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[SERVICE] Published: 2018-08-02 - Updated: 2023-02-09

Best Outdoor Kitchen Flooring Houston


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Outdoor Kitchen Flooring in Houston

Are you looking for the best outdoor kitchen flooring in Houston, or want to get in touch with the best outdoor remodeling contractor to work on your old kitchen flooring? We've heard it from you.

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we got your needs covered.

Regardless of the kitchen flooring material that you choose, we customize your kitchen floor to create a cohesive and seamless outdoor space you'll live to cherish.

Since 2010, we have been offering superior flooring renovation, upgrade, repair, and installation to create a fantastic outdoor space that lasts long into the future.

Whether you prefer stone, tile, concrete, or wood, our knowledgeable designers can help you install the best outdoor kitchen flooring that suits your unique style and needs without compromising your budget.

Additionally, we use durable products and materials to ensure your outdoor kitchen remains intact throughout the year and beyond.

Get Your Job Done By Our Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Pros—Quality & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Getting your outdoor kitchen flooring work done by top-notch experts in the industry not only guarantees a successful project completion but also gives you exactly what you wanted.

And at the bottom line, it improves your lifestyle and comfort while also boosting your property resale value.

Remember that having your kitchen flooring installed poorly or reworked shortly-after installation is not only disappointing but also leads to frequent and costly repairs.

With our expert services, your possibilities of getting a perfect outdoor kitchen flooring that can outlive you are endless.

At Smart Remodeling, we strive to build durable and elegant kitchen flooring that can withstand high foot traffic, spills, and stains for many years without getting compromised.

If you're unsure of what you want, our experts will help you select the best materials, texture, and color to match other exterior elements.

When you choose our professionals to work on your flooring project, you can be sure to get an outdoor kitchen that combines entertainment with your love of cooking.

Above all, we are committed to accomplishing your goals through excellent services at pocket-friendly prices without compromising quality.

Benefits of Our Professional Outdoor Kitchen Flooring in Houston

Besides having access to a free consultation, exceptional services, transparent processes, and free upfront estimates, trusting our flooring services offers you several other benefits.

Here is a glimpse at the benefits that come with our outdoor kitchen flooring in Houston.

  • Superior products and materials – at Smart Remodeling LLC, we are famous for our durable flooring options that are functional and aesthetically incredible.
  • Our communication system is clear and concise to ensure the process is coordinated and stress-free.
  • Our exceptional flooring services optimize your kitchen experience and provide a perfect foundation to incorporate other elements, including a fireplace, sink, roof, furniture, BBQ, and grill.
  • Our team of experts is highly-trained to install various kitchen flooring types to meet any need or style.

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Full-Service Outdoor Kitchen Flooring

As your #1 kitchen contractor in Houston, we offer a full range of kitchen flooring products and services for virtually all outdoor kitchen needs.

Without utmost confidence in our exceptional services, we stand behind our Houston kitchen flooring services with exclusive guarantees of at least 5 years.

Furthermore, most of our outdoor flooring options are durable and resilient to adverse weather conditions known to cause damage to unprotected outdoor flooring.

Common Types of Outdoor Kitchen Flooring Choices in Houston

Tile – Tile is one of the water-resistant floorings in Houston. Our experts will professionally install your tile flooring and add customized features such as texture and grit to reduce the chances of slip-fall accidents. More interestingly, we offer a full range of tile flooring options, including porcelain, quartzite, ceramic, and slate.

Concrete – We'll customize, texture, and color your concrete flooring based on your preferences. Whether you want it to resemble slate, brick, wood, stone, or any other pattern, you can count on our experts to perfect the job.

Stone – Stone flooring can outlive you. When it comes to installing your stone kitchen flooring, we offer endless options in shapes, colors, and sizes. You can choose limestone, slate, or sandstone, and our professionals will create a durable, unique pattern that gives your outdoor space a touch of elegance.

Wood – Our experts will install elegant wood flooring to add warmth to your outdoor living space. We offer a wide range of wood flooring choices, including cherry, oak, and ash.

Cost of Outdoor Kitchen Flooring in Houston

Wondering how much your project could cost? Well, worry no more.

When it comes to outdoor kitchen flooring, there's a standardized cost. Therefore, your project's cost may vary depending on your choice of material, the size of your outdoor kitchen floor, and the prevailing prices in the labor market.

The average cost of installing an outdoor kitchen floor in Houston ranges from $7 to 35$ per square foot.

But at Smart Remodeling LLC, we have highly experienced experts who can help you scale down the cost of your project and get your work done perfectly at a budget you're comfortable with. Sounds great, right?

Why Choose Smart Remodeling LLC for Your Project?

Smart Remodeling LLC is one of the leading full-service outdoor kitchen flooring contractors with many years of work experience.

Take a glimpse at some of the endless benefits that come with our professional outdoor kitchen services.

  1. Our processes are straightforward and stress-free
  2. Top-quality work and industry standards.
  3. We don't compromise quality and only settle for 100% client satisfaction.
  4. Excellent 24/7 customer service.
  5. We provide a free consultation and no-obligation estimates.
  6. All our services are backed with at least a 5-year warranty.
  7. We offer safe and insured services to ensure you get the best no matter what comes in the project's course.

Consultation & Scheduling

Want to know more or perhaps discuss your project with our experts?

It's all FREE! Contact us today, and get your dream brought to life.




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