Paint Kitchen Cabinets

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Paint Kitchen Cabinets In Houston


Paint Kitchen Cabinets Paint Kitchen Cabinets In Houston Our Cabinet Painting Options Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing That Works in Houston TX Benefits of Having Your Cabinets Painted

Paint Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchen cabinets play an important role in keeping this space orderly and functioning. They can, however, consume as much as 40% of your remodeling budget. You have options if your kitchen cabinets are still in good shape but could use a makeover. You don't have to buy new cabinets when our local pros can help you with professional kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing in Houston.

kitchen cabinets paining

We specialize in painting cabinets, cabinet refinishing, kitchen cabinet restaining, and wood finishing. If your kitchen cabinets are in bad shape and you're thinking about replacing them, don't! You shouldn't have to go through the costly and time-consuming process of replacing all of your kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet refinishing is a fantastic way to give outdated kitchen cabinets a new lease on life. We have cost-effective, timely, and dependable painting services and solutions.

Smart Remodeling LLC has saved many homeowners in Houston TX from having to go through a difficult renovation project. No matter how big or little the work is, we believe in performing the best job possible for your specific needs.

Our Cabinet Painting Options

Attempting to paint and stain cabinets on your own can be a stressful task. Our team of expert Houston home painters completes the job correctly the first time, saving you both time and money! We provide a variety of kitchen cabinet painting services, including:

  • Interior Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Exterior Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Kitchen cabinet refinishing and re-spraying
  • Wood Staining

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing That Works in Houston TX

Do you want to update the look of your kitchen without replacing all of the cabinets? This not only saves you money, but it also keeps more still-usable items out of landfills. 

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Here are a few things to keep in mind when refinishing and painting your kitchen cabinets.

  • If the cabinets are in good shape, it's a smart idea to maintain them but update the look. By simply refinishing or painting your kitchen cabinets, you can readily update and upgrade their appearance.
  • What would function best depends on the sort of material used to construct the cabinets. Genuine wood, for example, will be treated very differently than laminate.
  • Some people choose to just renovate their old cabinets. This is because it gives them a more realistic vintage or worn-in look than distressing new cabinets.
  • This method saves time and money. You will also avoid interfering with other duties included in the kitchen remodeling process. (This Old House, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: The key thing is that refinishing or painting cabinets rather than replacing them can save you a lot of money. Just make sure the project is handled by one of our skilled cabinet painters to ensure the best outcomes. 

Cabinets Refinishing  

Cabinets often just need a fresh coat of paint or stain, and cabinet refinishing for your Houston home is the ideal option. Let us know if you wish to change the appearance of your cabinets during the refinishing process. Based on the type of wood and previously applied product, we can assist you in determining the ideal look. (HGTV, 2022)

kitchen Paint Color

Cabinet Restoration

If your cabinets' stain or paint could use a refresh, we can help you breathe new life into your kitchen with cabinet restoration in Houston TX. Our cabinet painters will peel the old finish off and restore the surface. We will do this by sanding it down, cleaning the wood, and applying new coats of paint or stain, whether you prefer a darker or lighter tone. Your cabinetry will soon appear to be brand new.

Paint vs. Stain: Which Should You Use?

Nowadays, there are so many paints and stain styles to choose from that it can be difficult to make a decision. Our Houston cabinet painting experts can assist you in choosing the ideal look for your home.

Cabinet Staining

You should choose cabinet staining because:

  • Highlights Natural Grain. If your cabinets are constructed of high-quality wood, staining them can bring out their natural grain patterns.
  • Long-Term Maintenance is Easier. Stained cabinets show less wear and tear than painted cabinets. On stained surfaces, dirt and oil are less visible.
  • Longevity. Once cabinets have been stained, they are unlikely to need refinishing for another 20-30 years.
  • Traditional and Elegant. A stained look is more traditional and warm in terms of aesthetics. (Real Simple, 2021)

Choosing Cabinet Painting

Reasons for choosing cabinet painting include:

  • Color Options. Stains come in a restricted range of colors and tones. Painting your kitchen cabinets allows you to pick whatever color or shade you wish.
  • Standard Quality Wood. For cabinets made of wood with little natural grain, a paint option will be preferable because there will be less to emphasize under a stain. 

ProTip Takeaway: Solid white cabinets have been increasingly popular in recent years due to their modern appeal. A solid hue can give your kitchen a sleek and modern appearance.

Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets in Houston TX

You may readily discover ballpark figures for kitchen repainting online when it comes to painting cabinets. Unfortunately, the offered ranges aren't as precise as many individuals would want.

A kitchen in a typical Houston home is about 2,200 to 2,800 square feet and costs you an average cost of $2,133. The average cost to paint your cabinets is between $903 to $3,764. Professional cabinet painters will charge $3 to $10 per square foot. This might depend on the sort of wood used to construct the cabinets.

National average cost


Typical price range cabinet painting

$903 to $3,764

Cost per square foot

$3 to $10


Let's take a look at the criteria that go into determining your quote.

Design Complexity. 

This means the complexity of your cabinets and drawers. In another case, we're discussing the difficulty of our work. Some customers, for example, want their cabinets to be glazed. Complex cabinet doors aren't uncommon, which isn't a problem. Our tools are designed to take on the challenge.

Paint Quality and Finish. 

The higher the paint quality is, the higher the price. You get what you paid for at the end of the day. Of course, we'll always provide you with options, as should any cabinet painters you hire. Water-based paint will last longer than oil-based paint in terms of color retention. A paint that isn't an industrial coating isn't designed to withstand the chemicals and wear and tear seen in a kitchen. The most popular finish for kitchen cabinets is satin, but we'll go over your options with you.

Number of doors and drawers in the cabinet

The total number of doors and drawers will also determine how much it will cost to paint them. The size and location of the cabinets are also taken into account. 

ProTip Takeaway: The more doors and drawers there are, and the more complicated the design is, the more money you'll spend. In other words, both the number and the accessibility of the resources will be considered. (Houzz, 2021)

House painting Houston

Benefits of Having Your Cabinets Painted By Our Professional cabinet painters

Painting kitchen cabinets that have seen better days or that need to be updated is a fantastic option. Our painting services benefits are as follows:

  • A quality coat of paint may give your kitchen an entirely new look and feel for a very modest price.
  • It's a lot less expensive than refinishing, resurfacing, or completely replacing your cabinets.
  • Paint of high quality produces a look that will last for a longer-term than new cabinets.
  • Boosts the value of your home.
  • In less than a week, a professional painting job can be completed.

Why you should choose Smart Remodeling LLC painting services for your kitchen cabinets

Smart Remodeling LLC is your go-to company for professional cabinet painters in your Houston Home. We offer kitchen cabinet refinishing & painting cabinet services. We are the best and our cabinet painters are careful in their job. They not only work for the customer but also with them. Our employees have received the following company-required training:

Proper Client communication. We provide training to our cabinet painters that aid them in the workplace. It also allows them to communicate customer requirements effectively. This also allows us to reduce communication problems, which can lead to mistakes in the final output.

We concentrate on the final result rather than the reward. We don't allow our specialists to worry about remuneration because their duty is to do the best work they can.

The customer may expect professional quality and unrivaled experience from us. Our first-time consumers prefer to become long-term clients since they enjoy our services.

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Are You Ready to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Please give us a call! Smart Remodeling LLC specializes in kitchen cabinet painting services for Houston homeowners. We'll refinish your kitchen cabinets and fix any damaged or dull cabinet panels to make them seem brand new and give them a long-term serving. If you want to modernize your kitchen, Smart Remodeling LLC repaints cabinets in Houston for a fraction of the cost of new or refaced cabinets. When it comes to quality cabinet repainting in Houston homeowners turn to Smart Remodeling LLC. Contact us today for a free quotation.

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