Best Houston Patio Builder Near Me

[BLOG] Published: 2021-05-05 - Updated: 2023-04-01

Best Houston Patio Builder Near Me


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Are you thinking of enhancing your outdoor space by building a patio in your home? Well, the best thing to start with is to look for 'patio builders near me.’ Decks bring out the stylish and expensive look in your home. Therefore, it is worth having a good patio. How will you ensure that you get a perfect patio for your home? I mean, there are two options; you can build the patio yourself, or you can get a contractor to do it for you. (Gilmer, 2013)


Having a contractor build the patio for you is the best thing to do if you want a unique deck. Patio builders have a lot of knowledge on patio ideas to incorporate to coordinate with your house style. Patio designs will vary depending on the builder, furniture, and elements incorporated, and the patio material type. Smart Remodeling LLC ensures that you get detailed information regarding the patio building before you start the project.

Patio Materials 

You will find a range of patio materials to choose from readily available in the market. The patio material a homeowner selects depends on how he/she plans to use the patio. Different patio materials come with varying textures, functionality, features, and also general appearance. The materials are also ideal for other weather conditions. (Franco, 2020)


Concrete patios are less expensive to build. However, concrete patios require a lot of labor to achieve a unique look on the deck. Concrete patios are slippery when wet. Patio builders incorporate techniques like concrete painting, scoring, brushing, tinting, smoothing, or creating patterns to achieve an exceptional concrete patio finish. Look for the best concrete patio contractors near me who can incorporate these techniques ideally.



If you are looking for slip-resistant patio material, then composite is the material for you. Composite patio material is a product of recycled materials and is available in different colors.



Brick is the most durable material that you can use on your patio. However, durability depends on how well the installation is done. Installation of brick patio can be in different patterns for different homes depending on the homeowner's taste.



Patio tiles come in different kinds from porcelain, clay, and quarry tiles. The homeowner needs to install the tiles on a concrete slab.


Natural stone

Natural stones range from limestone, sandstone, slate, travertine, and bluestone. Unlike other patio materials, natural stones are more expensive. 

ProTip Takeaway: Different patio materials come at varying prices. Consider your budget before choosing the patio material. 


Patio building planning 

Patio building will not be successful if you don’t have a plan. If you look for patio contractors near me, you will get a contractor who will show you how to integrate a plan in building a patio in your home. There are certain aspects a homeowner needs to consider in patio building planning. (Eco Outdoor, n.d.)


The location of your patio depends on how you plan to use the outdoor space. If the deck serves as a lounge or dining, the area may vary depending on the patio's function. The view of your home will also determine where you build the deck.  

Patio Material

Different patio materials are suitable for other weather conditions and also house styles. Go for a patio material that complements the overall style of your home. The material also needs to be durable, slip-resistant, cost-effective, and also suitable for children to play with for homeowners with children.


The size of the patio will depend on the functionality. If you use the deck for just chilling, then you will need a small space. But for a family dining, party, or entertainment area, the patio needs to be a bit bigger. 


Homeowners need specific permits to build a patio or any other element in their home. Ensure you have the necessary permits before your start the project. If you are working with a contractor, this will be easier because most of them have permits and licenses.

Budget and Timeline

The budget and timeline will vary depending on whether you are building the patio yourself or having a professional do it for you. In each case, establish a budget and a timeline for the patio building.

ProTip Takeaway: Involve a professional or the patio builder in making the plan to ensure that you make a workable plan. 


Patio installation 

Patio installation is an easy project for those who have the necessary skills. Patio builders follow systematic steps to ensure that you have an elegant patio in your home. (Franco, 2020) 


Location preparation

In the planning phase, you select the location. Now in the installation phase, you prepare the place you choose. Preparation of the site includes tying stakes to mark the area where you will be installing the patio. Then dig out space inside the stakes at a constant height from the ground. 

Edge establishment

The edges need to have a perfect establishment to bring out an incredible patio shape. Use plastic or aluminum materials to insert the edge all-round the dug patio space. 

Adding the fill

Spread a landscaping cloth on the area to add support to the surface. The fabric is also essential in hindering the growth of weed under the patio area. Fill holes around the space with gravel or sand. When filling, ensure that the fill is even throughout the hole. 


Now it is time to install the patio material. The material you choose in the planning phase is helpful in this installation stage. Lay the paving material in style on the filled sand.  The technique you use to lay the material depends on the material type. You can use patterns in the installation depending on the paving material type. 

Final filling

In most instances, the pavers leave some space after installation. This is the stage where you fill the holes with sand to form a complete and continuous patio surface. Sweep excess sand after filling and leave the area to dry to be more firm. 

ProTip Takeaway: Each stage in the installation phase requires different tools and equipment. Gather all necessary tools before beginning the patio building project.

Tips in selecting the best patio builder 

You can get the best patio builder by asking homeowners with a patio where they got the services, or you can check online for patio builders. The best thing is that you will never struggle to get a patio builder. The issue comes in selecting the best builder from a list of many builders. All you need are tips on how to choose the best. (Ozfetch, 2020)

  • Look for a particular patio building company website to gather more information regarding the company.
  • Check for particular patio builders' past client reviews to determine if the builder is the best for you.
  • Ask the patio builder questions regarding their experience, specialty, and licensing; Get proof of expertise and licensing through documents.
  • Consider the patio builder's price; be careful with builders that have very low bids. You don't have to go for a builder with the highest price necessarily. Look for a patio contractor with the most reasonable price.
  • Consider local patio builders; besides local patio builders having a reasonable price, gathering information about local patio contractors may be easier than other international contractors. Getting references from a local patio builder is also easier.
Patio Companies near me

For all Houston residents, Smart Remodeling LLC is the patio building company you have been looking for. It would be best if you chose us because we have a team that stays up-to-date with trending patio designs. When looking for a patio building company, it will help if you look for a reputable company. 

Fortunate enough, Smart Remodeling LLC has set an excellent reputation for all our clients.  We are a remodeling company that gives your necessary information before beginning any patio building in your home. We ensure that clients get great value for the amount they pay for the patio building services. 

Patio Cost

The patio cost varies depending on the material. For example, the stamped concrete patio cost will be different from tile or natural stone patio cost. The average price of building a patio range from $2,000 to $8,000. (, 2021)

Patio Material

Price (per square foot)

Stamped Concrete

$15 - $30


$5 - $10


$8 - $12

Natural stone

$15 - $40


$15 - $20


Are You Ready For Your New Patio Building in Houston and Surrounding Area?

A patio is a valuable element in your home. Therefore, you need a pro to do the patio building project in your home. Are you looking for the best patio building company in Houston? Well, Look no further because Smart Remodeling LLC has got you covered on that. We ensure that you get complete satisfaction with the service we offer you. Reach us at 832 800 8880 to consult about our comprehensive patio building services.

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