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Top 6 Costly Mistakes To Avoid in Patio Remodel Plans

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6 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Planning For An Outdoor Patio Remodel

Planning for an outdoor patio remodel project can be exciting. However, sometimes you may make small mistakes that result in major blunders throughout the project. 

In most cases, the errors could lead to a waste of resources, time, and space. 

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At Smart Remodeling LLC, our vision is to help your make your patio an outdoor paradise for friends and family. If you’re looking forward to a successful patio remodel project, avoid these six costly mistakes.

  • Rushing Critical Decisions

When designing your home’s exterior, it’s pretty easy to get carried away with the excitement and rush important decisions like materials, style, and layout. 

But rushing through decisions without digging for appropriate information could result in common mistakes that may make you spend more time renovating your new space instead of enjoying it. 

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we provide countless outdoor patio ideas you can use to create a perfect outdoor space you will love. 

They will also guide you to choose reliable, versatile, and durable materials to withstand the test of time and fit your desired maintenance requirements.

Pro Tip Takeaway: Before you plunge into your patio remodeling, ensure you research relevant information regarding the project to avoid costly mistakes down the line.

  • Choosing a Wrong Patio Layout 

A properly-built patio can be a perfect outdoor spot for relaxing and having fun with your family and guests. 

However, forgetting to take proper measurements when designing a patio may turn problematic. As such, you may end up purchasing fixtures that don’t fit or that make your outdoor living space look cramped. 

Therefore, it’s imperative to keep space in mind and take your measurements precisely. Also, it’s critical to work with what you have and remember to leave some free space. 

Doing so saves you from ending up with an overcrowded patio with fire pits, grills, and furniture.  Also, be sure to get patio items and fixtures of the right size to fit in the available space.

Pro Tip Takeaway: Consider the amount of space in your backyard and choose a patio layout that will accommodate all the fixtures to give your patio a well-balanced shape.

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Outdoor Patio Renovations

  • Selecting the Wrong Accessories and Furniture

When choosing or designing your patio furniture and accessories, you need to consider various factors, such as measurements, type, material, and weather patterns. 

The furniture you choose should specifically be patio furniture and stand in all seasons like summer, winter, spring, and autumn. 

If you buy ordinary furniture, it might become infested with bugs or even be damaged by natural forces, causing significant losses. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: Find the right accessories and furniture for your outdoor patio and ensure they’re durable and weather-resistant.


  • Forgetting About Drainage

Drainage is one of the most critical factors to consider when designing your patio. Qualified contractors understand that your patio will be outdoors, so they will incorporate proper drainage in the design to protect your home’s foundation. 

Whether you’re using wood, stone, or pavement, it’s possible to create a patio that withstands snow and rain and prevents water damage in your home. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: With the help of a professional, build functional drainage to avoid ruining your house’s foundation. 

  • Ignoring Communication

In every home remodeling project, communication is key.  Therefore, you should communicate in advance if you need some changes or modifications during the remodeling process. 

When you partner with Smart Remodeling, we simplify every step of the project and remain accountable throughout the process to ensure you don’t have to worry about communication breakdowns.

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we have a dedicated on-site project manager that will stay in touch throughout the project.

The project manager will keep you updated on every step and let you know if there are some changes to the original plan. We also have highly-trained, talented, and experienced outdoor remodeling experts who will only accept the project as complete after you’ve inspected the final finish and accept that it’s indeed what you scheduled for. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: Maintain constant communication with the contractors to ensure you’re aware of the progress of your project’s every step. That way, you can identify and correct mistakes earlier before they escalate to something bigger.


  • Hiring the Wrong Outdoor Patio Remodel Contractor

No matter how high-quality the material is, poor workmanship can drive you crazy costs. Additionally, you’re likely to end up with a poor-quality finished project. 

While there are hundreds of exterior remodeling contractors out there, very few can provide you with details and outdoor patio designs that you’d want for your patio. 

Therefore, it’s critical to understand that not every remodeler who comes your way can offer the desire of your heart. As such, you may end up with a compromised project that neither matches your style nor your home’s architectural standards. 

Renovation and Remodeling Company

Therefore, always do your homework right and focus on finding a detail-oriented, trustworthy, reliable, and design-focused contractor. 

When you choose Smart Remodeling  LLC to work on your project, you don’t have to worry about having misfits, a wrong layout, or material finish. Instead, you’ll get innovative details and ideas that provide a seamless transition into the existing features and architecture of your home. 

Pro Tip Takeaway: To ensure your outdoor Patio Remodel project is successful, find a contractor who is qualified, detail-oriented, reliable, and trustworthy. 

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