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Exterior Remodeling Houston

Exterior Remodeling in Houston

Exterior Remodeling in Houston

Exterior remodeling in Houston is a great way to revamp your home's look and improve your property's curb appeal. 

However, without the services of the best exterior remodeling contractor, everything can end up in a complete mess. 

But with the high-quality services of Smart Remodeling LLC, you can rest assured that your project will be done to satisfaction.

If you're looking for a professional exterior remodeling contractor who does great work, look no further, we've got you covered.

Whether you're looking to extend your exterior kitchen or upgrade siding, we have all that it takes to make your house exterior the best that you and your guests will cherish. 

No project is too big or small for us; we do it all, from small renovations to complete exterior makeovers. 

Benefits of Our Expert Exterior Remodeling Services

Even though their many remodeling contractors, choosing Smart Remodeling LLC to handle your project comes with endless benefits. Below are some of the benefits that come with our specialized exterior remodeling services.  

  • Creates an amazing outdoor living space perfect for hosting backyard barbecues and parties.

  • Improves your property's market value.

  • Energy-efficient doors and windows help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

  • Enhance your lifestyle with function and comfort.

  • Transform the exterior space of your property into a beautiful and inviting living space.

Exterior Remodeling Benefits in Houston

Full-service Exterior Remodeling in Houston

Regardless of your exterior project's size and nature, our team of professionals will always deliver superior solutions to achieve the intended goals. 

We use top-quality materials and high-end technology to ensure you get the best and safest services possible. 

Our primary goal is to provide custom services to make you feel proud of your property and enjoy the fresh air in your outdoor. 

With our professionals on the job, you can rest assured your project will be handled smoothly and successfully from start to finish. 

We know all the industry ins and outs and can help you select the best style and products that complement the rest of your exterior features.

Since 2010, we have been serving our local communities with unmatched exterior remodeling services. 

We are committed to our customers and promise to remain true to your project's visions, goals, and budget. 

At Smart Remodeling LLC, we believe you deserve the best. So, we treat your home as our own and deliver top-quality solutions at a reasonable price within your timeline.

If you're unsure how and where to start your exterior remodeling in Houston, our trusted professionals can help provide expert ideas and walk you through project execution to completion. 

Below are some of our exterior renovations and remodeling services to enhance your outdoor life and comfort.

Siding Restoration

We can repaint, refinish, and upgrade old siding or replace worn-out siding to restore your home's appearance. 

Our experts will also help you select the right material and a style and designs that complement your décor and lifestyle.  

A properly renovated siding reduces maintenance costs and keeps your property looking as intact as possible for years to come.

Deck Installation

Are you looking for a comfortable place to enjoy the scorching summer heat? Let's add a roofed deck to help you have the most of your outdoor living space. 

Creating a functional deck is a great way to have fun with your loved ones, even during hot days. 

Windows and Doors Renovations

Old, damaged, and dull doors and windows can have a serious impact on your home's appearance. 

Besides that, you can save a significant amount of heating and cooling costs if you know the exact changes to make in your home. 

Installing new, energy-efficient doors and windows will not only reduce energy bills but will also give your property a completely new look. 

Whether you're looking for something modern, traditional, or vintage, our experienced designers will help choose a perfect style to complement the entire outside area.


If your roof leaks or is worn-out, it can cause water damage, resulting in costly repairs. Let us improve your home's curb appeal by replacing your outdated roof with a new, functional one. 

Our roof installation services not only improve your home's appearance but will also protect your house from water damage.

Garage Renovations

We can renovate, restore, and build you a brand new garage. Whether your garage is attached or free-standing, we'll improve it to create enough space for parking, storage, and workshop. 

A professionally remodeled garage can add security and function to your home.

The Best Exterior Remodeling Company in Houston

As the leading company for exterior remodeling in Houston, we strive to make your renovation process enjoyable and stress-free. 

Besides that, our experts will support, guide, and inform you of every stage of the project to ensure your requirements are met.

As a full-service remodeling contractor, we're are licensed and fully insured to offer safe and secure services without fear of any loss.

We put your needs first and focus on achieving your goals and visions while remaining within your budget. 

Why Choose Smart Remodeling LLC for Your Exterior Remodeling Project?
  1. Smart Remodeling LLC is an established and reputable company.

  2. We provide superior customer services.

  3. We provide 100% customer satisfaction.

  4. Our team of professionals is highly knowledgeable and skilled.

  5. We provide a transparent exterior remodeling process.

  6. All our services are backed with an exclusive 5-year warranty.

  7. We maintain prompt communication throughout the process.

Consultation & Scheduling

When scheduling, our processes are stress-free, right from the FREE consultation to the remodeling schedule.

Call us today and take your project to another level.



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