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Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Bathroom Remodeling Houston

Best Bathroom Remodeling In Houston & Surrounding Communities

"Bathroom Remodeling in Houston" When searching for this term, our clients will find they are inundated with numerous choices in contractors. As one of the contractors offering Houston bathroom remodeling services, we appreciate your right to choose the one that suits your needs and desires best. Smart Remodeling strives to get and keep business by providing the most comprehensive bathroom remodeling services in the Houston community. With that in mind, we hope to gain your trust by sharing we have been successfully completing our client remodels in Houston since 2010.

All About Bathroom renovations Houston Texas

Starting a bathroom remodel can be overwhelming with all the required elements and options available. At Smart Remodeling, we strive to take the stress from you and provide you with all the guidance you require throughout the remodeling process. To give you peace of mind, we assure you will get your project completed to complete satisfaction from staying within budget to achieving the style and function of your demand. Below we provide an idea of the elements that go into a bathroom remodel we will help you with.

What is included in bathroom renovation?

  • Cabinets-A top priority in any bath remodel. Replacing aged cabinetry with updated ones can make your remodel a success.
  • Countertop-Today’s countertop materials offer exciting possibilities for creating a spa-like luxurious style with quartz, granite, or marble.
  • Bathtub-For those who love soaking the tub or have small children must include a new bathtub in their project. You can choose from a large garden and jacuzzi tubs or side-entry tubs for accessibility.
  • Flooring-Our extensive range of flooring will give your bathroom sparkle and foundation you’ll love. Choose from wood, ceramic, tile, and natural stone.
  • Storage-Include ample storage features in your bathroom for the optimal organization of towels, toiletries, and linens.
  • Faucets & Fixtures-Today’s exciting mix of faucets and fixtures includes the most popular styles and finishes including matte black, rose gold, and satin brass.
  • Custom Shower Enclosure-This feature is one of our popularity with the design and features only limited by the imagination.
  • Painting-The finishing touch, a freshly painted bathroom will lift the look and feel of your space beautifully.
  • Wall Covering-Bathroom remodeling clients are including wall coverings and wallpaper much more often with exciting floral, geometric, damask, and more from which to choose.
  • Backsplash & Tile Work-Our expert tile layers and designers will create a beautiful look and high function with tile at the backsplash, shower surround, flooring, and even the bathroom walls.

Smart Remodeling LLC – Top Bathroom Remodeling Companies in Houston

Houston Bathroom Remodeling & Design Ideas—How much money and time will it take?

The time your project takes will depend on the size of your bathroom and the extent of elements you choose to replace. Houston bathroom remodeling project costs an average of $10K. This is for a base remodel for a small to mid-size bath with only some updates made. A complete bathroom remodel can run as high as $15K and a large master bathroom can cost over $50K. Our mission is to keep you comfortably within budget on your remodel and complete the project as time-efficient as possible.

The Best Houston Bathroom Remodeling Company
What to Expect During Your Bath Remodeling Service?

First, you’ll want to schedule a free bathroom remodeling consultation with us. We will then come to your home to see your space and learn what you have in mind for your remodel. At this time, we will define the scale of your project and help you figure the budgeting required. Once the visit is complete, we will follow up on the project as follows:

  1. Create a Free Estimate for your Bathroom Remodel
  2. Adjust Details According to Your Budget
  3. Provide a Final Bath Remodeling Quote & Pricing
  4. Select Design & Materials with Our Design Staff and Proprietary 3-D design
  5. Project Timeline is Set
  6. Your Remodel Begins
  7. Clean-Up & Final Site Inspection
  8. The unveiling of Your New Bathroom!
bathroom Remodeling Checklist
Bath Design in Houston with High-Quality Materials and Up to 5 Years Warranty
The Benefits of Bath Remodeling and renovation

Remodeling your bathroom comes with many advantages. You’ll experience each of those noted below by going about your daily routines once the bath remodel is complete.

  • Enhanced Daily Routines—Your self-care in the mornings and evenings will be easier and more enjoyable.
  • Improved Well-Being—Eco-friendly and health conscience construction improves air quality and occupant’s health.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency—Energy-saving appliances and low-flow toilets are just a few ways you will save money and the environment.
  • Contemporary Look & Feel—Straightforward style and smart function for today’s bathrooms.
  • Universal Design—Intuitive design supports accessibility and use by everyone in your household.
  • Increased Storage—Including additional cabinets and closets allow for improved storage space and organization.
  • Kid-Friendly—Your kids will enjoy bath time and you’ll love improved hygiene when they brush their teeth without asking because they have an all-new bathroom!
18 Houston Bathroom Remodeling & Design Ideas

Many of our clients find the most exciting part of the bathroom remodel process comes when they come to our showroom to start choosing products, materials, and finishes for their new bathroom. From cabinetry style to flooring material, exploring the possibilities and incorporating their ideas give the client’s an enjoyable active role in the remodel. They will be proud to tell their friends and family they helped design it from start to finish. To get you inspired for your own bathroom remodel, we’ve noted some of our favorite Houston bathroom remodeling and design ideas.

  1. If you have ever visited a spa, you’ve experienced the intrinsically crisp and clean look and feel they exude. Consider going with a pristine white bathroom with spa-inspired features like bamboo flooring, enhanced lighting, a bidet, and a jacuzzi tub.
  2. Work with our design team to create a unique tile design in the shower surround or the backsplash.
  3. Install French doors between the master bedroom and bath to allow light to flow through and around your space.
  4. Have open shelving installed in lieu of closed cabinetry to hold all your expensive creams and beauty products.
  5. Include a vanity counter with wall-to-wall mirroring, vanity lighting, and custom drawers and cabinets with a cut-out in the center for your vanity chair.
  6. Wallpaper the walls with big floral blooms to get on-trend.
  7. Apply the flooring up the bathroom walls and shower surround for a cohesive design.
  8. Have a natural bamboo accent wall installed for an organic look.
  9. Consider countertops made from alternate materials such as engineered stone or composite porcelain made to look like marble.
  10. Choose matte black faucets and sinks for a dramatic look.
  11. To give you the most bathing options, install a tub and shower if space allows.
  12. Include marble windowsills for a touch of luxury.
  13. A vanity sink cabinet with ornate detailing adds a decorative style to your remodel.
  14. Hang pendant lights above the sink in lieu of builder-grade strip lights.
  15. Include a powerful exhaust fan to keep your bathroom free from mold and mildew.
  16. Have a bench seat installed in the shower to supporting hygiene rituals.
  17. A towel warmer in the bathroom will give you immense relaxation and pleasure.
  18. Have cabinet drawers specifically designed for hair tools, toiletries, and beauty supplies to improve organization and ease of getting ready for the day.

Our remodeling team Houston keeps up with trending elements for the bathroom so will know how to implement any of the above. Inquire about working with one of our design consultants to help you implement any of these ideas or ones of your own.

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Bathroom Remodeling & Design Services in Houston

Why choose Smart Remodeling LLC as your bathroom remodeling company?

When it comes to Bathroom Design in Houston, you’ll find we provide the most comprehensive selection of services in the area. We adhere to our mission to provide the best quality in services, products, materials, and construction. With that in mind, we work to your complete satisfaction, warranting all work for 5 years once your bathroom remodel project is done. We are certified and highly skilled in each area of bathroom remodeling and design services in Houston.

As a top local remodeling company, we are proud to be represented with many perfect ratings from respected organizations, including a 5-star Houzz rating, BBB A+ rating, and GHBA A+ rating. We are fully insured and licensed to ensure you receive the safest and most expert remodeling services possible.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation for Your Bathroom Remodel Project Today!

Ready to start planning your bathroom remodel? If you’ve been searching for Custom Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation in Houston, we would love to show you why we are a top bathroom remodeling company in Houston! Schedule your free bathroom remodeling consultation today via our website or call us at 832-800-8889. Or stop in to check out our remodeling showroom, we’re located at 12711 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77034. We look forward to helping you create the bathroom of your dreams!

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