Best Kitchen Backsplashes in Houston

[SERVICE] Published: 2018-08-31 - Updated: 2023-06-06

Best Kitchen Backsplashes in Houston


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Best Kitchen Backsplashes in Houston

Are you planning for a kitchen remodel and looking for the best kitchen backsplashes in Houston? At Smart Remodeling LLC, we've got you covered. 

Whether you're designing or upgrading your kitchen backsplashes, you need to find a professional company that offers the best kitchen backsplashes in Houston.

Letting Smart Remodeling LLC handle your kitchen remodeling project guarantees a successful remodel process with the best results worth your investment.

Does your sink counter lack a butt up against the wall?

Whether you want to add custom kitchen backsplashes to protect your wall from spills or want to add glamour to your kitchen, we get it done pretty quickly without skimping on quality.

Just like it's the case for a bathroom, your kitchen is susceptible to spilled liquids that can potentially run down the back of your countertop and cause water damage to your elegant kitchen wall. 

Without backsplashes, these liquids can cause significant damage to your wall, resulting in costly future repairs.

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we help avert such risks of damage by installing a functional backsplash to protect your walls from possible damage while also adding elegance to your kitchen décor.

Schedule your free consultation today with our kitchen remodeling experts and get a free cost estimate to help you know your project's expectations.

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Why is Backsplash Important in Your Kitchen?

  • Protect your kitchen against food debris and liquid spills.
  • Installing a water-resistant and easy-to-clean backsplash material cuts down on your cleaning.
  • A well-designed and installed backsplash adds decoration and extra style to your kitchen.
  • It protects your kitchen and prevents stains.

Kitchen Backsplashes services in Houston

Best kitchen backsplashes in Houston are a great home improvement project that can completely transform your kitchen look. 

Since we understand your needs are unique, we offer various classic and contemporary kitchen backsplashes from which you can choose your favorite. 

Whether you want to install glass, tile, metal, or stone backsplashes, Smart Remodeling experts specialize in backsplash installation and effectively complete your project.

We have been offering a full range of high-quality kitchen makeover services in Houston, and most of these jobs include backsplash installation. We know how to select the right material and design that suits your budget and kitchen style. 

If you have a specific idea, we can help refine and perfect it to help you live the dream. 

But, if you're unsure about what you want, we can take you through the process and guide you in selecting the right backsplash material suitable for your budget and needs. 

Take a look at our services discussed below.

  • Tile Backsplashes 

Let us uplift the face of the kitchen with an incredible, stylish, brand-new look. Our tile backsplashes come in a ton of materials, shapes, colors, and patterns. Whether you choose mosaic, glass, ceramic, subway, porcelain, or stone, our experts can help select the right design and install a backsplash that suits your style.

  • Stone Backsplashes 

We can also upgrade the look of your kitchen by installing high-end, luxurious stone backsplashes. 

Whether you want to use the same materials as your countertop or add a different color, our experts know what it takes to perfect your kitchen's look. 

We offer a full range of stone materials and designs, including quartz, granite, and marble, which can blend well with your kitchen style.

  • Glass Backsplash

A glass backsplash is an excellent luxurious add-on to your kitchen design. Our experts will help find the right design and color shade to complement your entire kitchen style. Professionally installed glass backsplashes can increase your kitchen's visual interest without overwhelming the eye. 

  • Wood Backsplash

If you love more unique designs, we can add charm to your kitchen by incorporating more creative backsplash designs such as natural reclaimed wood. We will find the right material, style, and color and appropriately seal the shiplap for an enhanced look.

Smart Remodeling LLC -Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation Houston

The best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Houston

Finding the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Houston can be a mundane task.  But that's not all; the process of searching and vetting can even be more daunting.

But worry not, as you've just landed in the right hands. 

After scheduling a free consultation, our experts will help you develop a proper work plan and ensure everything goes to plan. 

Whether you want a complete kitchen makeover or looking to install backsplashes to a section of your kitchen, our reputable remodel experts deliver nothing less than 100% satisfaction. 

We have been providing similar projects within the Houston area for over a decade now and know what it takes for a fantastic finish.

Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction for all our projects. We also remain committed to delivering quality and make prompt follow-ups on our projects from start to finish.

Why Choose Smart Remodeling LLC Company For Your Kitchen Backlash Services?
  1. We offer pocket-friendly and competitive rates for our remodeling projects.
  2. Our team is focused on your needs, requirement, and satisfaction.
  3. A transparent, stress-free process that begins from your request for a quote to the completion of the project.
  4. We offer five years to lifetime guarantee for all our remodeling projects.
  5. We're fully licensed and insured to deliver the safest renovation services possible.
  6. Our experts are highly trained and often undergo constant training to keep changing industry trends and concepts.
  7. Free consultation and free cost estimates.
  8. Excellent 24/7 customer support 

Regardless of your project and budget nature, we listen carefully and get you exactly what you want. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Kitchen Backsplashes Consultation & Scheduling

So, you're now ready to jumpstart your project? 

It's pretty simple; it all starts with scheduling a FREE consultation and FREE quote. 

You can also visit our showroom at 12711 Fuqua St, Suite 106 Houston, TX 77034

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