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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration


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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Inspiration

During warmer months or in perpetually nice climates, an outdoor kitchen and living space will bring immense enjoyment and ample opportunity for gathering with family and friends. From a full kitchen with all the bells and whistles to a small kitchenette, we love creating outdoor kitchens our clients enjoy every day for years to come.

Whether you have unlimited space or have constricted square footage, you’ll find these exciting and high-functioning outdoor kitchen ideas designed full of potential. You’ll find the perfect elements to make your outdoor dining and living spaces those you want to enjoy every day.

Barbecue Grill and Prep Station

For those who love to get the grill fired up, a Barbecue Grill and Prep Station is a must-have. This will surely be the place to find dad when the weather is warm, and the sun is shining. Consider including both propane and charcoal grilling capabilities along with cabinetry to hold charcoal briquettes, wood, and all other accouterments needed to make the best BBQ around. A food prep station will make grilling so much easier with countertop space and sink.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

A Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design with grill and fireplace is sure to fit with today’s rustic modern and rustic lodge style interiors. Think lots of rough-hewn wood for cabinetry, stone for the smokestack, and island base and floor. Add in iron accents and barstools.

Space-saving Kitchenette and Food Prep Station

Have a square-foot challenged patio or small yard? Consider a space-saving kitchenette and food prep station for small spaces. These tiny kitchenettes provide all the necessities just on a smaller scale. They come in both custom designs and pre-configured turnkey designs.

Outdoor Kitchen Remodeling Houston

Tuscan Kitchen with Clay Oven

Get your Tuscan on with an Outdoor Kitchen Décor with Clay Oven perfect for baking up homemade pizzas, loaves of bread, and more. Alfresco brunches and dinners can be cooked up for the whole family in a full-size European-inspired kitchen for the outdoors. Be sure to include a long dining table with comfortable chairs large enough to seat 8 to 12 people or less if your gatherings are not large.

Wood-Fire Pizza Oven

A favorite for adults and children alike, pizza never tastes better than when baked in a wood-fired oven. Consider adding one of our clay brick pizza ovens to your backyard dining area. This specialty feature can be added to an existing outdoor kitchen or be built at the same time as an all-new backyard kitchen design and build.

Patio Kitchen

A popular choice for existing houses is to build a Patio Kitchen with Bar, Sink, and Mini-Fridge ideal for everyday dining and entertaining. Patios provide the ideal space for accommodating a kitchen or kitchenette. You’ll enjoy the convenience of flowing between patio and indoor spaces while entertaining or enjoying an evening dinner under the stars.

Pool Side Cabana Kitchen

Cooking while entertaining poolside on a lazy summer day makes an ideal way to while the summer away with family and friends. Your house is sure to become the place everyone wants to spend time with a custom outdoor kitchen design. Covered Kitchen

For hotter climates, the outdoor kitchen will be prone to extreme heat, so building a pergola, tented dining, or a roofed food prep station is ideal.

Outdoor Fireplace

For those balmy and cold nights or afternoons, an outdoor fireplace provides the warmth and beauty of a roaring fire. Whether you dream of a fireplace with a towering chimney and decorative mantel or a simple brick fireplace, our team of outdoor design experts can create the ideal one for you.

Blend Colors & Styles

When designing your outdoor kitchen, be sure to consider your house, exterior colors, and your house style. Coordinate the best you can so your outdoor spaces will flow between the interior and exterior.

Outdoor Kitchen Materials

From stainless steel cabinets and countertops by Wolf to wood and brick designs, we provide an array of outdoor kitchen and living materials from top brands in all price ranges and qualities.

Let our Smart Remodeling LLC team help in bringing your vision for your outdoor kitchen ideas to life. It will surely be your new favorite spot for meals, entertaining, and relaxing! Schedule your Complimentary Outdoor Kitchen Consultation or visit our showroom at 12711 Fuqua St, Suite 106 Houston, TX 77034, to discuss the possibilities today!

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