7 Costly Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

[BLOG] Published: 2021-01-16 - Updated: 2023-05-31

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7 Costly Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid with the Best Renovation Contractors

Finding the best home remodeling contractors is the key to achieving your dream kitchen.  

Whether you want to remodel a spacious kitchen or just looking to revamp the look of your tiny kitchen, you can get it all done pretty quickly without compromising the quality of the outcome.

Typically, a kitchen remodeling project costs about $12,654 to $36,342. This is a significant investment, so you want every feature tweaked perfectly to ensure every cent counts. But, sometimes, mistakes can happen during the renovation.

Most of these mistakes often occur due to delays, unforeseen circumstances, or major design blunders. Whatever the cause, it's essential to know some of the common pitfalls to avoid.

Ready to plan for a successful remodel project? Here are some of the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid at all costs.

  1. Forgetting the Workflow

Failing to consider your workflow can affect your kitchen's efficiency and functionality. That's why it's crucial to plan and focus on the flow of your kitchen during renovation.

Ensure that the most frequented areas such as stove, sink, refrigerator, sink, and other appliances are aligned in an efficient location.

Similarly, it would help if you defined how you work with pans, cutlery, and knives around the kitchen. Cooking becomes more comfortable and enjoyable with an enhanced workflow.

Pro-tip takeaway: Planning earlier and seeking expert advice can save you time and money.


  1. Skimping on Storage

Overlooking storage details is one of the most devastating kitchen remodeling mistakes you'll live to regret. You need to create enough space to cater to your current and future storage needs.

Previously, homeowners utilized storage containers and faux cabinet fronts in their kitchens. Today, things are changing, and every possible corner and space can potentially become a storage area.

To maximize your kitchen's storage space, you can include features like tray dividers, pantry pullouts, roll-out drawers, and lazy Susans.

Your kitchen remodeling contractor should help you create a kitchen remodeling plan that accommodates an appropriately-designed storage space.

Pro-tip takeaway: Use roll-out kitchen elements and convertible designs to maximize space.

Kitchen Storage design

  1. Choosing Your Appliances Last

If you're doing a full kitchen remodel, choose your new appliances earlier rather than wait until the last minute.

Although they should fit comfortably between cabinets and countertops in your kitchen, you won't tell the appliances' measurements until you actually pick them.

Ideally, choosing appliances last could mean that you'll have to figure out where to fit your countertops & cabinets and how much space to leave for the appliances without knowing their sizes.

Pro-tip takeaway: Decide on the type and sizes of appliances you want to incorporate into your kitchen and where to fix them to avoid inconveniences.

Appliance cabinet

  1. Doing it Yourself

While there is nothing wrong with working on your project alone, it is important to consult a kitchen design specialist before starting your renovation.

Be sure to search for the "best remodeling contractors near me" online and select the one that meets your requirements.

A qualified contractor will help refine your kitchen remodeling plan, offer expert advice and tips, and recommend extra ideas suitable for your project.

Pro-tip takeaway: Trying to handle large and complex remodeling tasks alone is risky and time-consuming with no quality guaranteed. Therefore, handle simple tasks and leave the complex work to experts.


  1. Failing to Plan for Unexpected Delays

It's obvious to always expect the best out of any remodeling project. But the reality is that not every kitchen remodeling project turns out exactly as expected.

There could be delays due to unforeseen circumstances, your home's structural problems, and bad weather.  Other inconveniences that could cause lag may include late material delivery or someone falling sick.

However, there is no cause for alarm as your home renovation contractors are doing their best to create a beautiful and functional kitchen just for you.

Pro-tip takeaway: Plan properly and leave a window for future changes in case of any contingency.


  1. Selecting the Wrong Size

The right size is not too big or too small, but rather fitting. Using fixtures or items of a compromising size will make your kitchen look incomplete, sloppy, and generally funny.

For instance, picking light fixtures to hang over the kitchen island without considering measurements can make the entire kitchen design off.

Or, if the bar stools are far much shorter than the island height, it's going to be difficult for your family to access the island comfortably.

Pro-tip takeaway: Be sure always to take correct measurements and get sizable items for your kitchen to avoid having a misfit item.


  1. Choosing Interior Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Your kitchen is the backbone of your home. It serves a variety of tasks ranging from meal preparations to a place for a family gathering.

Therefore, it's imperative to let professional home improvement contractors handle your project for a fantastic finish.

A qualified contractor will help fine-tune your ideas and plan your kitchen design. They can assist in the material selection process to ensure you pick the right materials suitable for your style and needs.

Additionally, they will give you an accurate budget estimate to provide you with a general idea of your project's cost implications. This can help you get prepared to avoid delays or cost overruns during the renovation.

Pro-tip takeaway: Always do your homework right when choosing your remodeling contractor. Look at their reviews, work history, certifications, and recommendations from previous clients.


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