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Best Handicap Bathroom Contractors Near Me

Handicapped accessibility

Handicap Bathroom Contractors Near Me: 6 Tips For A Successful Handicap Bathroom Remodel With The Best Contractor

Searching for handicap bathroom contractors near me is one of the incredible ways to get started when looking for a highly-experienced contractor to work on your project. Perhaps you’re looking forward to converting one of the free rooms or a standard bathroom into a handicapped-accessible bathroom to cater to your special needs. 

Regardless of the type of handicap bathroom that you want to set up, getting the services of handicap bathroom contractors is always the best way to go. Accessible shower and bathtub for the injured, disabled, and the elderly is one of the bathroom design aspects always overlooked. However, a handicapped bathroom allows those with physical mobility difficulties to access tubs, showers, vanities, and toilets independently.

Handicap Bathroom

 In this article, we’ll take you through some of the available options for walk-in tubs, handicap showers, and accessible toilets that you can get done by handicap bathroom contractors near me and the tips to make your project successful. 


Let’s get started! 

  • Wheelchair accessible bathroom

Easy access to the bathroom is a priority when designing a handicap-accessible bathroom. If you or your loved one is a wheelchair user, then the entryway should be wide enough to allow free movement in and out of the bathroom. 

According to ADA, a handicap bathroom should have an entrance that’s wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and provide adequate space for wheelchair turning. Besides that, having stairs or steps at the entrance of a handicapped bathroom entrance is a bad idea. Instead, have a low-profile ramp that allows for wheelchair roll-over. 

According to the AD requirements, a single-user handicapped bathroom should include:

  • A clear turning space of 60” or more to allow for turning around the sink.
  • A space of 30” x 48” access to the sink. 
  • At least 16” centerline of the toilet from the wall. 
  • At least 36” entrance space.

Although these specifications are for public restrooms, following them for your accessible bathroom can maximize your bathroom’s accessibility and comfort. 

accessible bathroom remodeling houston

Pro-tip takeaway: Follow the ADA guidelines when designing your handicapped bathroom for the best outcome.

  • A roll-in shower is worth your investment

Tubs could be challenging to access for those who have walking difficulty or those using wheelchairs. And in most cases, it can lead to accidents or damages. With that in mind, installing a curbless shower stall eliminates barriers allowing for a seamless maneuver for those with difficulties maneuvering over a curb or tub. Also, ensure your walk-in shower is spacious enough to accommodate a shower seat or a wheelchair. If you prefer a shower seat, then a built-in wall-mounted shower seat can be ideal for your walk-in or roll-in shower. 

Additionally, creating a handicap-accessible shower is a perfect way to promote a convenient, safe, and comfortable showering experience. And in most cases, it makes the handicapped feel a sense of independence by doing most of the things alone.

According to ADA guidelines, a shower seat should be positioned directly opposite the faucet, a grab bar positioned on the back wall of the shower stall at an easy-to-reach range, and a showerhead should be attached to a 60-inch hose. The curb height shouldn’t be more than ½ inch from the bottom of the shower unit base. 

A roll-in shower

Pro-tip takeaway: Consider your available bathroom space before opting for a roll-in bathroom. If not sure, contact your contractor for advice.

  • Opt for a walk-in bath

A bathtub requires a little bit of effort to get in and out, even for the able-bodied individual. And that’s why investing in a walk-in bathtub is a great deal. With a walk-in tub, any person with a disability can maneuver their way in and out without assistance. 

Unlike a walk-in shower, a walk-in bathtub is not for those who are wheelchair-bound. It requires the bather to be able to walk in and out on his/her own. If you or your loved one has limited mobility due to advanced age, illness, or injury, a walk-in tub offers a convenient, safe, and comfortable bathing experience.

Pro-tip takeaway: If you aren’t impressed by a walk-in tub, a safety tub can be a perfect option.  This type of tub fills and drains only when you’re inside. 

  • Include a Reachable sink

Unlike the normal sink often with cabinets below it, remove the cabinet below the sink to create more space for reaching in from a wheelchair. Adding a reachable sink increases access while minimizing strains and accidents.

Pro-tip takeaway: Set up a sink at a convenient height.


  • Add stability hardware

There are many options for stylish and functional bathroom hardware for stability. Interestingly, you can incorporate hardware in your handicapped bathroom without making significant structural changes. Below are some of the essential hardware that you can include in your handicapped bathroom to improve safety. 

  • Add grab bars in your shower and next to your toilet.
  • Include a handheld shower with a longer hose.
  • Add motion-sensor handle or easy push/pull sink handles.

Pro-tip takeaway: You can use the doorknob lever since it’s cost-effective and durable. 

Get to work with the best handicapped bathroom contractor

When looking for the best handicap bathroom contractors near me, it’s imperative to get a well-established and highly experienced contractor to get your job done correctly. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we have the skills, equipment, and materials needed for a safe and comfortable handicapped bathroom. 

Contact us today and schedule a FREE complimentary consultation and get a precise cost estimate for your project. 


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