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15 Things You Need to Know Before a Home Remodel

15 things you should know when planning to remodel your home

15 Things You Need to Know Before a Home Remodel

Over the years Smart Remodeling, LLC has made home remodeling and renovation look so simple and easy that most homeowners don’t realize how much the 1-hour planning process can alleviate them from renovation mishaps and hiccups.

Realistic Timeline For Home Remodeling Project

As you look to ensure that your next home remodeling project goes smoothly and turns out exactly how you want, here are the key steps to keep in mind.

Understand the Scope and End Goals for Your Project?

Beginning your remodeling project with a specific plan in place for your future will save you time, money, and disappointment. Are you remodeling to boost your home’s resale value, or will you be staying put for years to come?

Consider the condition of your neighborhood before you begin, and know which remodeling can fetch you extra dollars when you sell it, and which will be considered overdoing it for the area.

ProTip Takeaway: Know what you want before beginning your home remodel. Having a highly detailed and specific plan will help you decide how deep to go with your remodeling project. According to experts a kitchen remodel can significantly add value to your home.

Have a Budget

Most homeowners often underestimate the cost of remodeling. Having a realistic budget and working within it is an essential step to the true goal of your remodeling project.


The average cost to renovate:


$4,000 – $60,000


$11,000 – $30,000


$2,500 – $25,000

For a successful budgeting process, it’s important to create a master checklist of items to be used on the project. The items can range from administrative tasks such as building permits, materials, and logistics, to simple items like rollers for the painting. A master checklist will also allow you to separate the list of items you already have, the ones you need to purchase, and the ones that you need to reuse to save on costs.

Remember to plan for extra money in your remodeling budget to allow for any unexpected costs along the way. The contingency fund will cater for surprises or incidental costs like the cost of taking a hotel or eating out for a whole home remodeling.

ProTip Takeaway: It’s a good plan to do thorough research about potential areas of concern. This will greatly help limit surprises along the way. You should also set aside between 10% and 20% of the total cost as a cushion for unexpected costs.

Remodeling a home on budget

Be Realistic About Your Timeline

Your home remodel is likely to take much longer than you expected. An expectation of using your new master bedroom within a day can turn into a week. So, it’s important to plan for wiggle-room or accommodations to avoid disappointment.

Most likely, you won’t always meet your deadline. If you’re planning to tear out the old before a major renovation, it’s advisable to vacate your house during this period. This will speed up the remodeling process and will make your life less chaotic.

If you are preparing to do a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you should plan ahead for outages such as valves being shut off, and leaving your rooms without access to clean running water. You can fill containers with clean water and keep them on the counter for drinking and cooking. Fill your bathtub with water or place a bucket of water nearby to flush the toilet.

ProTip Takeaway: schedule your remodeling stages well and stay within a specific time frame to keep your costs low.

Do Your Own Research

Having a wealth of information can be invaluable in the planning process, and this information may change the end plan of your project.

Partner with Friends

Take the time to chat with neighbors, friends, family, or someone who truly understands the renovation work. Ask them about the challenges they have encountered during the renovation and how they bypassed them.

Drawings and 3D mockups Are Important

You don’t have to be an architect to create blueprints, and chances are that you’ll need them to pull a permit for your dream project.

Be sure to gather measurements such square footage of your rooms, heights of the walls and widths of windows and doors, as well as current locations for plumbing, electrical, gas, and sewer lines.

Mockup 3D visuals can also help you visualize how your remodeled home is going to look before you commit to investing in your money. If you’re still wondering where to obtain mock-up built-ins in 3D, Smart Remodeling, LLC is here for you! Our team of architects and designers can use the latest technology in 3D modeling to help you create 3d realistic designs and build the project you dream of.

Obtain Necessary Building Permits

Most homeowners think obtaining a building permit is an unnecessary process, but permits are necessary to ensure your home remodel conforms to fire safety and structural requirements.

home remodeling permits

Permits can come back to haunt you if you fail to pull them before a remodel starts. Wait until code inspectors in your state ask you to rip out non-conforming work.

Set Up a Temporary Substitute House for Your Family and Four-Legged Family Members

The deep excavation, dirty and dusty rooms under renovation, the loud noise, sharp tools, and other demolition mess can be an upheaval not only to the human occupants of your house but also to the four-legged family members.

To avoid accidents during a home remodel, install safety walls or nets, and electrical safety covers and keep sharp objects well out of the way of little ones and pets. Deep excavations like manholes should be fenced or covered during the renovation.

You can also employ someone to take care of your kids or pets, which could mean leaving them at an Airbnb rental while the renovation is going on.

ProTip Takeaway: It’s a good idea to designate one functional space for your family and 4-legged family members to gather in while the renovation is in progress.

Be Prepared for Adjustments

Things can change in the project design once it gets off the ground. You should give yourself some time to make adjustments to enhance the function of your new home.

For instance, when ripping out an entire room, this may be the perfect time to put some finishing touches like upgrading the electrical fixtures, adding insulation to the walls, changing wallpapers, and so forth. The key is to be prepared to make necessary adjustments for the betterment of your home.

Bad Weather Can Cause Delays

Always check the short and long-term weather forecasts before embarking on a remodel, and schedule activities that require outside access, such as excavation, wood cutting, spray painting, and so forth.

A Key Lockbox is Essential

Before you start your home remodel project, consider investing in a key lockbox. This will help reduce the cases of theft especially, at the renovation site.

ProTip Takeaway: For a whole-home remodel, consider renting a key lockbox to keep all your property safe and clean during the process.

contractor selecting

Conduct Interviews to Find the Right Contractor

Interviews are an important way to find and hire a reputable contractor. Without interviews, you risk hiring quacks and paying too much for substandard work.

Take Out Adequate Insurance

If you are looking to take a renovation mortgage to fund your project, your lender will not release it until you get renovation insurance to cover occurrences such as fire, flooding, vandalism, and theft.

Know Your Limits

DIY projects are good, however, there are some tasks that can only be handled by professionals. Tasks such as electrical wiring can turn into a huge disaster if you decide to do them by yourself.


Go for Professionals

Hire a professional for bathroom, kitchen, and other home updates.

Ready To Remodel Your Home?

At Smart Remodeling, LLC, we are proud to provide our homeowners and business owners with affordable home improvement tips for a successful remodel. If you know a renovation is on the horizon, contact us today and get free expert advice and a free cost estimate to get you started. We guarantee the highest quality residential and commercial remodeling services.












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