Corner Kitchen Island and Inspirational Ideas

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corner kitchen island


Kitchen Remodeling Kitchen Ideas with Local Designer Corner Kitchen Island kitchen Island Ideas Selecting A Kitchen Island

Corner Kitchen Island and Inspiration Ideas

In recent years, kitchen islands have become a very important part of many kitchen designs. They can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the specific space. With so many options, how do you pick a kitchen island that meets both your aesthetic and functional requirements?

Homeowners have concerns about kitchen island countertop material. Others have concerns about the overhang measurements, corner radius, and other factors. We, on the other hand, have the answers. We'll show you how to make the best choices for this important kitchen focal point in this article.

corner kitchen island

Key Factors To Take Into Account When Selecting A Kitchen Island

  1. Material for Kitchen Island Countertops

Many homeowners choose the same granite or quartz for their kitchen island as they did for their perimeter countertops. In some cases; however, homeowners choose a coordinating material. This is particularly common when the kitchen island is added at a later date.

 Let’s take for example your perimeter countertops are dark gray or black granite. A neutral, light-colored island would work well as a design element.

  1. Measurements for Overhanging Countertops

Most kitchen islands come with base cabinetry, which is ideal if you require additional storage. If your design includes a full cabinet base, the recommended overhang without the need for additional support is 12 inches. 

Even when your design includes a full cabinet base. The recommended maximum overhang without the need for additional support is 12 inches. For knee comfort, the minimum overhang for seating should be at least 9 inches.

If you want a longer overhang, you'll need more support brackets. If your design has an extra-long overhang and you need support brackets. You should have them installed before the installation date so that your beautiful new countertops can be installed. (Homes & Gardens, 2020)

  1. Corner Radius Calculation

The degree of "roundness" that the countertop corner will have is referred to as the corner radius. Because of the increased traffic in that area, the corner radius on the side of the seating overhang is usually larger (rounder). This allows for easier movement.

ProTip Takeaway: During your measuring appointment, discuss the various size options with your contractor.

corner kitchen island ideas

  1. Edge Selection

Edge selection is treated in the same way as material selection by homeowners. Both the perimeter and the island are frequently treated with the same edge treatment.

However, if you want to add even more detail to the island, you can choose a different, more decorative edge. Add waterfall end panels to take the design to the next level. This option is more expensive because it is more labor-intensive and requires more material.

  1. Other Design & Creative Shaping Considerations

Some people go all out when it comes to the design of their island, even building it on two levels. Due to common kitchen layouts and practicality, most kitchen islands are rectangular. (Eastern Surfaces, 2020)

ProTip Takeaway: Some kitchen islands can include a sink or even a cooktop if space and design allow.

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Corner Kitchen Island Ideas

Aside from its functions, a kitchen island's change of pace often encourages material variation. You can afford to be more daring here. Go with a bolder finish or color, or perhaps a more expensive material that would be prohibitively expensive throughout the room.

Look to luxury materials for a show-stopping centerpiece. These can include veined marble and mottled granites.

 Exotic wood veneers, gleaming mirrored glass, or burnished metal can also be included. You can also go for pendant lights and bistro bar stools. (Ideal Home, 2021)

Incorporate a stylish storage

This is a particularly effective open-plan kitchen idea because you can see one side of the kitchen island directly. The broken design makes the block kitchen unit appear less imposing in comparison to the rest of the room. 

Consider using one side of a large island for kitchen storage. Have enough hidden drawers to conceal the majority of kitchen accessories. Then, on a sideboard-style surface, stack cookbooks and show off colorful chinaware.

Place a low dining table in the room.

Drop a lower-height worktop on a kitchen island to make it feel more inviting for dining. This will allow you to use standard dining chairs instead of high bar stools. It's a great idea for family kitchens where you don't want small children clinging to bar stools.

The dining portion of the kitchen island should have the same color cabinetry as the rest of the island. The height should be reduced just enough to make it usable as a dining table. Using a worktop that contrasts with the rest of the island will help to emphasize its purpose even more.

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Use each half of the kitchen island differently

When you have the space, use a kitchen island to bridge the gap between the utilitarian cooking area and social dining features. This will work well in an open-plan kitchen extension idea.

This can be accomplished by dividing the island in half. This can be in terms of usage, with functional kitchen elements like integrated refrigerators. It can also go well with induction hobs on one side and a breakfast bar with stools on the other.

ProTip Takeaway: A multifunctional design helps to unify the space's various uses while still clearly zoning each one.

Get the scale right

When it comes to planning a kitchen island, choosing the right size to scale is crucial. This is because while you want it to be the focal point, you don't want it to overpower the rest of the layout.

By adding a work surface and storage to your kitchen, the kitchen island frees up counter space. A new kitchen island can give you more counter space. Islands can add extra style and functionality to a room, making them a good fit for a variety of situations. 

Look for kitchen island ideas online before deciding on the best one for your kitchen. Whether you want a kitchen island with seating, a kitchen island without seating, there are many different styles to choose from today. A portable kitchen island is a great option if you're currently renting a home because you can take it with you.

Get The Right Lighting

After you've decided on the best option for your space, don't forget to check out kitchen island lighting options to finish the look. You'll have no trouble finding the perfect lighting to go with your new island and kitchen. The ideas range from modern kitchen island pendant lighting to statement-making chandeliers.

Choose close-to-the-ceiling modern kitchen pendant lights. This will help you to avoid having your field of vision obstructed. You should also avoid blocking windows in the kitchen. 

This is because natural lighting and the warm glow of kitchen ceiling lighting can work together to make the space feel light and spacious. (Houzz, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: Remember to keep light distribution consistent throughout the room when installing light fixtures. This is crucial, especially when dealing with small kitchens.


Make a statement with your wall cabinets.

Another thing to consider is kitchen color schemes. Many people like to use their island to add a splash of warm, on-trend color to an otherwise neutral color scheme.

You may also like this idea but are concerned that you will grow tired of it. Make sure your cabinet is made of wood or a high-quality wood veneer that can be easily repainted. (Homes & Gardens, 2020)

Add A Unique Worktop

Combine kitchen worktop ideas on your kitchen island to create a hybrid of styles within your kitchen concept. To signal a change of function for that section of the kitchen island, use new material. You can add a hearty oak workbench that is extended out over the granite surface to cover the remainder of the island. This will make a dedicated dining area in your elegant kitchen space. 

ProTip Takeaway: You can also use barstools to increase the signals for its dining function is simple.

Consider Curve the edges for better flow

If you're trying to fit an island into a small kitchen, a style with rounded corners is a suitable choice. This will certainly be more expensive, but there will be no sharp corners to trip over as you and your family maneuver around the space.

Corner  Kitchen Island


The intended function of the kitchen will determine how you style a kitchen island. If the island's main purpose is to serve food, it's ideal to fill it with storage. This might range from small cupboards to open units brimming with woven baskets. If the island is being used to create a dining area, use appealing elements such as comfy chairs with cushions.

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