Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Houston Tx

[BLOG] Published: 2021-01-10 - Updated: 2023-04-01

Best Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Houston Tx


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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Houston Tx

Kitchen and bath remodeling in Houston TX is among the most requested home improvement projects due to the aesthetics and functionality that they add to any home. Therefore, it's crucial to find a reputable remodeling company that does excellent work.

There are many ways you can improve your kitchen and bathroom to enhance their functionality. More often, these are the most critical areas in your home that require extra attention.

Usually, you spend a significant amount of time in your kitchen, making delicacies for yourself, family, and friends.  Besides that, a kitchen can also provide ample space for family gatherings. Therefore, you must figure out how to make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. 

A fantastic kitchen allows you to enjoy every minute you spend in the kitchen when preparing your favorite meals and having fun with your family. Apart from a kitchen, your bathroom is a sanctuary for soothing baths. It's also where you discover the new you after refreshing showers. 

Moreover, a bathroom provides a prime place to relax, have a moment of silence, and cleanse all the day's troubles before retiring to bed. But don't forget that it's also the same room where you start your daily activities. Therefore, we make it worth every day's smile.

When you check into your bathroom every morning, you should feel refreshed and elevated to start your day with a great experience. 

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Houston TX

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen in Houston, Smart Remodeling LLC provides you with endless options.  And at the end of the day, you're sure to get your perfect-fit design that matches your lifestyle and décor 

Here are some kitchen upgrade ideas that can transform your kitchen into something everyone will envy.

  • Kitchen Countertops 

Your countertops complement your kitchen's beauty and functionality and can often break or elevate your cooking experience. 

As such, small, unpleasant, and squeezed countertops can make you uncomfortable, making you hate your kitchen. 

The good news is that you can make your countertops better by creating more space and upgrading the countertop material to the desired material. You can replace the old material with some trending materials such as tile, marble, quartz, or granite. 

All in all, the material you choose depends on your preference, style, and needs. 

  • Backsplash

Adding a backsplash in your kitchen is a great way to add style and touch to your kitchen. In addition to that, it protects your walls from spills. 

Whether you choose functional or aesthetic, a backsplash is a must-have element.

Kitchen Backsplashes

  • Custom Cabinetry

Old, dented, scratched, and broken cabinets can make your kitchen dull and unappealing. Therefore, finding the right kitchen remodeling company in Houston to help redo your cabinets to suit your lifestyle and décor is a shot in the right direction. 

Furthermore, custom cabinetry will not only give your kitchen a stunning look but also improve its functionality. 


  • Appliances

Apart from custom cabinetry, Smart Remodeling experts will upgrade your appliances so you can enjoy the benefits that come with modern, advanced equipment, such as increased efficiency and reduced energy costs.

      Appliance Kitchen      

  • Storage

You can also create more space in your kitchen to help remain more organized and increase convenience. With additional spaces in your kitchen, you won't have storage issues for your dishes, small appliances, glasses, food, and storage containers. 

Kitchen Storage Remodeling Ideas

  • Flooring 

Having fantastic yet durable kitchen flooring is critical. Therefore, if you don't like your kitchen's current look, you can upgrade to something better. 

Some of the most common flooring types include real wood, tile, engineered wood, and vinyl. The flooring option you choose will depend on your lifestyle, needs, budget, and preference.

Kitchen Flooring Houston

Bath Remodeling Ideas in Houston TX

The kitchen and bath remodeling Houston TX project often requires you to find an experienced remodeling contractor who can incorporate the right features and provide exceptional services.  Some of the best bathroom remodeling ideas in Houston includes;

  • Add Accessories 

Incorporating accessories is a great way to increase functionality and make your bathroom beautiful and cozy. 

Get a bath tray to help prevent your soap from slipping into your bathtub. Also, find a creative way to display your towels. 

You can use hooks, a towel basket, a towel rack, or create curved shelves for rolled-up towels. 

bathroom Remodeling

  • Decorate Your Bathroom

Bath decorations go a long way to enhancing your bathroom experience and make staying in the bathroom a breeze. 

That said, you can add a mirror that suits your style and personality. Make your mirror perfect for grooming every part of your body. 

Also, you can add splashes and textiles of color. Find the style and colors that appeal and soothe you the most.

Bathroom style Ideas

  • Give Your Bathroom a Spa-like Feeling

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like area for a better relaxation experience. Besides making it comfortable, make sure your bathroom looks and feels lovely. 

There is no better way to fill your bath with a spa than using textures like fuzzy slippers, fluffy towels, a soft rug, and a plush robe in the showerAlso, use scented oils to heighten your mood and stay relaxed.

Bathroom Spa ideas

  • Use Glass Container Decorations

No matter where they are placed, glass containers look beautiful. Use glass containers for your bath bombs, bubble bath, and bath salts. Moreover, adequately placed glass containers can be a great way to complement your bath décor.

Frameless Glass Door Shower

  • Add Furniture

Another excellent way to add convenience to your bathroom is to add some simple furniture. Get a short stool or bench where you can relax as you dry. You can also use tables as an additional storage space for candles, towels, and bath supplies.  

bathroom towels

Kitchen and Bath Consulting & Scheduling

If you're looking for the best services in kitchen and bath remodeling in Houston TX, remodeling experts at Smart Remodeling LLC will help you with your project. They're highly trained, experienced, and strive to provide custom services for kitchen and house design in Houston to ensure you get the best of your budget.

Contact Smart Remodeling experts today and get the best deals or visit our showroom at 12711 Fuqua St, Suite 106 Houston, TX 77034, to discuss the possibilities of home remodeling today! We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule when scheduling your consultation.



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