Best Bathtub Surround Remodeling in Houston

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Bathtub Surround

A beautiful bathtub surrounds not only adds elegance but also functionality to your bathroom. 

And therefore, getting your work done by the best bathtub surround experts in Houston is critical. 

And that's where Smart Remodeling LLC comes in handy. 

With over ten years of excellent bathtub surround remodeling services, we're confident to deliver flawless services backed with a 5-year to lifetime guarantee. 

We are the number one, full-service Houston bathroom Renovation Company. 

Bathroom Tub To Shower Conversion Houston

Get Your Project Handled By Houston's Bath Tub  Experts

Regardless of the type of bathtub surround that you want to be installed in your bathroom, our experts do it all seamlessly, without causing you unnecessary stress. 

Besides that, we understand that people are unique and have different needs, so we strive to cater to every customer's unique needs, desires, and budget. 

We will inspect your bathroom, help you select the best materials, and install bathtub surrounds that fits your kitchen's style and requirements. 

Remember that a professionally installed tub surround will enhance not only your bathroom's appearance but also a great boost to its functionality and add durability. 

With Smart Remodeling, you don't have to sacrifice a stunning style or superior quality to obey your budget. 

We provide a full range of tub surround patterns, styles, and colors at various price ranges to ensure you get what you want on a friendly budget.  

If you're ready to work on your bath tab walls, give us a call today to schedule an appointment to discuss your project's needs and budget.  


Get Your Work Done by the Best Bathtub Surround Company

At Smart Remodeling, we specialize in a wide range of bathtub services, including bathtub installation, repair, refinishing, replacement, and resurfacing. 

All our services are customized to ensure every customer receives what suits their situation. 

Whether you want to add an element of inspiration or make your bathroom more durable, the job must be handled professionally. 

Even if you're looking for acrylic, cultured marble, or fiberglass tub surrounds, we are the right company to replace, fix, or install your new bath surrounds. 

The Best Bathtub Surrounds in Houston

We offer a full range of surrounds for your bathtub in different styles and price levels. You can buy these surrounds as a kit or decide to install them as tiles. 

Here are some of our bathroom surrounds that our experts can help install in your bathroom.

Acrylic bathtub surrounds – We help install this smooth, high-quality surround to give your bathtub a new look and durability. We provide tons of patterns and colors that complement any bathroom design or style. A properly installed acrylic bathtub is durable and can last an entire lifetime. 

Cultured marble surrounds – Let us refresh your bathroom with this luxurious marble tub surround. Our marble materials are resistant to most soaps, make-up, dyes, and shampoos.  Whether you want individual pieces or panels, we offer a wide range of sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from.

Solid surface surrounds – If you're looking for something thicker and more durable, solid surface surrounds have got you covered. We will enhance consistency in your bathroom by installing high-quality solid surrounds for better function. Whether you want a standard kit size or a custom-made one, we will deliver the best services.

Tile surrounds – We can also install an attractive tile surround to enhance your bathroom look. Choose from various materials, glass, ceramic, and porcelain that come in multiple colors and patterns. We also provide tiles in various sizes to help create different looks based on the tile size.

The Benefits of Our Houston Tub  Surround Services

As a top bathroom remodeling company in Houston, Tx, we are committed to offering our customers personalized service, superior project outcomes, and high-quality product solutions. 

Our goal is to bring our clients' dream of the classic bathroom to reality by leveraging excellent remodeling areas. 

Our licensed technicians are highly trained and strive to provide reliable services that guarantee customer satisfaction. 

If you choose  Smart Remodeling LLC for your bathtub surround project, we have great deals awaiting you.  Below are some of the benefits of our bath services.

  1. We offer exceptional customer service and support.
  2. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  3. We offer a simple, worry-free process from consultation through to project completion. 
  4. All our bathroom remodel services are backed with an exclusive 5-year guarantee.
  5. We provide a free consultation and a free cost estimate.
  6. Our technicians are highly trained and talented.
  7. We communicate promptly and effectively with our customers.
  8. We provide expert suggestions, and pieces of advice, and guide you throughout your renovation process.
  9. We are fully licensed and certified to ensure we offer the safety services possible.

Bathroom Tub Remodeling Houston

Bath Surround Installation Cost in Houston

Tub surround renovation or installation cost varies depending on the project's choice of materials and scope to be completed. 

From the cost of retaining a remodeling contractor, selecting products, and budgeting, you'll find your overall project cost will depend on your condition, taste, preference, finances, and lifestyle.

However, our team of experts will give you a renovation estimate that suits your ideas, budget, lifestyle, and requirements to help you plan your budget and timeline. 

During the remodeling process, we promise to deliver the best services and strive to stay within your budget.

Consultation & Scheduling

Getting your work done by experts guarantees not only the success of your project but also a stress-free project execution. 

Call us today, and let's discuss your project. 



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