House Makeover: Best 5 Incredible Tips For Exterior

[BLOG] Published: 2021-01-20 - Updated: 2023-05-31

House exterior makeover


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House exterior makeover:  5 Incredible Tips For A Stunning House Exterior

A home exterior makeover is more important than ever, especially when you want to transform your 1900s-looking house into a totally new masterpiece. 

Believe it or not, upgrading your home's exterior look will ultimately boost your feel and make your home stand from the neighborhood. 

Moreover, a newly upgraded home can enhance your daily pleasure when you return home. 

Whether you have a vintage, traditional farmhouse, or a modern apartment, there are always endless possibilities to turn your house exterior into what you'd like it to be—through simple tweaks and major changes. 

From doors- windows and siding upgrades to your front door color, your possibilities for a fascinating home exterior are endless.

At the lower scale, you might be looking to make cosmetic changes like paint or siding. 

But, if you want something more substantial, you can change your roofing style for a more impactful design. Alternatively, you can make additions. 

While all those changes could give a more exciting and personalized look,  you should also consider your home's initial architectural design to ensure they match. 


Why Exterior Home Makeover is a Gamechanger

While tons of homeowners are intrigued by their home's practicality, the appearance also matters. 

Even though newer homes might have inappropriate finishes, old homes could be having some off-putting features for modern home buyers.  And that's where house exterior makeover comes in handy. 

Through a combination of new styles, design tweaking, repairs, and replacements, you can give your house a meticulous outlook of all times. 

If not sure where to start, you can give us a call and get expert insight to provide you with a clear view of your project.


5 Tips for  a Complete House Exterior Makeover 

Are you ready to revamp your house exterior and make it new and unique? Below are the tips.

  • Change parts of your home exterior

For a more substantial makeover of your house exterior, it's worth making modifications to portions of the building. 

You can do that by extending the building either upwards or outwards to improve symmetry, balance, or replace unattractive additions. 

Since these developments will lead to a new house, it's subject to permission from the relevant contraction authorities. 

You can also replace a flat roof with a more attractive design, add smaller extensions, or add another floor at the top of a bungalow. 

Pro-tip takeaway: Changing the architectural design of your house may require permission from the relevant authorities. 

  • Replace Exterior Finishes 

Replacing the exterior finish is an incredible way to give your house a fresh look. 

If your home has 1970s pebbledash, stone siding, mismatching bricks, or a combination of different materials, you can change it into something else of your choice. 

You can do that by either replacing the materials or covering the unpleasant materials with preferred ones. 

If you aren't up for a complicated and costly project, you can apply a fresh coat of paint.  For a better result, use neutral and welcoming hues such as white. 


If the initial brickwork has damages, you should schedule for rendering and repainting to give it a refined look. 

You can also add a dramatic difference to your house exterior by installing sidings. 

There are many types of sidings that you can install for a stunning exterior, ranging from timber boarding, PVC, composite, laminate, and more. 

Pro-tip takeaway: If you aren't ready for a costly renovation, you can use paint to give your house a stunning new look. 

  • Replace a Roof

A roof is one of the dominant features of most homes. Therefore, making a slight change in style, design, and material can dramatically change your house's visual appeal. 

You can change the existing shape, exterior covering, or just refinish the existing tiles to make them look new. 

Changing a roof is a complicated and costly job. However, it can be necessary in case of the following:

  • To improve your home's energy efficiency (if new insulation materials are incorporated). 
  • To add extensions or, in the case of loft conversions.
  • To change roof coverings.

Replacing the roof doesn't mean swapping the trusses. Instead, it's more of a maintenance exercise dealing with the roofing only. 


However, changing the roof shape involves radical and costly operations but with a dramatic boost in curb appeal. 

Pro-tip takeaway: Consider repainting and a change in roofing if you aren't prepared if you're not ready for expensive undertakings. 

  • Replace Your Home's Windows

Changing your windows can dramatically change your home's appearance. 

You can alter the size and shape of your window openings and add new ones.  Interestingly, this process doesn't require special permission to undertake. 

If you're looking for stylish and durable windows, consider the metal-framed doors and windows.  These windows and doors are incredibly durable and customizable to give your house a stylish and more personalized look. 

Due to their customizability, you use metal-framed windows to create a statement.

Pro-tip takeaway: Metal-framed windows are cost-effective, extremely durable, and highly customizable. You can use them for a long-lasting effect. 


  • Update The Front Door

Whether refurbishing and repainting your existing door or just wanting to upgrade your entrance with a stunning new door, the process is pretty quick and easy, even for a DIY enthusiast. 

But if you have no prior skills for door fitting, you might have a bad day after getting everything screwed up.

So, if you aren't sure, you better have the task done by an expert.

When updating your exterior door, always ensure it matches with those of the neighboring houses.  

And if all you need is to make a unique façade, you can go for a modern door that matches your taste and preferences. 

Pro-tip takeaway: Consider welcoming door color shades such as lilac, blue, purple, and teal. These colors are not only great for attracting a large pool of buyers but also bumps up your curb appeal. 


Start Your Project Today

Are you planning for a partial or complete house makeover? We're here to help you achieve your dream. 

With the help of our highly-experienced and talented experts, we can transform your home into a masterpiece that you'll live to cherish. 

Schedule for a FREE consultation to discuss your project with experts, or give us a call and get all your questions answered.

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