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Patio Covers Remodeling Houston


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Patio Covers Houston & Surrounding Texas Areas

Outdoor living areas with patio covers have never been more popular. As a result, the patio covers Houston homeowners have us build become their go-to spot for entertaining, relaxation, outdoor dining, and morning coffee. We understand you and our clients have a plethora of patio cover service providers from which to choose. 

With that in mind, we want to gain your business by sharing how we have been successful in completing patio covers in Houston since 2010. 

All About Custom Patio Covers & Renovation in Houston

When you begin to consider adding custom patio covers & renovation in Houston you are sure to be overwhelmed with all of the choices in patio cover contractors, patio cover options, and patio cover designs from which to choose. To alleviate your stress and make the patio cover project process easier, we are here to walk you through each step of the process from start to finish. 

We will take your project to complete satisfaction by staying within budget, carrying out all the plans to perfection, and doing so with the style and function you had in mind. 

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Discover the Main Uses of Patio Covers in Houston

Patio covers offer up a myriad of possibilities for taking advantage of the outdoor areas of your home. Below you’ll find all of them listed for your benefit.

Use for Patios—Outdoor covered patio areas provide so many opportunities for enjoyment:

  • Entertaining family and friends

  • Evening cocktails under the patio lights

  • Coffee with your significant other in the mornings

  • Brunch with the kids 

  • Birthday parties 

  • Hosting parties 

  • Weekend lunches with friends

  • Relaxing under the fans on a hot summer day

  • Resting in between swimming in the pool

  • Watching the game with friends

  • Children’s play area

  • Gardening pergola 

Design Themes & Structure Types of Patio Covers—Covered patios can be designed to suit your purpose: 

  • Entertainment pavilion 
  • Dining & outdoor kitchen

  • Private Use pergola 

  • Freestanding patio covers

  • Freestanding canvas patio covers

  • Attached patio cover

  • Detached patio cover

  • Patio covers by the pool

  • Patio covers for the backyard

  • Secluded patio cover for private use

  • Bar and TV sports area

Patio Cover Materials—You’ll find an exciting range of patio cover materials for the following:

  • Aluminum patio covers

  • Wood patio covers 

  • Alum wood patio covers

  • Fabric patio covers

  • Canvas patio covers

  • Brick or concrete pavers for patio covers

  • Poured concrete patio covers 

  • Natural stone patio covers for patio covers

  • Mixed material patio covers 

Covered Patio Flooring Materials—These types of flooring for covered patios provides interesting options for your project:
  • Covered patio brick flooring

  • Covered patio concrete pavers 

  • Covered patio poured concrete floors

  • Covered patio natural stone floors

  • Covered deck wood floors

What to Expect during Your Patio covers process?

Once you’ve scheduled your free patio consultation with us. We will visit your outdoor space and learn what you have in mind for your patio cover. At this time, we will define the scale of your project by defining practical considerations such as intended use/purpose, location, size, shape, structural limitations, building permit considerations, impervious cover issues, and exciting design element possibilities. 

Once we have gotten all the pertinent information and defined the budget, we will continue the patio covers project through the following process:

  1. Schedule a Free Consultation

  2. Patio covers the free estimate

  3. Patio covers Quote & Pricing

  4. Patio covers design & material selection

  5. Set the project timeline
  6. The renovation begins!

  7. Final inspection & unveiling

Frequently Asked Questions About Patio Covers

How much does the patio cover in Houston cost?

Patio cover construction costs vary greatly dependent upon the materials, design, construction challenges, and upgrades included. On the low end of patio covers can run as low as $20 per sq. ft. On the other hand, wooden or brick/natural stone covers can cost upwards of $120 sq. foot and above. We will certainly work with you to guide you about costs and always strive our best to fit within the budget. 

How long does it take for a patio cover project?

Again, depending upon the factors used to cost in the project above, the length of your patio cover project will be determined similarly. On one hand, a free-standing aluminum patio cover can be installed in one day, while a stone, brick, or wood one may take up to 10 days or more. Factor in time for the consultation, planning, proposal, and design phase to understand more about how long a patio cover project will take to complete. 

The Benefits of Patio Covers

If you are a Texas native, you know Houston springs and summers can be extremely hot and the weather unpredictable. Patio covers provide immense value by protecting the homeowner from the elements while providing an enjoyable place to gather or respite. 

In addition to providing protection, patio covers will increase the usable square footage of your home by creating additional space. A patio cover can be used to cover an outdoor kitchen, outdoor dining area, outdoor living space, pool cabana, and garden pergola. 

A well-placed patio cover can also provide much-needed shade to the interior of the home. Thus, increasing your home’s energy efficiency and use of air conditioning in hot Houston summers. 

Get Better Patio Covers Results in Houston by Following These 20 Ideas

While it’s true a standard patio cover will certainly give you greater opportunity to take advantage of your outdoor spaces; you’ll get even more enjoyment by including some of these extra elements. Think about how this patio cover in Houston ideas will give work with your outdoor lifestyle, you’ll be proud to entertain family and friends in your upscale covered patio area customized and built just for you. 

  1. A fireplace or fire pit provides evening appeal.

  2. Add a water feature for ambiance and to block noise from a busy street.

  3. Install landscape lighting around the patio for nighttime enjoyment.

  4. Choose a decorative Pergola design for bigger backyards.

  5. Get retractable awning covers for greater seasonal functionality.

  6. Motorized retractable awnings make operation easy for older users.

  7. Consider an extra-large sun shade sail for a unique patio cover.

  8. A freestanding patio gives you greater functionality for larger gatherings.

  9. Install an outdoor kitchen under your patio cover.

  10. Freestanding canvas patio covers can be moved if you sell your home or rent.

  11. Install outdoor fans under your patio cover.

  12. Design a decorative stone and brick patio cover for added beauty.

  13. Hang a chandelier-type fixture in free-standing decorative pergolas. 

  14. Use a patio cover alternately for your deck.

  15. Fabric patio covers in bright colors can add visual interest to your outdoor space.

  16. A trellis can shade the hot afternoon sun and give privacy from a neighbor's second story.

  17. Screen walls to protect from insects and dust.

  18. Install outdoor TV and speakers.

  19. A custom post or column adds beauty to your patio cover.

  20. Stamped concrete designs add a decorative element. 

Why Choosing Smart Remodeling LLC as a Patio Covers Houston Provider is a Smart Move!

Our patio covers Houston team keeps up with trending elements for outdoor living so will know how to implement any of the above ideas and elements. Inquire about working with one of our design consultants to help you implement any of these ideas or ones of your own. Our showroom also provides ideas for materials you might choose for your patio cover. Visit our website for our Patio Cover Image Gallery to see our client’s completed projects. 

Serving Patio Cover Customers in Houston, Texas & Surrounding Areas 

Looking to build a Patio covers Houston? You’ll find we provide the most comprehensive selection of outdoor remodeling services in the area. We adhere to our mission to provide the best quality materials, services, products, and construction techniques. To that end, we work to your complete satisfaction. We warranty all work for 5 years once your patio cover project is complete. We are licensed, insured, certified, and highly skilled in each area of patio cover design services in Houston.

Schedule Your Complimentary Patio Covers Consultation

Ready to start planning your patio cover remodel? If you’ve been searching for Custom Patio covers & Renovation in Houston, we would love to show you why we are a top patio cover remodeling company in Houston! Schedule your free patio cover remodeling consultation today via our website or call us at 832-800-8889. Or stop in to check out our remodeling showroom, we’re located at 12711 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77034. We look forward to helping you create the patio cover of your dreams!

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