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Kitchens Remodeling Houston

Kitchen Remodeling Houston

Kitchen Remodeling in Houston Texas & Surrounding Communities

"Kitchen Remodeling in Houston ", When our clients are beginning their search, they will be faced with a myriad of businesses providing a variety of remodeling products and services. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive full-service kitchen remodeling services to be found in the Houston area. We have been remodeling kitchens in Houston For a long time and have successfully completed all types of remodels within a variety of budgets.

All about Kitchen Remodeling in Houston

When starting to consider a kitchen remodel, all the elements and options that go into a project can be overwhelming. We take the stress out of the kitchen remodeling process by helping you choose what is most important, what fits within your budget, and how to achieve the look and function you desire. Below you’ll find the main areas we will help you with updating below.

What does kitchen remodeling include?

  • New or Updated Cabinets—Nothing can date a kitchen more than dull aged cabinets. During the remodel, the cabinetry will be replaced or refaced depending upon the condition of your cabinets and your preferences.
  • Custom Cabinetry—We can design custom cabinetry to fit your décor and lifestyle with exciting functionality from small appliance drawers to organizational features.
  • Kitchen Island—Perhaps the most popular kitchen feature today, the hardworking island, can be outfitted with features such as natural stone surface, vegetable sink, stovetop, and sink.
  • Countertops—Choose from a wide array of natural and engineered products such as quartz, granite, marble, composites, tile, and steel for your kitchen countertops.
  • Fixtures—From oil-rubbed bronze faucets to rose gold soap pumps; you’ll find a wide range of kitchen fixtures from which to choose.
  • Backsplash—Both aesthetic and functional, the kitchen backsplash can add style, color, and texture to your space while protecting your walls from liquid and food stains.
  • Appliances—Our expansive collection includes all the classic and trending finishes and functions to suit your taste and budget.
  • Vent Hoods—Practical and necessary this kitchen feature doesn’t have to be an afterthought, add some pizzazz to your space with a sleek contemporary vent hood over the island stovetop or a polished metal finish over the stove.
  • Exhaust Fan—Keep odors from settling in your kitchen with a high-quality exhaust fan.
  • Sink—From deep double bowls to farmhouse apron style, our sinks will offer all the form, function, and beauty you require.
  • Hardware—Match your hardware to your sink and faucets with our range of fashionable and quality hinges, pulls, knobs, handles, and soft-close mechanisms for cabinet drawers and doors.
  • Paint—Whether you are looking to match your walls to your cabinets or add a dash of contrast, we can customize any paint to suit your tastes.
  • Window Coverings—Often an afterthought, window treatments offer privacy, light, and climate control, including shutters, shades, and many other types.
  • Storage—Organizational features are a must for all homes, and our storage options will help you have a place to put all your small appliances, dishes, glasses, storage containers, food, and more.
  • Flooring—We offer an extensive range of popular, trusted flooring types, including real wood, engineered wood, ceramic and natural stone tile, and vinyl from which to choose.

Smart Remodeling LLC – Top Kitchen Remodeling Companies in Houston and Best Project Managers

Kitchen Remodeling Cost in Houston—how much money and time will it take?

Time and cost for your remodel will vary according to the extent of the kitchen renovations and the products you choose. The average cost for a kitchen remodel in Houston is $20,000 in 2019. While this may appear high, there is a wide range of project costs from $9000 to $50,000; again, the cost is based upon the features and products chosen. Time for a remodel can vary from days to weeks, dependent upon the extent of the project. We strive to help you scale the size and cost of your kitchen remodel to fit within your budget and timeframe.

Kitchen Remodeling Checklist

The Best Houston Kitchen Remodeling Company

What to Expect During Your Kitchen Remodeling Project from Start to Finish?

Once you schedule a free consultation, we will visit your home to learn about your goals and ideas for remodeling your kitchen. During this visit, we will be able to determine the initial scale of your project and help you understand the budgeting required. After the complimentary consultation, we will generally follow the project process below.

  1. Provide Kitchen Remodeling Free Estimate
  2. Determine What You Will Like According to Your Budget
  3. Final Kitchen Remodeling Quote & Pricing
  4. Kitchen Design & Material Selection with our proprietary 3-D design
  5. Set the Project Timeline
  6. The Renovation Begins
  7. Final Inspection & Clean Up
  8. The unveiling of your newly remodeled kitchen!
Kitchen Design in Houston
The Benefits of Kitchen Remodeling

While the benefits and advantages of kitchen remodeling are many, some stand out. You and your family’s daily routines and enjoyment will be greatly improved with a full or partial kitchen remodel by Smart Remodeling.

  • Better Traffic Flow—You and your family will experience ease of movement while the home chef will have optimal positioning for food prep and cooking.
  • Kid-Friendly—Your kids will love learning to cook and prep their snacks while staying safe in the new kitchen.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency—New appliances and improved traffic patterns will save both electric and human effort.
  • Universal Design—Simple, intuitive design allows for accessibility and use by all people in your household.
  • Increased Storage—Adding additional drawers, cabinets, and pantries allow for increased organization and storage capacity.
  • Improved Well-Being—New eco-friendly construction and design products can improve air quality and occupant’s health.
  • Contemporary Look & Feel—Improved performance and clean style for today’s contemporary kitchens.
15 Kitchen Renovation Design Ideas to Consider When Remodeling a Kitchen to enhance living space

One of the most exciting parts of your kitchen remodeling project will be visiting our showroom and choosing all the design elements from cabinet finishes to flooring. Alternately, exploring and incorporating some trendy or unique kitchen remodeling ideas will increase your enjoyment of the outcome. Below we’ve shared some of our favorite kitchen remodel ideas.

  1. Add a contemporary style to your kitchen remodel with rose gold hardware and faucets.
  2. Consider alternate types of countertop surfaces such as engineered stone, porcelain, composites, and real stone look-alikes such as Dekton or Silestone.
  3. Granite and quartz provide hardy and resistant surfaces for busy households where daily meals include spills and scratches.
  4. Have our design team create a kitchen backsplash design that is artistic or vibrantly colored for a touch of excitement.
  5. If it works with the layout of your kitchen, consider installing a large picture window with a tilt-out function above the sink.
  6. French doors or sliding doors with large expanses of glass leading to an outdoor kitchen garden or patio allow light to flow into the kitchen while giving access to the outdoors.
  7. Have our team install open shelves in place of upper cabinets for a true Old World or farmhouse design.
  8. An apron sink in pristine white porcelain also brings a country or farmhouse style to your kitchen.
  9. Go sleek and contemporary with matte black faucets, sink, and hardware for a dramatic visual in the modern house or condo.
  10. Install a large vent hood over the stovetop on your island for an upscale aesthetic and improved ventilation.
  11.  Large floral wallpaper can add a vibrant visual to your kitchen remodel when paired with crisp white cabinets.
  12. Minimalist pendant lights grouped over the bar or island make an exciting modern design.
  13. Inquire about our remodeling team Houston designing an impressive kitchen island with granite façade base and countertop surface.
  14. Rustic wood at the cabinets and bar works nicely with casual décor or an industrial style.
  15.  Many of our kitchen remodeling clients enjoy our knowledgeable design consultants providing all the latest trends in products and design elements for kitchen remodeling Houston style.

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Kitchen Remodeling & Design Services in Houston
Why choose Smart Remodeling LLC as your kitchen remodeling company?

We strive to provide the utmost quality in service, products, materials, and workmanship; to that end, we guarantee our work to complete satisfaction and warranty the work for five years once your kitchen remodel is complete. We are certified and skilled in all areas of kitchen remodeling in Houston, Texas.

As a top local remodeling company, we are proud to be represented with many perfect ratings from respected organizations, including a 5-star Houzz rating, BBB A+ rating, and GHBA A+ rating. We are fully insured and licensed to ensure you receive the safest and most expert remodeling services possible.
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If you are ready to start planning your kitchen remodel and have been searching for Custom Kitchen Remodeling & Renovation in Houston, we would love to show you why we are a top kitchen remodeling company in Houston! Schedule your free kitchen remodeling consultation today via our website here or call us at 832-800-8889. For those who would like to stop in to check out our remodeling showroom, we’re located at 12711 Fuqua St, Houston, TX 77034.



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