Best Attic Renovation Contractor in Houston

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Best Attic Renovation Contractor in  Houston


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Space and rooms are components that are in high demand in every home. Techniques that add more rooms and space to the house come in handy when a homeowner needs to expand the space. Attic renovation is a game-changer when it comes to developing some square footage. There is the option of extending a home from the outside, but it may cost some six-figure amount. For that reason, homeowners seek to expand space from the inside, either downward or upward. (Wallender, 2020)


The best thing about attic renovation is that the area is enclosed. That implies that you will not need any foundation or roofing. Isn’t that a perfect way to save the cost? There are many ways in which you can utilize the attic space. At Smart Remodeling LLC, we will give you detailed information and everything you need to know about attic renovation.

Benefits of renovating your attic

Do you doubt whether you should renovate your attic or not? Well, all you need is to look at the benefits that come with renovating your attic. That will clear your doubts about renovating the attic. (The Insulation Man, 2019)

  • Adds the value of the home since there is the addition of habitable space
  • No need to vacate the house since attic renovation is not disruptive or messy
  • Attic space offers perfect air circulation all over your home
  • You can use the attic space as any component of the house; bedroom, gym, playroom.
  • The attic renovation project saves you money from conducting expensive home addition projects.

Considerations before renovating an attic

Regardless of how you intend to utilize the attic space after renovation, there are certain aspects that you need to consider before you kick start the attic renovation project. Each of the elements has a role to play in how your finished attic space will look or how it will be effective. (Asaff, n.d)

Egress and Ingress

The attic is a space that's on top of your house. Some homeowners have a pull-down door that leads to the attic, while others have a staircase. If you have a staircase that leads to the attic, you are on the safe side. Extra work needs to be done to a house with a pull-down door as the attic entry.

When having a habitable space in the attic, there is a need to have a permanent staircase, preferably spiral, to access the area. The staircase entryway to the attic space will minimize the struggle of getting to the room once the renovation is over.

Ceiling height

Different ceiling heights will support different roof frames. The codes vary with the size of the ceiling.  For an attic space to be usable, the ceiling height needs to be at a minimum of 7 feet. The top leaves a peak in the middle of the roof frame. It will be best if the ceiling is at 5-feet higher to give the homeowner accurate measurement when calculating the square footage that the renovation adds to the attic.



If you are converting the attic into a living space, lighting is of utmost importance. Usually, attic areas are very dark; therefore, you require more lighting. When it comes to employing lighting ideas, converting the space will be your guide. A bedroom may not need too much light as an office would need.  The design of the ceiling will also guide you towards adding the right lighting style for space. You can add skylights to bring natural light to the area.


Floor Support

Creating a living space in the attic means that a great floor is significant. Most attic floors are made of plywood material. Different components of a home require different flooring styles. Think about what feature you want to turn the attic to install the perfect floor for that space. For parts like bathrooms that have heavy elements, a firm base is imminent. The furniture or features you will be integrating into the space will determine the floor you install in the room. The floor needs to withstand and hold heavy furniture.

Creativity in the space

An attic may not be a large area, but the creativity you put in the attic renovation can change that. An attic space can hold a lot more than any homeowner expects. It just needs to incorporate some creativity during the refurbishment of the area. You can add cabinets under the ceiling for storage purposes. A toilet can be under a sloped wall. I mean, you need to walk in the attic renovation project with a creative mind.

ProTip Takeaway: Considering each of the aspects will ensure that you get the space that you intended. Do not overemphasize or under-emphasize any part; treat all aspects equally.


Attic Renovation Ideas

Attic renovation increases any home’s functionality. You can turn your attic into a ton of functional home spaces. If you need an opening for either a bedroom, office, playroom, nursery, bathroom or library, attic renovation is the best way to create that space. We have an idea that can help you determine what you can renovate the attic into. (Renovate America, 2019)


Children always like a place where they can play freely. However, that space lacks in some homes. An attic can be a perfect playroom for your children. It just needs a few renovations. The paint color of a playroom needs to be light and bring. Insulating the floor is essential to keep children warm at all times. There should also be storage cabinets for children's toys.



Families keep growing and bring the need for more bedrooms. You can create a bedroom in an attic. An attic bedroom will be great with a warm temperature. The lighting needs to be friendly to bring the whole experience of a bedroom.


Game room

A family needs bonding time and the best way to spend that time is through playing games. You can renovate the attic into a game room where you can spend time with your friend and family. A game room will be functional with storage space, soft flooring, and beverage storage space.



Limited bathrooms become a challenge in some homes. With an attic bathroom, you need to think about new plumbing, electricity, and also the installation of elements like the shower and bathtubs.



The best space to have an office is a quiet place. An attic will be a good space for the office since it is away from the center of the house where all activities happen. An attic office will be a quiet environment for you to have productive work outcomes. The paint color should not be distractive; the lighting should be adjustable.


Home theater

What space could be a better home-theater than the attic? The attic renovation into a home theater needs to include a seating area, wiring for electrical components, sound enhancement features, and beverage space.



Just like an office, a library is at its best in a quiet environment. The lighting of an attic library should be regulated able to suit different times. A wall unit with bookshelves is of great significance, for that matter. A carpet will bring out a cozy feeling as you enjoy your reading in the attic library.



If you are expecting a new baby and don’t have space for the nursery, think of attic renovation. For an attic nursery, you will need to add a lot of features. The room needs to fit a crib, play area, nursing space, toys space, changing space, and reading space. Space should have soft lighting and child-friendly features.



The attic space will be habitable after renovation. You can make some income by renting out space. Renovate the attic and add features such that the room is self-contained and ideal for renting. Add a bathroom, kitchenette, storage space, and furniture to be a functional living area.


Craft Room

Transfer your business into the attic. The attic will serve as a better craft room for artists. It should contain storage space for craft equipment, sitting, and also a table area. The fact that the space is away from the center of the house makes space an excellent distance to think about artistic ideas.

ProTip Takeaway: Different features like flooring, roofing, and storage are needed for different components.


Attic Renovation Contractors in Houston

Attic renovation is not an easy task if you don't have a contractor. Contractors in attic renovation give your ideas on transforming the attic space and conducting the practical mission for you. Are you looking for the best contractor in attic renovation? Well, look no further because Smart Remodeling has got you covered on that.

We offer the best attic renovation services in Houston and its surrounding. If you need to get the best value for your money, Smart Remodeling LLC is the company that will ensure you get that. Search no further for an attic renovation contractor near me because you just got yourself the best contractor.

Attic Renovation Cost

The average cost of attic renovation range from $ 14,500 to $72,600. (HomeAdvisor, n.d)




$3,000 - $16,000

Walls and Ceiling

$2,800 - $8,000

Electrical & Lighting

$1,000 - $3,400

Windows & Skylights

$1,000 - $8,600


$300 - $700

Interior designing

$2,000 - $11,700


$900 - $3,900


$1,000 - $10,000

Are You Ready For Your Attic Renovation in Houston and Surrounding Areas?

If you are thinking of transforming your attic into a living space, all you need to do is reach Smart Remodeling LLC at 832 800 8889 to get attic renovation services for a lifetime.

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