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For all homeowners who intend to do a home addition project, the first thing that comes to mind is researching home additions near me. If this is the first thing you think about when you intend to do a home remodeling, you are a step ahead. A home addition is an invaluable project whether you are adding the space because you have a big family or resell the house. Buyers will always like a larger home. (Sullivan, 2021)


Home addition projects can be an overwhelming job, especially if you have no experience in a home addition. However, no project is overwhelming for a pro. That’s why you need the best expert that can handle the task perfectly. Before hiring a contractor, you need to gather information regarding home remodeling. That's why at Smart Remodeling LLC, we provide you with firsthand information to add onto to your knowledge on a home addition.

Importance of home addition 

A home addition is one home project that has a lot of benefits. All you will get with home addition is valuable outcomes. Some services come with a home addition. (Hurwith, 2014)

Addition space

The main reason why homeowners go for home addition is to add more space to their homes. Lucky enough, home addition allows the homeowner to make any space addition in different parts of the house. 

Room for more people

Families are constantly growing as time passes by. That brings the need to have extra rooms to house all the family members. Home additions allow the addition of rooms like bedrooms, playroom, offices, and also study spaces.

Additional income

Some homeowners choose to do home addition and add a space that is fully contained. In such a case, homeowners can rent the extra space and get extra income.


All that home addition brings to your home is value and elegance. Therefore, if you think of reselling your house, the resale value will be higher for your added home.

Cheaper than moving

Buying a new large home is an expensive option. Since most people who move from a small to a large house are to get more space, they can achieve that through house addition. Only that home addition is cheaper than buying a large house.


Sometimes homeowners do home addition to add luxurious spaces to their home. With a home addition, you can add bedroom space to fit a walk-in closet, patios, add bathroom and kitchen space to add some luxury to your home.

ProTip Takeaway: The techniques you use in the home addition project will determine whether you will get these benefits. Employ strategies that will give you maximum benefits.

Home Addition Plans 

Every project you do in your home is a crucial task, and each essential reading needs a plan. The chances of getting incredible results when you work without a plan are meager. With a home addition, with just a few steps in planning, a homeowner will be happy at the end of the project. (HGTV, n.d)

Determine goals

The first step is determining what you want to achieve with the home addition project. With the goals, you will look for the techniques that you will use to perform all the goals that you have set. 

Explore alternatives

There are other alternatives to a home addition. Explore the options and compare them with home addition to see what will give you the outcome you need at a lower cost and in less time.

Get a contractor

At this stage, you will have a decision whether you be doing home addition or not. You need to get the best expert for the job. Research on the best contractors and get one to do the project.

Plan the build

Together with the contractor, you can plan the build to choose the site and design the demolition technique for the site. At this stage, you can draw a blueprint for the building. 

Set the budget

Set a financial plan for the amount that you intend to use for the whole project. The budget should include labor and also materials and equipment needed to complete the project.

Get permitting

Any construction projects need permitting. Most contractors have permits for construction from the relevant department. If our conducting the home addition project yourself, you need to get the necessary licensing. 

Start the project

Now you can begin the home addition project. If you are working with a contractor, they will assemble a team to assist in the task.

ProTip Takeaway: Involve your contractor in making a home addition plan. Contractors have experience and knowledge of trending home addition ideas.

Second story addition 

When you think about maximizing the living space, adding a second story is the first technique that comes to mind. Adding a second story will give you extra room for the living area and bedrooms and give your home an elegant design. There are a few aspects that you need to consider when doing a second story addition project. (Johnston, 2021)


  • Long-term plan: If you are not thinking of moving out of your house, then a long-term second story should be your only option. Therefore, you need a long-term plan that includes using durable materials.
  • Foundation: A second story will not be compelling with the same foundation. It needs a strong foundation that will support a double story weight. There are different techniques for building a solid foundation for second-story addition.
  • Elements addition: With a second story, there needs to be additional roofing and also windows. Those other elements make your home get a stylish design after adding a second story.
  • Effective equipment: The equipment that a homeowner would use to add a home with one story may not be effective for a second story addition. Get gears that are suitable for second-story addition.
  • Timeline: Second story addition can be a time-consuming project. However, setting a timeline ensures that a contractor does not use too much time that adds to the overall cost of second story addition. The timeline needs to be realistic such that the contractor does not rush when conducting the project. 

ProTip Takeaway: Different second-story designs suit different home styles. Ensure that the creation of the second story suits the architectural style of your home.

Home Addition Contractor in Houston

If you are thinking of doing a home addition project, it is best to look for a company that deals with home addition projects. I know you must be wondering which the best company for the home addition project is for Houston residents. There are many companies; however, not all companies will do an excellent job for you. 


That's why we recommend you try Smart Remodeling LLC. We are a home remodeling company that offer the best home addition services in Houston and its surrounding. I know most people might be wondering, why Smart Remodeling LLC? We have experienced experts that make sure that you get good results for the task you give them. Allowing our customers to get the best value for what they pay for is our priority.

Home addition comes with many significant benefits, and we ensure that you get all the benefits. We will help you plan, identify the best materials for a home addition, and find ways to save you cost in each step of the home addition project. If you search for the best home addition contractor in Houston, you will most likely land on the Smart Remodeling LLC page, where you can get quality services that make your home have a superb look.

Home Addition Cost 

Home addition involves the addition of other elements in your house, and that means that in every step of the project, the homeowner must incur a cost. The best thing is that investing some amount in home addition is worth it—the average cost of home addition range from $20,883 to $140,000. 

The cost varies depending on the features and the square footage you want to add to your home. The addition of different home components like the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and bedrooms will have different prices. You can employ a cost-saving technique to reduce the average amount you will spend on a home addition project. (HomeAdvisor, n.d)






$1,500 - $4,000


$350 - $1,000


$400 - $600


$1,200 - $10,000


$700 - $5,000


$4,000 - $12,000

Are you ready for your Home Addition Project in Houston?

Having your dream home does not necessarily mean that you have to buy a new house. There are other options like home addition that make your home have a unique design that you always like your home to have. Besides, having more space for extra rooms in your home is also incredible. Give your home a new look by investing in cost-effective projects like home addition. If you are in Houston, Smart Remodeling LLC is just what you need for your home addition project. Give us a call at 832-800-8889 to schedule a free consultation with us.


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