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[SERVICE] Published: 2018-08-03 - Updated: 2023-04-01

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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets in Houston

Whether you want to create more storage space, maintain hygiene, or maximize impact, it pays to have professionally installed outdoor kitchen cabinets in Houston.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets are not only an element of outdoor kitchen elegance but also an addition to functionality.  

If you’re looking for a contractor that offers superior kitchen cabinets in Houston, look no further, Smart Remodeling LLC got your needs covered.

We have top-notch kitchen designers committed to providing excellent cabinetry services within a quick turnaround time and affordable prices with every project.

Since we understand your needs are unique, we strive to fabricate and incorporate all your favorite elements to boost your kitchen functionality and give it a high-end look.

As one of the leading home remodeling contractors, our specialized services cover all cabinets, including modern cabinets, transitional cabinets, and contemporary cabinets.

Forget about prolonged project time, stressful processes, and unprecedented cost! Our team makes everything straightforward and pays attention to great details.

Got A Project?  Get Your Work Done By Our Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Pros

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we provide an absolute solution to your cabinetry needs.

Whether you’re thinking of having your outdoor kitchen cabinets refurbished, upgraded, replaced, or want to install a brand new set, our experts guarantee 100% satisfaction.  

Therefore, whatever your idea is, our team of skilled designers will design a viable action plan suited to your needs.

Our kitchen experts advise you on what type of cabinets can look and function best for your outdoor kitchen.

Even if you’re looking forward to remodeling a section of your cabinetry system or looking to redo the entire system, there is no job that’s too small or big to handle.

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we don’t discriminate against projects. We give every task our full attention and only consider it complete after your inspection and approval.

And that’s what has earned us a great reputation for over a decade.

And without a doubt, our outdoor kitchen cabinetry services offer a unique design and endless possibilities for a fantastic quality you can’t find anywhere.

Benefits of Our Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets in Houston

Choosing Smart Remodeling Company to execute your cabinetry project in Houston is not only a great idea but also a step towards boosting your property value and increasing your outdoor convenience.

More interestingly, our services go a long way in handing you endless benefits, including the following.

  • Our well-trained and experienced cabinet specialists will work along with you to understand your preferences and demands in order to create a unique set of cabinets, drawers, and units.
  • At Smart Remodeling LLC, we offer high-quality products and items necessary to transform your kitchen cabinets into something everyone will like.
  • We value our customers and strive to provide tailored, custom-made cabinets to suit every need and style.
  • We provide customer support right from consultation, and project execution through to completion to ensure you get the cabinets of your dream.
  • We communicate promptly – We address all your concerns and queries to ensure your expectations are met and that you’re fully satisfied.

In addition to our exceptional services, we offer a painless process, free consultation, and no-obligation estimates, along with improved comfort and efficiency.

Full-service Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets in Houston— Quality & Satisfaction YOU Deserve!

Smart Remodeling LLC offers a full line of indoor and outdoor kitchen cabinets in Houston.

Our trained technicians are more than willing to tackle all your cabinet needs, including cabinet renovation, painting, addition, downsizing, redesigning, and custom cabinet installation.

We can also finely build your outdoor kitchen and incorporate essential amenities to improve luxury and convenience.

If need be, we can include outdoor appliances, custom-made grill islands, an integrated lighting system, and a custom-designed fireplace.

Type & Styles of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets We’re Glad to Offer YOU

What’s your perfect style? Whether your definition of a perfect kitchen style is a transitional, modern, electric, farmhouse, rustic, or contemporary, we offer the best kitchen cabinet types and styles in Houston.

Flat-panel cabinet – Our cabinet designers will build stylish flat-panel cabinets to give your outdoor kitchen a more pleasant modern or contemporary style- depending on the style you choose.

Inset cabinets – Give your outdoor kitchen a bold look by installing long-lasting inset cabinets. The best part is that we can take precise doors to create a perfect set of cabinets and personalize them to suit your requirements.

Shaker-style – Whether you’re more into traditional or contemporary style, the shaker style can still fit your desired functionality. Our experts will build sturdy and high-quality shaker-style cabinets to give your outdoor kitchen a unique, classic look. You can choose from various shaker materials, including hickory, maple, oak, and cherry.

Custom cabinets – If you find in-store cabinets unappealing, custom cabinets can be a good option. We will help design and customize your cabinets according to your specific style.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Cost in Houston

The cost of installing, replacing, or renovating outdoor kitchen cabinets in Houston varies depending on the type of material you choose, the kitchen size, and the remodeling company you select.

However, the average cost estimate falls somewhere between $4,000 and $12,000.

But that shouldn’t worry you.

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we will develop a cabinet remodeling cost estimate that suits your particular condition and requirements to help you understand the financial expectations of the whole project.

Why Choose Smart Remodeling LLC
  • We offer exceptional customer support and service.
  • We follow up on all our work and provide after-project support.
  • We’re an established and reputable company.
  • Our services are unmatched and come with a 5-year warranty.
  • We accept nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We maintain high-quality standards.
  • We provide a transparent process.
Want To Start Your Project Today? Schedule for Our Free Consultation

When you choose to work with Smart Remodeling, we don’t charge a dime for consultations and expert cost estimates.

We do it for FREE! Contact us today for specialized kitchen cabinetry services.




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