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[SERVICE] Published: 2018-08-03 - Updated: 2023-02-09

Closet Design Houston


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Common Custom Closet Designs in Houston & Surrounding Area

Below you’ll find the most common types of closets discussed; however, if you can dream it, we’ll try our best to bring your vision to life. From clothes closets to utility closets, we can build, remodel, and create the most efficient closet spaces to fit every aspect of your household. After reviewing the suggestions and info below, be sure to call for your free closet design consultation with our experts. 

Reach-In Custom Closet Types

Many smaller condos and houses only have space for reach-in closets. However, we can help you make any type of reach-in closet customized for your needs.
closet cabinet

Wardrobe Closet

Today’s reach-in closets can be built in such a way as to be a showpiece you won’t necessarily want to cover with doors. Some modern homes and lofts sport custom closets with so much design detail and style they meld beautifully with the room’s other elements. We can create a reach-in closet to support both your organizational and aesthetic sensibilities, with or without doors.

Linen Closet

Placed in a location within the home convenient to the household, a linen closet is a type of reach-in closet for holding bedding, towels, and blankets. The best way to house linens is on multiple open shelves with drawered sections for smaller items such as washcloths, cloth napkins, and more. 

Entry Closet

Ideal for outwear such as coats, boots, and gloves, an entry closet is best situated near the front or garage entrance. 

For those with limited space, a reach-in closet provides just the right amount of room for their everyday wardrobe. Fitting the closet with cubbies, shelves, rods, and closet accessories can maximize the room to facilitate daily routines. 

Walk-In Custom Closet Types

While walk-in closets come in every shape and size, we can accommodate the design and build of your new closets to fit your space. 

Custom Closet Design

Wardrobe Closet

Those graced with ample space for a walk-in closet will find a myriad of exciting possibilities awaiting. Some of our clients will opt to convert a spare bedroom into their dream closet, complete with multiple hanging racks for all types of clothing, angled shoe shelves, glass-front cabinets for handbags, and specialized cubbies and drawers for all their items. 

Kitchen Pantry 

For those with large households filled with pets and kids, a large walk-in kitchen pantry is a must. Preferably one filled with shelves, cubbies, and wire or natural baskets to hold all your baking items, boxed foods, cans, and snacks. If space is limited when including a utility closet, we can create a space to house your mops, brooms, and pails within the same pantry.

Utility Closets

A utility closet with walk-in access is ideal for storing all of your cleaning tools such as vacuum, broom, mop, buckets, cleaning supplies, chemicals, and more. A lock on this closet can keep kids and pets from getting into harmful chemicals.

Mudroom/Coat Closet

A dedicated mudroom is an ideal space to have an open outerwear area with hooks for coats, baskets for shoes, a shelf for boots, and hangers for gloves. This is particularly an excellent closet ideal for families with pets and children who run in and out throughout the day.

What type of closet doors can be used for both reach-in and wardrobe closets?

The type of closet doors you choose can hinder or help you when accessing the contents of any closet. While there are many closet door types, below are the most common closet doors for both reach-in and walk-in designs. 

Bi-Fold Doors—one of the most popular types of doors for reach-in closets, these doors slide open and closed on a rail with the doors folding into half.

Drapery Panels—for those with beautiful clothing or linens to show off, drapery panels pulled to each side of the closet opening can provide a decorative touch.

Sliding Doors—available in many materials from mirrored to metal to wood, sliding doors will allow access to one side of the closet at a time. 

Louvered Doors—louvers can allow for air circulation and beauty on regular fixed swing doors, bi-folds, and French doors.

Double French Doors—these doors, with or without glass, are two doors that open outward, allowing for full access to the closet’s contents. 

Let our closet remodeling experts in Houston, Texas, assist you in realizing your vision to make your life easier and more beautiful while incorporating some of the closet design types we’ve shared above. Schedule your Complimentary Custom Closet Design Consultation today or visit our showroom at 12711 Fuqua St, Suite 106 Houston, TX 77034, to discuss the possibilities today!




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