Best Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

[BLOG] Published: 2021-01-05 - Updated: 2023-05-31

Best Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


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Best Small Kitchen Remodeling Ideas—Make It Sizzle

Perhaps you cannot stand the current condition of your kitchen, the old kitchen broke down, bought a new home, or just got inspired to make a change. 

Regardless of your case, you don’t need a colossal amount of money to make major changes to your very small kitchen design

Instead, you can add textures, fixtures, and function with a mix of affordable modern and traditional upgrades for a sizzling appearance. 

Sounds great? 

Well, below are some of the small kitchen ideas that can really change your kitchen outlook for the best.


  • Downsize it

Small spaces cannot accommodate laundry, schoolwork, cooking duties, and recipe hunting. Unless you no longer cook. 

Since the primary function of a small kitchen is meal preparation, you should focus on the essential appliance and the needed workspaces. 

When it comes to design, keeping it simple and organized pays off instantly.

Therefore, scale down, or opt for innovative appliances. Besides that, use freezers and refrigerator drawers, a two-burner stove, a pint-size microwave, and a single large sink. 

If you have a traditional refrigerator, you can flank it using panes to give it a high-end built-in appearance.

Also, consider using a counter-topped cart that you can roll back into a closet when not using it or a small-scale island. 

By minimizing congestion in your small kitchen, you’re sure to create an illusion of space and a sense of order.

  • Use Open Or Flexible Storage

Working in a tiny kitchen with overhead cabinets towering over you in very tight spaces can make you feel claustrophobic, boxy, and closed-in. 

The problem can get even worse when you cannot reach what’s in the cabinets. 

However, trading the top cabinets for open storage can solve the problem. Also, consider pot racks, shelving, magnetic spice, and knives holders instead. 

Instead of shelving, you can use wire panel shelves alone or together with ordinary shelves to make every inch of your space count. 

If you are not sure of how things might look like at the very end, look at some of the kitchen remodeling ideas before and after to get inspiration.

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  • Consider A Crisp Color Scheme

Regardless of the small kitchen layouts that you use, using neutral color schemes can make your kitchen feel light and much airy. 

But this doesn’t mean using cream and beige only. Instead, you can also blend other crisp colors to reflect light inside your kitchen and make it feel spacious. 

Some of the paints that you can use to keep your kitchen light include Apple crisp, cream, beige, popped corn, and Chai Latte. 

You can also paint the cabinets the color that matches the walls. 

  • Consider Gallery Kitchen Design.

Gallery kitchen design was initially embraced for compact cooking zones such as on boats.

If you’re staying in a house with limited space, then the gallery design can be handy. 

Basically, the gallery consists of two opposite countertops with a way through. 

One counter accommodates the stove, dishwasher, and sink, and the other provides counters and cabinets.

And on top of that, this small kitchen design pictures a modern kitchen layout that I predominate as nearly 90% of small houses.

  • Opt for Large and Bold Size  Floor Tile

However much you may like to use tiny floor tiles on your small kitchen floor, they might not be the best fit. 

Therefore, keep small tiles for other spacious parts of the room. 

Why so? You may ask. 

Smaller pieces result in a large number of grout lines making the space look busy and somehow cramped. And that’s why large floor tiles would be the best alternative. 

Go for at least 12 x 12-inch tiles or larger. With such, your floor will have a fewer number of grout lines widely spaced to give an illusion of a spacious floor. 

With the best small kitchen floor plans, carefully selected color of the floor, and large floor tiles, you can give your kitchen floor a fantastic look.

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  • Light It Up

Good lighting is one of the design elements that can be easily overlooked. Like it’s in other rooms, you need a combination of lights to give the room a professional touch. 

Brighten up your small kitchen with bright under-cabinet lighting to give an illusion of a spacious room. In addition to that, brighten the ceiling lights and add control with dimers.

If you’re not sure about the type of light, you can look at some photos of a small kitchen remodel before and after for inspiration.

  • Roll-Out Pantry

Since space is the limiting factor in a small kitchen, you’d want to save space by all means. 

If you do not have enough to hold a closet panty, you can choose the roll-out pantry design. 

With this kind of storage, you can easily pull out the pantry and inspect what is inside and then roll it back when not needed. 

The most common size is 5.5 in height and 18 inches. If you find the cabinets not fit for any space in the kitchen, then you can consider using the cabinet out of the kitchen.  This helps to keep the kitchen tidy and spacious.

If you’d wish to see more, you can check on some of the small kitchen ideas on a budget for more inspiration. 

  • Consider a Table For Kitchen Island

Using a table instead of a kitchen island is one of the kitchen remodeling ideas that can sound a bit awkward but pays off in the long-run. 

It adds more working spaces yet with additional functionalities. 

Moreover, adding a table to your long narrow kitchen makes your kitchen more friendly. 

If possible, you can also add storage compartments beneath the table to create more storage space. 

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  • Get The Sink Right—Shrink It.

Since we are used to a combination of 12-foot long sink on a counter, it's pretty easy to overlook alternatives. 

However, this sink –counter made popular in the kitchen design arena might not be the best option for a small kitchen. 

Instead, you can squeeze a single sign at the unused corner of the house. 

For inspiration, you can check on some of our kitchen remodeling ideas before and after to see how your kitchen would look like with various small kitchen remodeling designs. 


Small kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be sophisticated and expensive. Depending on your budget, you can combine a mix of material and innovative designs to give your kitchen a perfect look. If you find areas you can’t handle on your own, never hesitate to contact kitchen remodeling experts. 


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