Best Commercial Flooring Contractor in Houston

[BLOG] Published: 2022-02-20 - Updated: 2023-06-06

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Best Commercial Flooring Contractor in Houston

Your commercial floors should be able to withstand the test of time in any commercial setting. They must be long-lasting, able to withstand constant foot traffic, and simple to clean and maintain.

You, on the other hand, desire more. If you're a contractor, architect, or designer, you want your floors to speak for themselves. Need your floors done by the best? You have come to the right place with the best quality flooring solutions in Houston.

Not only can we assist you in selecting the right material, but we can also help you specify it, design your space accordingly, furnish it, and install it.

This is something we do in office spaces, shopping centers, restaurants, assisted living places, and apartments among other places. We know what we're doing and we are also a full-service flooring contractor. This is why Smart Remodeling LLC with flooring installations is relied on in Houston Texas.

You can count on Smart Remodeling LLC to turn your concept into a beautiful, functioning floor. In both new construction and remodeling, we deal with a wide choice of materials. They include carpeting, carpet tiles, hardwoods, luxury vinyl tile, ceramic, stone, and more.

commercial Flooring Houston

We Are Experts In Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring is not the same as residential flooring. There are even more planning issues to contend with. More collaboration with other contractors is required.

There are more people involved. You want a company like ours that has been there and done it before.

We work on a wide range of projects, from little to large. Our clients consistently bring us their most demanding projects in tough situations:

  • What are the best flooring options for your business?
  • Are there any other factors to consider, such as the current substrate, wetness, ultraviolet rays, floor projections, and so on?
  • Are there any concerns with regulatory compliance, specific approvals, or hazardous material abatement?

Allow us to put our expertise to work for you, delivering innovative ideas and outstanding outcomes. (ACS Commercial & Residential Flooring Specialists, 2020)


Our estimating team uses the latest tools to calculate detailed dimensions for all flooring finishes. We give takeoffs by the finish in our proposal process. This ensures proper scopes of work and expectations, putting the needs of our customers first.

Project Management

Our greatest strength is collaborating with general contractors and architects. We also work with facility managers to ensure that the task is completed correctly. We manage every step of your flooring installation from start to finish ensuring a seamless job and a high-quality floor. Our staff is in charge of project planning, material procurement, logistics, and installation. 

Best Commercial Flooring contractor In Houston

On every large project, we provide a professional project manager as well as experienced highly trained staff. It is our objective to assist you in getting the most out of your flooring investment.


We recognize the importance of satisfying expectations on the field, just as we do in our preparation. That is why we supply the greatest equipment in the flooring industry to our installation crews. Each of our installers has years of experience in the area and is well prepared. They are also qualified to provide the best installation services for all of your flooring needs.

On-Site Management

We ensure that the floor installation goes smoothly from, start to end. We also make sure the flooring system performs well, maintaining the same level of quality and precision as the previous stages.

To assist an efficient installation there is key personnel that maintains job sites organized, clean, and safe. These include specialty field supervisors, project managers, and quality control managers.

To ensure proper installation, highly trained technicians use manufacturer-certified techniques. Depending on the intricacy of your project, we can also conduct work in occupied facilities. This will help to minimize disruptions or even train personnel expressly for your project.

We stand behind our work and follow the strictest quality control guidelines. Teams will remain on the job site until every item on the punch list has been checked off and all of your flooring requirements have been met. (Commercial Flooring Contractors, 2021)

Commercial Floor Coverings & Commercial Flooring Options

To construct your space, choose from a variety of materials, colors, finishes, styles, and modular sizes. We also provide the commercial flooring products you need for installation and maintenance. We have tools and adhesives to wall base, trims, and moldings, to keep your commercial floor looking new for longer.


Carpet is a wise investment for a lot of reasons. This includes the fact that it reduces noise by a factor of ten. It also outperforms other flooring materials in terms of lifecycle costs. It offers nearly endless design options.

It's important not to ignore the padding material when selecting materials for your installation. The carpet contributes to the aesthetic design of the space. We can help make the best decisions about antimicrobial padding materials, water-resistance as well as other aspects.

ProTip Takeaway: The padding determines the carpet's life, performance, and wearability. The importance of the padding's substance, density, and proper installation cannot be overstated.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tile is another great carpet choice option. It’s a popular choice among contractors, architects, and designers who are creating commercial spaces. This option will last the test of time in terms of both styles and wear and tear. 

It's a durable sort of carpet flooring that's regaining popularity due to its aesthetic versatility and low long-term maintenance costs. Carpet tiles are pieces of carpeting that are specially constructed to lock down in the same way that ordinary carpet flooring does.

Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, and locking hardwood floors are the most common types of commercial wood flooring.

Solid hardwood is made up of planks that are cut from a single piece of wood. They can be sanded repeatedly to extend their life and must be nailed or stapled to a wooden subfloor.

office building entrance with wooden floor


Engineered floorings are created by welding layers of hardwood together for added stability. They can withstand higher levels of moisture and humidity and are designed for installation on concrete. Therefore they can be used in almost any place in a facility.

A locking or floating floor is an engineered floor with a locking tongue-and-groove system. It eliminates nails, staples, and glue from the installation process. (Thumb Tack, 2021)

Laminate Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is a man-made substance that looks like real wood. It has a fiberboard core with an image print layer on top and is covered with a clear protective film. Laminate flooring is UV-resistant and less expensive than solid hardwood flooring.

The look of wood or stone is highly convincing because of the high-definition image layer. There are two sorts of laminate to think about. Commercially, high-pressure laminate floors are used. Direct-pressure laminate floors are used in residences or light-traffic commercial settings.

You can find them in a small law firm or dentist's office. Laminate flooring is ideal for anyone looking for a long-lasting floor at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to install a hardwood floor. (HTC Commercial Flooring, 2021)

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank Flooring

Many companies across the country are implementing luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank flooring (VLP). Luxury vinyl flooring today includes inventive, adaptable, and high-performing options on the market. Premium vinyl flooring has the look and feels of more expensive natural materials.

Vinyl flooring is available in tile, plank, and sheet formats. It offers realistic visuals, ease of installation, and a high level of comfort. LVT not only outlasts vinyl composition tile (VCT), but it's also easier to replace than wood or ceramic tile. A photographic print film and a transparent vinyl layer are used in commercial-grade LVT, allowing for a wide range of design concepts.

Vinyl plank flooring is ideal for wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Stone, tile, and wood can all be imitated using vinyl plank flooring and vinyl floor tiles. Vinyl flooring is pretty straightforward to distinguish from synthetic flooring. (Spectra Contract Flooring, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: In regions where moisture is an issue, choose luxury vinyl plank and sheet vinyl flooring.

Concrete Surfacing

Our concrete polishing technology can make new and existing concrete surfaces more durable. We transform ordinary concrete floors into a gleaming, reflecting, and easy-to-clean surface. The multi-step procedure includes sealing and hardening an existing concrete surface. This results in a long-lasting, low-maintenance floor.

Ceramic and stone tile

The tile is extremely durable and provides good long-term performance. Ceramic and stone both have a luxurious, high-end appearance and can be found in a variety of hues and textures. Natural stone tiles provide unique results because each stone is distinct in color, feel, and composition.

Commercial ceramic tile and stone tile are used in settings that are intended to have a high level of aesthetic appeal. Ceramic tile floors are water-resistant, scratch-proof, and easy to clean.

Different Types Of Flooring To Choose From? We Can Help

Scheduling challenges are unavoidable in any business flooring installation. You can't keep your business closed indefinitely while you wait for your floors to arrive. Even in brand-new buildings, flooring installation must be well-coordinated with the work of other contractors.

We know how to operate efficiently and effectively, and we know how to make your timetable fit into our schedule. We are the best in the region and in what we do. Discuss your commercial flooring installation with us today. Call us on 832 800 8889 or send us an email at


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