaces, inspiring decor, and proper ventilation.

Home Gym or Yoga Studio

Individuals need a motivating environment to do their daily fitness activities. So a home gym or yoga studio can feature durable flooring, wall mirrors, and equipment storage.

The Process

How Does It Work


Initial Consultation & Site Evaluation

We start with a detailed consultation to understand your needs and goals for the attic conversion. Our team visits your site to assess its current condition and gather all necessary information.


Design & Permits

Our designers create detailed plans that reflect your vision for the attic space. We handle all the paperwork and obtain necessary permits if required to ensure a smooth process.


Material Selection & Scheduling

We help you choose high-quality materials for the attic conversion and create a comprehensive project schedule to keep everything on track.


Site Preparation & Construction

We prepare the attic site, execute any necessary demolition or structural modifications. Then the team will start construction with a focus on quality and efficiency.


Finishing Touches & Inspection

We apply final finishes to the attic space and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure everything meets our high standards. We then hand over the completed project to you.

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What are the benefits of attic conversion?

Attic conversion offers numerous benefits. It includes adding valuable living space to your home, increasing property value, and enhancing energy efficiency with improved insulation and ventilation.

Yes, attic conversion projects in Houston, Texas typically require a building permit. Our team at Smart Remodeling LLC will handle all necessary permits and ensure your attic conversion meets local building codes and regulations.

Attic conversions can accommodate a variety of flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, carpet, and engineered wood.

To get started with our attic conversion services, simply contact Smart Remodeling LLC to schedule a consultation. We will discuss your vision, assess your attic space, and provide a detailed plan and estimate for your project.

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