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If you want to extend the summer by capturing the sun when it’s warmer but also have a space that is protected from the elements during harsh winter months, we have a perfect solution you’ve tirelessly been searching for. Here at Smart Remodeling LLC, our sunrooms are well designed and built to handle harsh weather conditions, while still letting in enough sunshine.

In Houston, it is a smart move to add a Sunroom on the eastern side of your house as this will help you catch all the gains of natural sunlight.

We are Houston’s leading building contractors of top-end Sunrooms and other outdoor living spaces like patio awnings, pergolas, and desks. We understand what our clients are looking for when it comes to Sunroom addition. 

While outer door spaces like decks and patios are great when you want to sit and relax outside after a long day at work or gym, our sunrooms can provide both the outdoors and indoors into a single setting. Besides, they can provide an extra level of protection against wind or rain, while at the same time ensuring your family and guests enjoy stars at night and sunlight during the day!

Benefits of Sun Room Addition

Many homeowners in Houston and surrounding areas, would want to include Sunrooms in their home remodeling and renovation project, for various reasons. While the basic idea behind bringing in the outdoors within your house or living space, sunroom addition has many benefits.

 Let’s take a look at some of the common benefits of Sunroom Addition.

Add Extra Interior Space

Adding a sunroom or lifestyle extension to your house means having more room to relax and unwind without feeling cramped in the house. Unlike the construction of a brick and mortar room which is extremely expensive, the addition of a Sunroof is undeniably a cost-effective way of creating extra room without going down the track of a full extension.


If you want to create enough space but the room in your home is limited in size, trust us to let the Sunroom give your family and guests the much-needed space! At Smart Remodeling, we care about your satisfaction. It’s for this reason that we have many happy customers and homeowners in Houston and neighboring areas, who are relying on us to design and build Sunrooms for them.

We strive to provide the most appealing Sunroom addition that any property owner would dream to have. If you choose to work with us, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a highly reputable Sunroom addition contractor

A sunroom with additional space can act as a plant room, a kid’s playroom, a dining room, or even an office room.

Enjoy the Sun Without Having to Go Outside

The temperature usually drops to the extreme when the summer ends – focusing many homeowners to retreat indoors. However, with a Sunroom, you can extend the summer months and enjoy the little sunshine without having to go outside in low temperatures.

Here at Smart Remodeling, we create unique sunrooms that serve as a solar heating system for a house. We can build a Sunroom that will allow you and your family to enjoy the beautiful Houston weather year over year. Sunrooms we build are adorned with special glasses installed at incident angles to the sun’s rays. We also install thermal walls and vents to maintain comfortable room temperature, and most importantly, protect you from a summer heatwave.

Adds Value to a Property

A sunroom addition can be a smart investment if you’re looking to sell your property in the future. A well-designed Sunroom will increase the value of your property and earn you more of a profit when you decide to sell the house.

A sunroom addition can boost the value of your property by $13,000 on average.

Potential Garden Room

Are you an environmentalist? If so, a Sunroom addition can let you bring plants indoors, where they can continue thriving and growing all year long. A Sunroom allows sun-loving plants like herbs and flowers to get plenty of sunlight for their growth and photosynthesis.

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Type of Sunroom Designs and Projects

Here at Smart Remodeling, we provide various types of Sunroom designs and construction in Houston, TX. From traditional conservatories to modern glassrooms, each of these Sunroom designs and options is great if you want to import the outdoors into your house and enjoy the great Houston weather all year long.

Here’s a rundown of various types of sunrooms we specialize in:

  • Screen room – a screen room provides a great environment for enjoying cool breezes during spring, fall, and summertime. While a screen room protects from direct sunlight, and pests or bugs, it does not provide relief from heavy rain. A screen room can be installed in the back or on the side of homes.
  • Glass Solarium – Essentially a glassroom, solariums are a great place to enjoy the seasons. These floor-to-ceiling glass rooms can be designed for up to three seasons or all.
  • Three-season rooms — More than a screened-in porch, a three-season room features glass windows with screens. Three-season rooms are available in double-pane and single-pane insulated glass, and provide a comfortable living space from spring, fall, or even until winter kicks off. 
  • Four-season rooms — As the name suggests, Four-season rooms allow you and your family to enjoy fully insulated sunrooms year-round. These energy-efficient sunrooms also protect from all of the elements in a space that is bright, open, and comfortable.

Sunroom Addition Cost

The cost of a Sunroom addition often ranges between $8,000 and $80,000 or an average of above $30,000. If you are planning for uninsulated spaces, expect to pay around $25 per square foot or $300 per square foot for uninsulated four-season structures. In general, a three-season room cost lower than a four-season sunroom, as it doesn’t require the installation of air conditioning and heating systems like the latter. 

The following factors will Impact the Cost of a Sunroom Addition:


Professional labor for sunroom addition approximates to totals ranging from $4,000 to $20,000. The type of labor may include electricians, painters, carpenters, and more.

Type of Material Used

The cost of Sunroom addition will depend on the type of materials you intend to use. For example, selecting asphalt shingles for a roof will cost you less compared to a glass rooftop. Similarly, rooms with French doors will cost you more than rooms with sliding glass doors. 


The size of a sunroom also affects its cost. The size determines the number of materials and level of prep work needed to complete the project. The size of a Sunroom also affects the duration of time needed by the contractor to complete the project.

Site prep.

Site preparations for the Sunroom may include clearing trees, pouring concrete, and so forth. All these will you to dig deep into your pocket.

Building Permit

Every construction or addition to your home requires a building permit from the relevant authorities. You will get into trouble with the law if you add a Sunroof without a valid permit. You might also have problems with the insurance company if an accident happens during the construction. Building permits cost between $400 to $1,800, but this also depends on the area you come from. 

Price Estimates for Various Types of Sunroom Designs


Material Prices ($)

Labor ($)

Total Budget ($)


3,000 - 60,000

2,000 - 20,000

5,000 - 80,000

Glass Solarium

20,000 - 50,000

10,000 - 25,000

30,000 - 75,000

Three-Season Room

30,000 - 75,000

5,000 - 10,000

10,000 - 40,000

Four Season Room

15,000 - 60,000

10,000 - 20,000

25,000 - 80,000


Sunroom Extension

Extending your living space into a more natural setting? Sunroom extension can allow you and your family to enjoy the outdoors from a shaded and comfortable setting. Most sunroom extensions are built on a separate foundation, though they can also be constructed as an extension of your deck (Paul, 1979). At Smart Remodeling LCC, we can provide Sunroom extensions that perfectly complement the exterior of your home.


Whether you choose a three-season room, a screened-in room, a four-season room, or a conservatory, a sunroom extension will seamlessly connect you with the outdoor environment for several years to come.

Why Smart Remodeling LLC is Worth Handling Your Project?

Finding the right "Sunroom addition contractors near me" can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if it's your first home addition project. 

As one of the best home remodeling contractors in Houston, Smart Remodeling LLC strives to take the stress off your shoulder and ensure you get the services you’re looking for. 


We work closely with you and inform you of every project stage to ensure your needs and requirements are fulfilled. You are wondering why we’re the leading service in Houston? Check out the reasons.

  • We provide top-quality customer support and services.
  • We offer a streamlined and worry-free process.
  • Our designers and contractors are fully insured and certified to provide the most expert and safest home addition services.
  • We put our customers’ needs first.
  • All our room addition projects are backed with a 5-year warranty.
  • Our goal is to provide 100% client satisfaction.
  • We offer competitive prices.
  • We use the most recent tools, materials, and products to ensure you get the most current services. 

Sunroom Extension

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Are You Ready For Your Sunroom addition project in Houston or the Surrounding Area?

Whether you’re looking for a Screen room, Glass Solarium, Three-season room, Four-season room, or something to let you enjoy the sun all year long, the team at Smart Remodeling has the solution. Give us a call today, for a free consultation and project estimates.


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