Kitchen Addition in Houston

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Kitchen Addition Process


Kitchen Addition in Houston Kitchen Addition Experts What Exactly Does Kitchen Addition Entail Kitchen Addition Process

Kitchen Addition in Houston & Surrounding Area

Without a question, the kitchen is the most crucial area in your house. This is where your body is nourished and prepared for the challenges of the day. As a result, it's only right to treat this space with respect.

The kitchen is the first thing that draws any homeowner or potential buyer when they go to look at a house. Your choice is influenced by the floor plan, functionality, wood cabinets, and even the color of the walls. If a kitchen addition is well-designed and done well, it will certainly make you feel right at home.

Kitchen Addition Experts in Houston, Texas

Smart Remodeling LLC is a kitchen remodeling company in Houston, Texas that specializes in creating affordable custom kitchens additions. We provide complete kitchen addition services and will oversee all aspects of your project.

Our team of professional designers, project managers, and contractors can turn your Houston kitchen into a work of art. Our kitchen installations will bring years of fun and value to your house. We offer affordable wood cabinetry, magnificent granite and quartz counters, and fashionable wood or tile flooring among others.

We provide a wide range of options for your kitchen addition, including cabinets, countertops, flooring, and accessories. All these will help you achieve the aesthetic attributes you desire in your dream kitchen.

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What Exactly Does Kitchen Addition Entail?

Cabinet Addition- We will design and build your custom cabinets to give your kitchen a new look. We have beautiful wood options, like maple and walnut among others that look luxurious and stand out in any kitchen addition.

Kitchen Island- It's the ideal location for entertaining guests, a family cook-off, or assisting kids with homework. Let us help you to add a hardworking island or mobile workstation if you have the space.

Kitchen lighting- For better lighting of the kitchen workstation, hang pendants over a breakfast bar or kitchen island. We have so many elegant and budget-friendly options available to choose from. Remember: The larger your island is, the larger your lighting fixture should be.

Kitchen countertops – We have a variety of countertop styles to meet your functional and aesthetic needs. We can provide you with kitchen countertop surfaces in a variety of styles. Our countertops also have different levels of heat, mold, and stain resistance. You can choose from a variety of materials natural and engineered stones: granite, marble, Corian, or laminate.

Modern Kitchen Design

Appliances - Kitchen appliances must function and blend in with the overall theme of your kitchen addition. We will advise on the best refrigerators, ovens, sinks, mixers, and general kitchen appliances. These will compliment your selected style and give you many years of excellent service.  

Backsplashes - Whether you desire ceramic tiles, mosaics, subway tiles, or trendy glass and steel tiles we have it all. We also have full-height backsplashes to the conventional 4-inch backsplash. We will determine the appropriate backsplash for your cooking routines and personal taste in style.

Flooring - We have a variety of popular, trusted flooring options. Consider real wood, engineered wood, ceramic and natural stone tile, and/ or vinyl for your kitchen addition.

Quality Hardware - Hardware and unique faucets may take a kitchen addition to the next level. We have a great variety of designs and brushed finishes to choose from. Cabinet drawers and doors, stylish and high-quality hinges, pulls, knobs, handles, and faucets are all available.

Ceiling - Although the ceiling is frequently disregarded we can bring it to life. Keep the ceiling well-lit and bright by painting it a different color than the walls and cabinets. A ceiling addition could be as complex as adding beams, wood planks, or applied coffers.

Seating - Have at least a couple of stools at the island, depending on the size and use of the kitchen. We can incorporate addition like a banquette into the kitchen by placing it next to a window, in a corner, or even as an architectural boundary between the kitchen and the living room.

Smart Remodeling LLC Kitchen Addition Process

We use a unique kitchen design addition method to help you clarify your vision. We combine the features you want and pinpoint a precise kitchen design that meets your functional and aesthetic needs. To assist you with your kitchen addition, our kitchen specialists use the following steps:

Consultation. First and foremost, our skilled interior designers will meet with you to learn more about what you want for your kitchen addition. We'll inquire about the styles and colors you prefer. We will also consider the atmosphere you want to create and the way you use your kitchen. And the main focus is your budget among other details. Following a discussion of your budget, we'll explore ideas and design components till we find a basic concept for your kitchen addition project.

Taking Measurements. After the general design and additions have been decided upon, we measure your area to ensure that we have the exact measurements. This can assist us in placing your new kitchen additions in the best possible location. In return, making it is easier to cook and clean in your kitchen while also keeping youngsters and dogs safe. This also allows us to figure out how to effectively combine the working triangle into the space.

Planning the layout. Once the measurements have been recorded, we can begin to define the kitchen layout based on the space available. We can show you our recommended placements for your kitchen additions such as the sink, island, countertops, and other critical kitchen additions. For these and other features, we will use our measurements as a guide. We can still change the layout to match your demands if need be.

Finishing touches. Once you've settled on the layout and general style, we'll go through the details and finishing touches with you. Our experts will advise you on the best elements to enhance the overall look and feel of the kitchen. We'll help your kitchen addition bring a "professionally created" impression. We will do this by helping you choose cabinet door handles, faucet styles, lighting, and other small elements. These minor details are crucial for tying your design pieces together while improving the aesthetic.

Kitchen Addition Process

The Advantages of a Kitchen Addition

Boost the Value of Your Home

For homeowners, kitchen addition has a proven track record of providing a high return on investment. When it comes time to sell your house, many kitchen additions pay for themselves or come close to doing so.

Sell Your House Quicker

A pleasant, modern kitchen addition will usually help you locate a willing buyer faster when it comes time to resell.

Long-term financial savings

You may be overpaying for necessities like water and power if you're stuck with old, inefficient kitchen appliances and fixtures. There are numerous modern cost-effective kitchen renovations available to homeowners. Smart Remodeling LLC will advise you about cost savings in your kitchen addition equipment and fixtures. You can install water-efficient kitchen fixtures, energy-efficient appliances, and LED lighting. These choices could help you save a lot of money on your water and electricity bills.

Save time and be more productive during meal preparation

Cooking in an older kitchen with old equipment and technology will have you spending a lot of time in the kitchen. A kitchen addition of new appliances could reduce the time it takes you to prepare meals. This will allow you to spend more time with your family and friends.

Increase the value of your home by selling it for a higher price

Homebuyers have shown a willingness to pay a premium for homes with appealing and modern kitchen designs.

Increased storage space

Do you require more cabinets or pantry space? A kitchen addition is an excellent time to incorporate more storage into your kitchen.

Raise Your Comfort Levels

If your kitchen feels small, or claustrophobic, a fresh kitchen layout and addition can be beneficial.

Your Space will Be Cleaned and Decluttered

It feels great to get rid of filthy surfaces and extraneous items in your kitchen. A kitchen addition in your kitchen may give it a new, clean, uncluttered look and feel. Get rid of that which you don't need in the kitchen during the kitchen addition for free some space.

Kitchen Addition & Design Services in Houston

Choose Smart Remodeling LLC as Your Kitchen Addition Company to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Kitchen Design

We are the best solution for all your kitchen addition needs in Houston, Texas, and its environs. We offer personalized designs, excellent customer service, an inspirational showroom, and outstanding craftsmanship. We are Houston's finest kitchen addition contractor, with years of experience.

We are happy to be recognized by several perfect ratings from renowned organizations, including a 5-star Houzz rating, BBB A+ rating, and GHBA A+ rating, as a top local remodeling firm. We are fully insured and licensed to provide you with the safest and most professional remodeling services available.

Are You Ready For a Kitchen Addition?

The kitchen is the heart of any home. For this reason, you want it to be not just inviting, but also customized to match your lifestyle's specific demands. We pride ourselves on our professional kitchen addition services. We've got you covered whether you're searching for a contemporary, modern, or mid-century kitchen addition.

Schedule your free kitchen addition consultation today via our website here. You can also call us at 832-800-8889. We also have a showroom that you can visit; we’re located at 12711 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77034.

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