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Handicap Bathrooms and Showers in houston


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Handicap Bathroom and Showers Remodeling in Houston

Are you planning for handicap bathroom remodeling in Houston? Smart Remodeling LLC got your needs covered. 

Whether you want to customize your bathroom to fit your special needs or the need of any other family member, we make it exactly what you want it to be. 

Since we understand how important your barrier-free remodeling is to you and your loved ones, our experts will assess your needs and make your bathroom a safe and comfortable place for your household to enjoy a bath. 

From the specific basic needs to the future handicapped needs, our specialized team for accessible remodeling will re-design or modify your bathroom into a more accessible space for the disabled. 

Get Your Handicap Bathroom Remodeling Project Done By Experts

When you’re looking for the best and most affordable disabled bathroom remodeling contractor, Smart Remodeling LLC takes the lead in terms of quality and performance. 

We listen and take note of all your requirements before scheduling a complimentary in-home consultation to find out what to add, modify, or replace for a seamless handicapped experience. 

For over ten years, we have been providing high-quality barrier-free remodeling for the community of Houston and their neighborhood.

With our highly skilled handicap accessibility remodelers, we offer exciting handicapped bathroom services ranging from accessibility construction and remodeling to installation of grab bars and necessary accessories. 

Besides that, we also offer technology integration services to help you stay safe and connected to family and health experts. 

With our home remodeling experts, no work is too little or too complicated for our team to handle. As such, we handle every project with the utmost professionalism and seriousness regardless of nature or scale. 

Regardless of your budget, we’ll create a fully accessible bathroom that meets your needs and helps you live a happy and independent life. 

Great Options For Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Vanity

Benefits of Our Houston Barrier-Free Remodeling Services

Letting your project done by our experts comes with more benefits than just having your project perfectly done in time. 

Since we understand that you can choose to work with other Houston contractors, we’re honored to serve you. 

Therefore, we do all the necessary to deliver a high-quality finish at a cost you’re comfortable with. Our barrier-free remodeling provides assistance for a wide range of disability issues and limitations, including the following.

  • Siting, bending or reaching
  • Dyslexia or color blindness
  • Cognitive issues
  • Support and assistance for problems stemming from specific health conditions such as autism, ALS, Spina Bifida, and others. 

Full-Service Handicap Bathroom Remodeling in Houston

When planning for accessible remodeling, creating a handicap-accessible bathroom is undoubtedly one of your primary goals. 

Therefore, our experts will modify your bathroom to provide the required level of accessibility and incorporate the essential features that serve your special needs. 

Handicap Bathroom Ideas 

Below are some of the features and elements that we’ll modify and incorporate for seamless handicap bathroom Shower accessibility. 

  • A Roll-in shower is also referred to as a walk-in shower, barrier-free shower, or handicap shower.
  • A shower seat—alternatively, we can install a similar feature to help the handicapped sit while enjoying the shower. 
  • A walk-in bathtub
  • Install Handrails, Install grab bars, or other accessories that serve the same purpose
  • Transfer devices
  • Open space for frictionless accessibility and adequate space for wheelchair access, turning, and compliance with the ADA guidelines.
  • Comfortable-height toilet built according to the ADA guidelines" universal design"
  • Hands-free sink controls or lever and sink
  • Sit-down vanity or roll under 

Making an accessible bathroom Design for the handicapped; increases their bathroom independence and safety 

Besides accessible bathroom remodeling, we also provide the following custom home improvement services to make your house more accessible for the handicapped.

  • Full-home remodeling and additions
  • Kitchen and basement remodeling
  • Custom Outdoor and indoor ramps
  • Floor leveling
  • Doorway widening
  • Roll-under kitchen cabinets and vanity and much more.

When you contact us for your handicapped bathroom remodeling in Houston, we first schedule a complimentary in-home consultation to assess your bathroom and your needs.

After that, we draft a list of recommendations based on our knowledge and vast experience.  The recommendations may range from modifications to the existing structures and features as well as the incorporation of accessories that make life easy on your end.

From recommendations, we work with your requirement to make a customized bathroom that’s fully accessible to the Handicapped. 

Handicap Bathroom Design and Disability Remodeling Cost 

The cost of barrier-free remodeling in Houston varies depending on many factors. Such factors include the types of accessories, bathroom design, and the number of modifications required to meet your needs.

As such, there’s no static price for handicap bathroom remodeling. 

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we offer high-quality remodeling services on a budget that you’re comfortable with.

Regardless of the nature and scale of your work, our experts are always ready to offer exceptional services. 

Why Choose Smart Remodeling LLC for your Bathroom Remodeling?
  1. Free in-home complimentary consultation 
  2. Free cost estimate and customer support
  3. We offer high-quality services at affordable prices
  4. All our services are customized to fit every customer’s unique needs
  5. Our experts are highly trained and experienced to offer safe and reliable remodeling services 
  6. We offer safe and protected services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  7. Quick project turn-around-time without skimping on the quality
Remodeling Consultation & Scheduling with Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

As your full-service home remodeling contractor, we endeavor to deliver nothing but the best. Regardless of the nature and scale of your project, we handle every task with the utmost professionalism.

Contact us today and schedule a complimentary bathroom assessment and get your project to a new level. 

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