Fencing Contractor in Houston

[SERVICE] Published: 2018-08-03 - Updated: 2023-04-01

Fencing Contractor in Houston


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Fencing Contractor in Houston

Are you looking for the best fencing contractor to handle your fencing project? Smart Remodeling LLC is your go-to fencing company. 

For over a decade, we’ve been offering high-quality fencing solutions for both residential and commercial spaces at affordable prices. 

Whether you want to enhance your home security or curb appeal, we offer high-quality fences for both protection and decorative effect.

As one of Texas's top fencing companies, we will do everything possible to build a stylish fence that fulfills security parameters and improves your home's aesthetics. 

With over 10 years of installing all sizes and types of fencing, we handle your work professionally and efficiently to ensure you get nothing but your absolute best. 

Benefits of Our Full-service Fencing Services

Choosing Smart Remodeling to work on your fencing needs is a great decision. Our services are convenient and aim at providing a perfect balance of protection, beauty, and privacy. 

Our fencing solutions can benefit your home in many ways, including:

  1. Protection – A professionally installed fence protects your home against intruders, burglars, and animal trespass (If your home is near wildlife)
  2. We build stylish and trendy fences that improve your home's aesthetic appeal. 
  3. We use top-rated materials to provide fence solutions that add value to your property.
  4. Our philosophy is to provide quality services that guarantee satisfaction. 

Our Full-service Fence Installations—Get Your Project Handled by Experts!

As a full-service fence company, we offer a full line of fencing materials, products, and expertise to help bring your ideas to life. We also provide tons of fence styles and shapes for both functional and decorative purposes. 

We have built a positive local reputation over the years and focus on staying current with innovations and changes in the fencing industry.

Whether you're looking for residential or commercial fencing services, Smart Remodeling LLC is your trusted fencing contractor to help achieve your goals.

Below are the fencing options our professionals will be glad to offer you. 

Residential Fencing

At Smart Remodeling, we provide a range of solutions for your unique residential fencing needs. Take a glimpse at some of our residential fencing options below.

  • Residential wood fence – Our experts will install a custom wood fence in your home to ensure better security and excellent protection. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can go for something simple as pine or choose a sustainable option such as tropical hardwood or redwood. 
  • Residential aluminum fence – If you're looking for an attractive and durable solution, an aluminum fence can do the trick. 
  • Residential vinyl fence – Vinyl fence functions almost the same way as wood, but it's more durable and affordable. Our experts will customize your vinyl fence to enhance the security and comfort of your home. 
  • Residential chain link fence – Chain link fences are perfect if you're trying to contain children or pets. We will install appropriate heights of the chain-link fence that meets your needs. 
  • Residential ranch fence – Ranch fences often provide a perfect mix of design and structure. Whether you're yearning for a rustic feel or intend to change pastures, trust our professionals to get the job done correctly. 
  • Residential wrought fence- We care for your garden too. Our fence specialists will install durable and high-grade wrought fences to protect your garden and complement your exterior design. We offer a range of scrollwork and lacework designs that give your garden a unique design. 
  • Residential brick fence – We provide different brick styles, including columns, monument signs, and a single Wythe brick wall. Our experts will help you choose a style that suits your home and lifestyle.


Commercial Fencing

Besides providing durable and highly effective residential fencing solutions, we also offer state-of-the-art commercial fencing solutions below.

  • Commercial chain link fence- We will install a high-quality chain link fence on your commercial property to keep trespassers and intruders out of lots.
  • Commercial access control systems – We install various access control systems, including commercial electric gates & gate openers, to keep commercial facilities protected and safe. 
  • Commercial security installations – From barbed wires to razor wires, we offer tons of security installations to choose from. We will customize your fence according to your requirements and budget.

But that’s not all. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we also offer the following types of fences.

  • Interior and exterior security fencing
  • Industrial fencing 
  • Community pool fences
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Public area (city parks and airports) fencing

The Best Fencing Contractor

Getting your fence done by the best fencing contractor boosts your confidence and guarantees meticulous services.

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we guarantee a smooth and painless fencing process right from start to finish. 

Since we are a locally owned and operated company with more than ten years of experience in the fencing business, customer retention is one of our core values.

Why Choose Smart Remodeling LLC?

  1. We provide excellent customer support.
  2. FREE fencing consultation and no-obligation cost estimates.
  3. We provide customer-based services focusing on 100% customer satisfaction.
  4. Highly skilled, trained, and knowledgeable fencing team.
  5. We are insured, licensed, and certified to provide the best and safest services.
  6. We are recognized and rated by BBB and GHBA, & Houzz for our quality customer service and business standards. 
  7. We use advanced technology and high-quality fencing products. 
  8. We offer at least a 5-year warranty to any fencing project we handle to completion.
Consultation & Scheduling 

Are you planning to start your fencing project today, or want to inquire from our experts? Regardless of the type of fence you want to be installed and the project's nature, we leave nothing to the imagination.

Contact us today to set up your consultation and plan for your next fencing project.

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