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Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Clear Lake

Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Clear Lake

Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Clear Lake

Your outdoor kitchen remodeling Clear Lake project could completely transform the outlook and functionality of your backyard. After all, it's where you can enjoy your barbecues with friends and family. 

From cooking contests to hosting family parties, your outdoor kitchen in Clear Lake offers the best spot to hold social gatherings and parties in an open-air. Our outdoor kitchen remodeling services not only make your outdoor kitchen outstanding but also ensures it blends seamlessly with your house exterior. 

From your outdoor kitchen fixtures, fittings, appliances, flooring, countertop, Island to cabinets, we give everything a professional touch of brilliance, vibrancy, and quality. We help you plan your remodeling project carefully. Our experts will help you choose the best outdoor kitchen styles, appliances, materials, and products that will make your life comfortable and full-filling. 

Professional Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling in Clear Lake

If you love to grill outdoors, installing an outdoor kitchen could be a great way to bring your cooking prowess to your exterior living space. Since your outdoor kitchen is an extension of your household, Smart Remodeling experts design, plan, and build your outdoor kitchen with keen attention to detail to meet your specific requirements.  After all, Outdoor kitchen remodeling is our specialty and passion.  

Since our inception in the remodeling industry, we've completed numerous outdoor kitchen renovation and remodeling projects…And yours won't be an exception. Let us turn your worn-out kitchen into a sizzling masterpiece, complete with convenient spaces and energy-efficient appliances. An outdoor kitchen completed by Smart Remodeling is highly effective, beautiful, and adds significant value to your home.

Benefits of Our Clear Lake Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling 

We understand that our customers in the Clear Lake area have different, unique needs. We celebrate that diversity and specialize in building custom-designed outdoor kitchens that cater to our customer's desires and needs.

Customers who choose us can enjoy several benefits that come with our service.

  • Helps you cut down on utility bills
  • Improved home value
  • Keeps smell outside
  • Increase your home's outdoor living space
  • Better aesthetics

Full-service Outdoor Remodeling Company in Clear Lake

When it comes to outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Clear Lake, Smart Remodeling is a perfect choice. We offer a wide range of outdoor upgrades, including outdoor kitchens & patio kitchens, and exterior entertainment spaces.

Whether you're looking for a small kitchen with only a built-in BBQ grill or a larger one complete with countertops, storage cabinets, appliances, grills, and sinks, we are a service you can depend on us to bring your dream to life. 

We also offer various outdoor kitchen ideas, including;

  • A fully-equipped kitchen in an outdoor living area
  • A luxurious outdoor kitchen with a fireplace and entertainment amenities
  • Install tile or concrete flooring and marble or granite countertops
  • Create a simple space with a single grill and a small counter
  • Create a space open in the sun
  • Install appliances of your choice

Outdoor kitchen design in Clear Lake – We provide exclusive outdoor kitchen designs and space plans that allow for seamless integration of your kitchen with your home. Our goal is to keep your outdoor cooking space close to your house to enhance efficiency and position it strategically to optimize traffic flow for your family and friends.

Outdoor appliances – With so many appliances, such as outdoor refrigerators, cookers, and ovens, selecting the best can be a challenge. Our experts will help you select and install the right appliances, fixtures, and amenities suitable for your kitchen.

Long-lasting materials and products – We will guide you through the material selection process to make sure you choose durable materials to withstand even the heaviest rains and strongest winds. 

That will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the seasons without worrying about maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen Island in Clear Lake – We offer custom kitchen island designs to suit any exterior style and décor. Our designs can fit in with just anything from the grill, built-in kitchen appliances, storage, fixtures, and grills. We can also build your outdoor kitchen island in a way to complement your exterior style and décor. 

Countertops in Clear Lake – Whether you're looking to install granite, tile, travertine, or stone countertops, you can count on our professionals can do a perfect job.

Flooring in Clear Lake – Our outdoor kitchen flooring options come in different types, shapes, textures, and sizes. Depending on your budget and preferences, we can help install wood, tile, concrete, or stone flooring in your outdoor kitchen.

The Cost of Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling in Clear Lake

Outdoor kitchen remodeling Clear lake cost is dependent on several factors. While the cost of outdoor kitchen remodel is lower than that of interior kitchen remodeling, it solely depends on your project's scope, backyard size, type of appliances & fixtures chosen, labor expenses, and the kind of material to be used. 

The typical range of outdoor kitchen remodel cost is $2,000 to $40,000. However, our exterior remodeling specialists can create a cost estimate that fits your budget, lifestyle, and preferences to allow you to get the best value for your money.

Why we’re your Go to remodeling contractor in Clear Lake

  1. Excellent customer service and support.
  2. We deliver exceptional results to last a lifetime.
  3. We use high-standard materials and products for all our projects.
  4. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we deliver on our promise
  5. We maintain coordinated professional communications.
  6. Our professionals offer custom services and strive to achieve 100% client satisfaction.
  7. We offer high-quality services at competitive prices.

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