Adding a second story to a house

[BLOG] Published: 2021-06-06 - Updated: 2023-05-31

Adding a second story to a house


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Adding a second story to a house

Adding a second story to a house is one of the best ways to add more living space to your home without needing more space in the compound. 

If you're planning to add extra space to your Houston home, you may have to consider a second-story addition. Whether you prefer a partial add-on or a complete second-story addition, this is a great way to maximize your living area's square footage and add function to your living area. 


However, that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Adding a second story to an existing property can be quite complex, especially if you land in the hands of semi-qualified contractors. That is why you must find professionals with the right expertise and experience to take care of your project. 

Get Your Second Story Added to Your House By Top-Industry Experts!

As one of Houston's leading home remodeling companies, Smart Remodeling LLC is here to help you avoid costly mistakes and rebuild your desired home. We are a full-service home remodeling contractor in Houston specializing in second-story additions, partial and complete home renovations, room additions, attic conversions, and more.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and are always committed to excellent work, with more than 10 years of experience in the remodeling business. Most importantly, our knowledgeable designers will help plan and create a secure design that fits your initial budget. 

Why  adding a second story to a house can Transform Your Home for Good

Adding a second floor to your house is something you may require, especially if your family is growing. Furthermore, going up comes with a couple of perks you may want to consider. Here are some of the benefits of adding a second floor. 

  1. It eliminates the need to move and allows you to stay in your current house and neighborhood, keeping you close to your frequented places such as school, work, and gym.
  2. It enables you to create a more customized, enticing living area to suit your specifications and family needs. This also presents you with an opportunity to change the first-floor design to your liking. 
  3. adding a second story to a house saves you time and money that you would otherwise have spent on movers and even closing expenses. 
  4. A second-floor addition helps you fix space limitations in your home.
  5. Don't forget about the excellent views, extra windows, plus added natural light to your home. 

 Options For Adding a second story to a house

If your living area has space issues, you can count on the Smart Remodeling professionals to design and build the home of your dreams. We use products and materials from top brands to ensure we surpass your expectations and guarantee you lasting quality. Moreover, you're not limited to the type or number of rooms you can incorporate onto the 2nd floor. Some of these additions may include;

Home office – Incorporating an office in your home adds function and transforms its personality. Our experts will help build a home office that will offer you the privacy you need to focus on your work.

Extra bedroom – Do you want to add a master suite or plan to create additional bedrooms for kids and in-laws? Either way, you've come to the right place. Smart Remodeling experts will craft a second floor that stretches to accommodate your desired bedrooms.

Gym – As long as the house's foundation and integrity are strong, you can add several pounds in the 2nd level gym area. Our competent crew carefully balances between function and form to craft a gym you will love.

Playroom – Whether you want to add a new game room or revamp an existing one, adding a second story to a house allows you to do that. Upstairs is a perfect spot for playrooms as the distance can help mitigate the loud noise, keeping the rest of the home quiet and comfortable. 

Entertainment room – A second-floor entertainment room is an excellent use for a new space. Furthermore, it is much easier to set up and integrate a home media room than changing an existing room into a theater or cinema room. Our skilled experts will help you insulate your new room properly to offer you the best entertainment experience possible. 

Decking – Looking for a cool area to enjoy sipping a glass of wine and watching the sun as it slowly goes down? Creating a second-floor deck is an excellent solution. Our experienced decking professionals will craft a fully functional second floor to provide you with a place to host family gatherings and parties. Incorporating a deck is also a great way to increase square footage and add aesthetic appeal to your property. 

Nursery – Do you have younger ones and feel like it's almost impossible to handle noise they can produce? Well, a well-crafted upstairs nursery room may be all you need to reduce the noise. We will create a kid-friendly space that takes into consideration all the safety and comfort requirements. 

What is the cost of adding a second story to a house cost?

Adding a new level to your house may cost much lower than building a ground floor because you won't have to handle any foundation work. However, every home is different, and the cost of every 2nd story addition project may vary significantly across markets and states. adding a second story to a house cost may also vary depending on the type and scope of the addition you intend to do. Based on your needs and budget, you can choose to do: 


Full second-floor addition – If your home is cramped and looking to add a lot of space, a full 2nd floor is an answer to your space problems. Mostly, it is built as the size of the first floor. 

Partial adding a second story to a house– Works well if you only require a sizable amount of additional space, maybe a room or two, and are working on a tight budget. 

According to HomeAdvisor, the national average cost for 2nd-floor addition ranges between $100 and $300 per square foot. Low-cost projects will cost you about $100,000 up to $300,000 for extra 1,000 sq. feet. Complex projects are relatively expensive and can cost you up to $500,000, depending on the project details and materials you choose. 

Houston second story addition: Partial second-floor addition will cost between $90,500 and $120,000 for about a 700 square foot house. On the other hand, you'd pay anything between $150,000 and $200,000 for a complete second-floor addition of approximately 2,000 square feet. 

Adding a second story to a house contractor Near Me

Integrating a new floor that properly fits on the top of the existing house is a significant undertaking. Besides altering the exterior walls, you may also have to expand or add other features such as foundation and plumbing. 

Adding a second story to a house also requires a careful plan and design before the actual construction begins. That is why it is crucial to find a reliable home addition contractor that knows how to plan and construct a second story to your house without much struggle. 


When you choose Smart Remodeling professionals to handle your adding a second story to a house, you can rest assured your project will run as expected from start to finish. Most of our clients in Houston recognize us as industry leaders. We take pride in our high-quality, comprehensive adding a second story to house services in the large Houston area. We will work closely with you to;

  • Understand your needs and expectations so that we can build a home that suits your lifestyle and family needs without stretching your budget. 
  • Register the home addition project with the local county regulations.
  • Evaluate the integrity of the existing structure and make good use of your current plan as well as the support system. 
  • We will ensure your second-floor addition is safe and that it runs smoothly throughout all phases. 
  • Our team, including interior designers, architectures, and structural designers, will visit your home to assess, learn about your needs, and take the necessary measurements before they craft a plan for the construction. Most importantly, we use a 3D virtual system to give you the best experience possible. 

Our interior design experts will help you pick the best flooring, fittings, fixtures, and other materials for your project. 

Start Your Project Today!

Want to start your adding a second story to a house today? Our experts are more than ready to turn your dream into a real-world architectural piece. 

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