Fireplaces Remodeling in Houston

[SERVICE] Published: 2018-08-03 - Updated: 2023-05-31

Fireplace Remodeling Houston


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Fireplaces Remodeling in Houston

Fireplace remodeling in Houston is one of the remodeling projects that pay off almost instantly in terms of warmth and comfort. 

Whether you want to improve your fireplace performance or looking for a fresh ambiance in your home, it is vital to find the right company for fireplace remodeling in Houston. 

A professionally remodeled surfaced fireplace will not only provide heating during the cold weather but also adds value to your home. 

After all, it’s the place to share secrets while enjoying the scene of the blazing flame.

When you choose Smart Remodeling LLC to handle your fireplace makeover project, you can rest assured we will deliver exceptional services and even surpass all of your expectations. 

Benefits of Our Exclusive Fireplace Remodel Services

Modern fireplaces go far beyond providing warmth. They add beauty and help increase the value of your property. Other benefits of renovating your fireplace can also include:

  • Enhance your lifestyle and comfort
  • Increase fireplace performance and function
  • Increases safety and efficiency
  • Reduce heating bills
  • Creates the desired ambiance in your home
  • Reduces the need for future repairs
  • Gives you a customized design and style

With all of those in mind, you can call us today to get your free and no-obligation estimate, and let us start planning for your next project. 

Additionally, our experts will support and guide you throughout the process to ensure your requirements are fully met.

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Full-Service Fireplace Services In Houston—We Make it Look as Well as New

As a full-service remodeling company, we understand that the fireplace is the center of attraction in your home, especially during winter. So we strive to build it in the best way possible to draw the needed attention. 

But even well-built fireplaces will at some point become ineffective, worn-out, and unsafe. 

That's why you need to upgrade your fireplace to keep it in tip-top working condition. 

Regardless of your reason for fireplace renovation, there are a couple of things to expect during the process.

Our home remodeling experts will meet with you to inspect your existing fireplace condition and assess your needs and lifestyle. 

We’ll also conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the improvements your current fireplace requires and the features you want to include or exclude in your new unit.

Whether you need fireplace remodeling ideas or just want to renovate it, you're in the right place. We offer endless options. 

And if you have a specific idea in mind, we can help refine and perfect it for an individualized fireplace. 

But we don’t just stop there.

Our experts will also help you develop a plan and select the best style, color, and materials suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

Whether you're looking for something classic, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, or transitional, we can help you choose the best fireplace design that matches your dream and aspirations

Our services also cover electric fireplaces, ventless fireplaces, brick fireplaces, gas fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, and fireplace design and fireplace materials.

If your fireplace is old and outdated, we help breathe a new life into it through the following services. 

  • Fireplace painting – We will paint the bricks and all the surrounding areas of your current fireplace to make it more beautiful and attractive. We provide several color shades to choose from.
  • Add new features – Let us modernize your existing unit by adding new features. We'll surround the fireplace with a split-faced stone to entirely cover the wall of the firebox through to the ceiling.
  • Complete fireplace makeover – Our fireplace remodeling specialists can help replace your wood-burning unit with more functional and effective propane or natural gas. We'll perform the job pretty fast and effectively without delays and inconveniences.

The Best Fireplace Remodeling Company in Houston

The internet is packed with countless fireplace remodeling companies, but it's reasonable to choose a contractor with local experience and reputation to handle your project. 

Fireplace renovation is a complex task that requires high knowledge and experience to make it successful.

If you're looking for the best fireplaces remodeling in Houston, look no further than Smart Remodeling LLC.

With more than ten years of exceptional work, we understand what it takes to build a classic or ultra-modern fireplace that you've always wanted to have. 

Our team of professionals undergoes continuous in-house and field training to help them stay on top of industry trends, concepts, materials, and designs. 

We'll closely work together, and our friendly designers will help you navigate the process by providing expert recommendations and ideas based on our industry experience. 

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Why Choose Smart Remodeling LLC? 

If you’re looking for the best fireplace renovation, upgrade, and remodeling services, we’re the team to get your work done beyond your expectations.

We’re the leading providers of specialized full-service kitchen upgrades, outdoor remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and whole-home remodeling.

Due to our high-quality, detail-oriented, and dependable services, we’ve earned top-tier ratings from Houz and BBB. 

Below are some of the distinctive qualities that keep up on top in the market. 

  1. We're established with over ten years of market existence.
  2. We provide top-quality, 24/7 customer support services.
  3. All our home upgrade projects are backed with over a 5-year warranty.
  4. We provide unique and customized services to fit the needs of every client.
  5. We're fully insured and licensed to offer safe and protected service.
  6. We accept nothing but a 100% satisfaction rate. 
  7. Our services are affordable and competitive.

Consultation & Scheduling 

Not sure of the course of action to take? 

No worries. Our consultation scheduling process is pretty straightforward. And you don’t need to pay anything. 

It’s FREE! Contact us today, and start enjoying your fireplace experience.

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