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Best Kitchen Remodeling Blog Articles

This handy guide takes the stress out of your search for a kitchen remodeling contractor for your project. From figuring out what you want to ask for that final quote, these 7 tips will help you get the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted!

Kitchen remodeling costs can vary based on kitchen size, detail, and location, but there are some average costs that can help you get started. For example, in Houston, the average cost for a medium-sized kitchen remodel is around $20,000.00, with 30% of that being used for cabinet costs.

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling ideas? We've got a plethora of possibilities for you with our kitchen guide. You'll discover designer tips, trending and classic concepts, and more. Make your dream kitchen a reality with our remodeling guide for the kitchen.

Wondering how to liven up your kitchen? A DIY kitchen backsplash will add color, texture, and pattern to your favorite place in the house. Check out these items you must know before starting your project.

While shopping for a range hood may not be the most exciting part of your remodel. 10 things to check when buying a perfect range hood for your kitchen

Whether you decide to go with an over the range microwave or a dedicated range hood, Learn about the pros and cons of each with this handy tutorial.

Keep your kitchen and home smelling fresh and staying clean with a kitchen hood. The best range hoods will keep your kitchen and the rest of your home smelling fresh and free from cooking odors, grease, and moisture buildup. Your kitchen remodel is an excellent time to replace your existing range hood for improved vent...

Explores the best small kitchen remodeling ideas for a high-end kitchen look even on a low budget. Look at some of the best small kitchen remodeling ideas

Looking for the best kitchen renovation near me in Houston? Smart Remodeling LLC is the ultimate answer for you. Get a quote to upgrade your kitchen style

Are you planning for kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation? If so, then getting the services of highly experienced experts is crucial. Learn more

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we strive to make your dream kitchen and bath a reality. We will work to remodel them with quality and on budget. Learn more.

So you're looking for kitchen remodeling companies near you to help with an upgrade or makeover project? Smart Remodeling LLC is the ultimate answer to your renovation. Let us help connect you to the right pros.

Choosing the best kitchen designers near me is all about finding one whose signature style fits well with your tastes and who can work within your budget. Smart Remodeling LLC is here for you to choose the right professional for your interior design project.

Smart Remodeling LLC is the #1 full-service Houston kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation contractor. And as Houston kitchen contractors, we do more than just kitchens – we also specialize in bathroom remodeling, outdoor remodeling, room additions, living space renovations, and whole home remodels. Read on to dis...

Need to upgrade appliances or enlarge your existing kitchen. Smart Remodeling guarantees the best kitchen upgrade in Houston and its surrounding. Get quote

Are you looking for the best farmhouse kitchen remodel near me? Don’t worry – we’ve compiled some of the best tips to upgrade your kitchen to a modern farmhouse kitchen. Smart Remodeling LLC got you covered. Read on discover the exciting offers for you.

Kitchen reno in Houston is one of the home improvement projects that pay off in terms of kitchen functionality and increased property value. Our remodeling team will walk you through every step of the process, providing you with innovative ideas and recommendations. Request for your free quote today.

Smart Remodeling LLC’s experienced kitchen remodeling experts will guide you through every step of the remodel process. Get your project done by Smart Remodeling LLC, the best kitchen Renovation Company in Houston, Contact us today for customized, superior kitchen renovation services near you.

There are many home renovation contractors out there. Our 10+ years of exceptional work makes us stand out. Read on to discover the common renovation pitfalls to avoid in the next project.

A kitchen with an outstanding style is well recognized than explained.Once you set eyes on a kitchen with a particular style, you won't need explanation !

How perfect are your kitchen finishes? The kitchen lovers have gained interest in matching kitchen finishes.Learn how to match kitchen finished with us.

Struggling to find the best hardware for your kitchen? We've got you covered in this guide. Read on to explore the endless possibilities to select from

Homeowners are trying hard to save on costs when doing kitchen remodeling. Here are some ways where they can save on countertops & backsplashes purchasing.

Innovative storage solutions and kitchen design hacks came to save us all.No kitchen space is too small if adequately organized.Learn Kitchen design hacks

Improving kitchen design drives most people to kitchen remodeling. It would be best if you had options for changing the kitchen cabinetry.Learn more

The richness in beauty in granite material makes it likable to most homeowners. Granite is one material that you can use on your countertops at home and remain stylish for many years. Well, search for a granite Installer Near Me if you want to take your countertops to the next level

Can I remodel and renovate my condo kitchen? This is a frequently asked question among many condo owners. It is possible to do that, but first, you need to understand everything about kitchen condo remodeling and renovation. Read this in-depth guide for a better understanding.

Are you planning to schedule a kitchen reno project this season? Read on to find out whether your kitchen needs a permit or not.

Quartz countertops maintenance activities are very straightforward. Taking care of your quartz countertops involves cleaning the countertops and employing techniques to ensure the countertops do not get dirty faster.

Cleaning a microwave is something most of us tend to forget. From ripening the avocados, heating tasty leftovers, and nuking, microwaves have a way of performing most of our tasks. If you are thinking of cleaning your microwave, you need to follow some of the tried methods to make this process a success.

Everyone loves baking some cake, muffins, or even grilling a turkey in an oven. I mean, they make baking one enjoyable cooking activity. However, that all changes when the oven gets all messy from stuck old food. Well, we are here to show you the best way to clean an oven for you to continue enjoying your baking moment...

Choosing the right cabinet color is an important step to giving your cabinet the final touch.Take a look at the main consideration when selecting colors

How long does it take to renovate a kitchen? Get your project done quickly and seamlessly by our kitchen reno experts and save time and money. Contact us today and get an accurate timeframe and cost estimates for free.

Removing and replacing kitchen cabinets provides you with a chance to give your kitchen a facelift. This is how to remove your kitchen cabinets

Painting kitchen cabinets can achieve the same result as replacing them.In case you wonder how much it costs to paint cabinets, we have all the answers

A corner kitchen island definitely adds the counter and storage space you need. You will get to learn more about this corner kitchen island in this article.

People use oven cleaners to remove grease, oil, and other hard-to-remove stains. But how does oven cleaner affect kitchen countertops?

Repose Gray is a warm gray neutral paint color that works on any walls of the house. Let’s look at color cabinets that would go with repose gray walls.

A granite countertop is very heavy and can break easily. You can remove it in one piece if you want to reuse it. Let’s look at how to remove granite countertops.

You have a lot of options when it comes to countertops in your home. Corian and quartz are two of the most common choices which we'll look at in this article.

You have a lot of options when it comes to countertops in your home. We'll compare three top choices to assist you in making an informed decision.

Choosing between laminate or quartz countertops can be a hard task. We'll help you compare and decide between the two to help you in making the best decision.

A G-Shaped Kitchen is perfect if you have a large open plan loft space. It opens up the wall to the nearby room. We have more details explained in this article.

A U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula is the best option for a kitchen with no room for an island. Learn more about kitchen peninsulas in this article

Whites are difficult to choose when it comes to painting.Your walls do not have to match your kitchen cabinets. We will explain much more in this article.

Countertop restoration is easy and can give your space a new look. Recent technology advancements have made it durable, inexpensive, and appealing to homeowners.

Full-height cabinets can give any property a luxurious feel. They play a big part in your kitchen's individuality & come in several materials & drawers.

A kitchen island is a cabinet that stands alone and can match or go with the rest of your kitchen. In this article, we look at how to make a kitchen island out of a base cabinet.

Brown granite comes in different shades but there are a few color paint options to match it. Here are a few kitchen cabinet paints to match the granite.

It can be difficult to know how to measure kitchen backsplash tiles. A few calculations will measure how many tiles you need for your kitchen backsplash.

A lot goes on during a kitchen remodel & a lot of different ways that frustrations can happen. Here are facts you'll probably hate about kitchen remodeling

Free kitchen remodel estimates common in the industry for many years. This is an advantage for homeowners when considering if a remodel is possible.

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