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Suppose you are thinking about changing or newly installing granite countertops. In that case, it will be of help if you start looking for 'granite installers near me’  You will never regret installing granite countertops in your home because their advantages surpass their shortcoming. Investing in granite is a project that you will live to be proud of for many years since granite is a durable material. Nothing beats the goodness of granite. (CounterTop Guides, 2016)


Installing granite can be an overwhelming project if you don't have the necessary skills. This is where granite installers come in handy. Today is your lucky day because Smart Remodeling LLC is a company that has just the perfect granite installers that you need.  Before installing granite, the best thing to do is gather all information you can get regarding granite. We ensure that everything you need to know about granite is at your fingertips.

Types of granite 

Granite comes in different types that have distinct features and prices. Regardless of which granite type you choose, you have the guarantee of durable and functional countertop material. Are you tired of chopping ingredients on a chopping board? A granite countertop will be a perfect workspace for chopping ingredients. (Graniterra, 2017)

Slab granite

Slab granite is the most common kind that a lot of homeowners use for their countertops. It is heavy granite material that's made entirely by the manufacturer for fitting into a home. Working with slab granite can be challenging; that's why it's advisable to work with an expert. It is the most expensive of all granite kinds; however, its elegance is impressive. 


Tiles granite

Like any other tile material, tiles granite come in tile pieces that you install edge to edge to form one complete countertop. Unlike other tile materials, granite tiles are more expensive. However, in all the granite types, tile granite has a friendly price. Either DIYers or experts can handle the installation of granite tiles perfectly.


Modular granite

Modular granite is available in different shapes and sizes since it is a product of pre-cut granite pieces. Installers put the modular granite pieces to form a continuous space. If you are looking for a granite type with a mid-range cost and one that you can install yourself, this is the best kind to go for. 


Advantages and disadvantages of granite 

Just like any other countertop material, granite has its strength and shortcoming. We should say, for granite, you will have more advantages than disadvantages. Therefore investing in its installation is worthwhile. (Wallender, 2020)


  • It is stain and water-resistant, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Granite has an appealing look that gives your home elegance and value
  • Granite durability is on another level; its high quality makes it last for a long time and still maintain its smooth look
  • It is scratch and cut resistant; you can chop your ingredients on a granite countertop and experience no scratch or cuts
  • Granite has an outstanding appearance; it is available in over 20 shades; therefore, you choose a unique shade that attracts your eyes.
  • Granite material is heat resistant. It can withstand hot cook pots. 
  • Granite is also fade-resistant


  • Expensive; Granite's high-quality, elegant look and excellent features make it a costly material.
  • Granite installation requires a professional to achieve a great look
  • Once granite gets damaged, repairing the material can be very challenging; damage of granite may call for replacement

ProTip Takeaway: Be cautious when using your sharp knives on granite countertops because the material dulls the knife blades with time. 

How to install granite countertops 

Since granite is an expensive material, you need to search granite countertop contractors near me to get the best contractor to bring out that costly look. Professional granite countertop installation is essential if you want to get an excellent value for the amount you put into buying the granite countertop. Granite installers follow systematic steps when conducting the task. It is suitable for all homeowners also to understand the process of granite countertop installation. (Sanders, 2021)

Gather installation materials and tools

The results of installing a granite countertop will be determined by the type of granite or contractor and the materials you use to install the granite. Therefore, if you are working with a contractor, make sure you see the equipment and materials they use. Each step of the installation may require different materials and tools. They may include;

  • Shims
  • Safety gears
  • Grinder
  • Seam Setter
  • Level
  • Measuring and painter’s tape
  • Utility knife
  • pencil
  • Granite sealer and cleaner
  • Soft cloth
  • Jab saw and others

Choose granite type

There are three different granite types to select from. Decide on which granite type you want to install in your home from modular, slab to tiles granite. Homeowners can get help from the contractor they are working with selecting granite types. A contractor will know which exact type is suitable for a home, depending on the style of the walls, floors, and cabinets. 

Determine necessary measurements

Once you select the type, you cannot purchase the granite countertop without making the necessary measurement to know the size of the granite countertop to buy. Measure the length and the width of the base of your cabinets. The thickness of the countertop varies from one homeowner's taste to another. Contractors can be of great help in getting accurate measurements.

Make a blueprint

Granite installation will have excellent outcomes if you have a blueprint. Use plywood or cardboard to make a granite installation blueprint. Use a pencil to trace the edges. The blueprint should give a two or more feet allowance between cabinets. 

Base leveling

The cabinet's base needs to be at an equal level throughout the length. Leveling ensures that the countertop is installed in a straight and uniform area. Use shims to level the base of the cabinets where you will install the granite countertops.

Get the granite

With the necessary measurement, it enables you to purchase a suitable granite countertop size. Usually, granite fabricators will cut the granite countertop to the extent that you need to purchase. Since granite is a heavy material, ensure that transportation is safe to prevent damage before installation.

Countertop installation

Once you have the granite countertop, the next step is installation. Put the countertop on the frame of the cabinets. Make necessary leveling and shaping of the cabinet frames if the granite countertop does not fit.

Joining of seams

Some granite countertops will come in two slabs. In that case, you need to join the two slabs in position. Pull the seams together and use tape to hold them together.  The tape will allow the two slabs to stay in place as you tighten the screws.

Attaching to the cabinets

Secure the granite countertop to the cabinet. Use acrylic to attach the two parts, cabinet and countertop. 

Cleaning the countertop

Apply the granite sealer to create a stain-resistant surface and wipe the surface with a soft cloth. Then leave the surface to dry for 24 hours.

ProTip Takeaway: Ensure that you search for ‘granite countertops near me’ and evaluate each supplier to ensure that you get high-quality and not counterfeit granite countertops 

Granite top installer near me 

Search for the best countertop installers near me on the internet to get contractors that offer the best granite installation services. Selecting one granite installer can be confusing since many installers, some with great experience and others without. It will be best if you consider some factors to ensure that you get the best granite installer. (Countertop Specialty, n.d.)



Different installers have different experiences. Look for an installer with a long time of experience and has a specialty in granite installation. You can look for several installers to have a wide range to choose from

Make a phone call to the contractors.

With the list of contractors you have, make phone calls to interview each contractor in your list and narrow down the list depending on their response. When you search for granite top installers near me, you will get the contacts for the installers.

Schedule face-to-face appointment

You can meet with the number of remaining contractors you choose to ask about licensing and references. If a contractor doesn't have proof of their licensing through documents, do away with that particular installer. Licensing documents are proof that you are working with a legit granite installer. 


Different installers will charge additional for the granite installation. Stay away from low bids. An installer may have a higher charge but will do an excellent job for you. 

ProTip Takeaway: Once you choose a granite installer, be sure to involve them in the budgeting and granite installation planning.

Granite Price 

Granite price will vary depending on the type of granite and the supplier. Although granite is an expensive material, you can still get affordable granite types. The average price of granite varies from $35 to $100 for every square foot. (Wallender, 2020)


Cost (per square foot)

Granite slab

$40 to $60 

Modular Granite

$25 to $40 

Granite Tiles

$5 to $15 

Are You Ready For Your Granite installation Project?

Granite installation requires professionalism. Luckily, Smart Remodeling LLC has the best granite installers that ensure that you get excellent value for your money. It’s time to add some value to your home countertops by use of granite. We make your work easier by providing the information and the services altogether. Contact us at 832 800 8889 to get high-quality services in granite installation.


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