Best Remodeling for handicapped accessibility

[BLOG] Published: 2021-01-04 - Updated: 2023-05-31

handicapped accessibility Remodeling


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Best Remodeling For Handicapped Accessibility

With the increasing number of handicapped in the USA, there is an excellent need for remodeling for handicapped accessibility.  

According to the 2010 census, the number of handicapped increased significantly from 50 million in 2000 to 56 million. And most of the handicapped cases are related to old age illnesses. 

Therefore, if you want to make life easier for a person with any physical or other types of special needs, a combination of home remodeling and modifications can go a long way. 

Below are some of the remodeling and modifications that you can get done to improve the accessibility of the house by the disabled

Bathroom handicapped accessibility

  • Handicap Accessible Bathroom Remodeling 

Since older adults or any person with a disability will not find it easy to use a facility made for people of sound health, making little changes can go a long way. Not to mention, the changes also make the bathroom more accessible and comfortable to use by the disabled. 

Some of the bathroom remodeling modifications that can be done include the following.

  • Addition of a walk-in bathtub: This can be great as an ordinary bathtub with high sides can pause a real-time challenge for people with disabilities. 
  • Walk-in shower: It can also be referred to as a roll-in shower, no-threshold shower, handicap accessible shower, or barrier-free shower.  You can install a shower bench or feature that can help add extra support and comfort. 
  • Install handrails, grab bars, or other supportive accessories to make life easy while in the bathroom.
  • Include open space for more accessibility. Ensure the bathroom has a sufficient turning radius for a wheelchair, transfer space, and follow ADA guidelines.
  • ADA-height toilet. Also, install risers if the user has a problem bending or rising. You can buy risers at around $50 or less at a nearby home improvement store. 
  • Sit-down or roll-under vanity
  • Hands-free control or lever-handled sink

All the modifications mentioned above are aimed at incorporating a wheelchair-accessible design while also increasing independence and safety.

kitchen remodeling for handicapped

  • Handicap Accessible Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen spaces can be designed to accommodate and support a handicapped who wishes to live an independent life. The handicap-friendly kitchen can also help a person with a physical disability to continue taking care of their families while even able to entertain their guests at home. 

Below are some of the wheelchair accessibility or remodeling projects for the handicapped that can, for sure, change their perception of life. Moreover, remodeling for handicapped accessibility can also change the way handicaps carry out their daily chores for the better. 

  • Sit-down or roll-under sinks
  • Multi-height countertops 
  • Install appliances at wheelchair height. Besides that, you can also arrange the appliance near the countertops and sink to make work easier.
  • Design drawer storage in place of the lower cabinets and move daily items into them for easy access from a wheelchair. 
  • Add easily accessible accessories and storage.

With the above modifications, you can revolutionize the kitchen and bring your home to life.  

  • Handicap Accessible Master Suite Remodeling 

When most people hear about the term “master suite,” most of them probably think of high-end accommodation. But in reality, it’s very simple. Master suite refers to a typical larger bedroom with a bathroom and a closet.

But in this article, we’ll focus on none other than how to make a master suite handicap accessible and utilize ample space to make your day-to-day life more manageable.

Below are some of the modifications that you can get done to make your suite more luxurious, meaningful, and handicap-accessible.

  • Consider a spacious bedroom with more open space. 
  • Design open and walk-in closets
  • Ample, accessible, and convenient storage
  • Handicap accessible bathroom dimensions with the safety and convenience features mentioned above.
  • Maximize natural lighting as much as possible
  • Replace round knob handles with lever handles. This makes it easy even for people with hand coordination issues to turn the door and faucet knobs effortlessly.


  • Common Spaces Remodeling For Handicap Accessibility

Apart from the bathroom, kitchen, and master suite, you also need to carry out some modifications in common spaces to meet the required essentials of handicap-accessible homes. 

Some of the remodeling modifications include but not limited to:  

  • Widening the doorways: Most of the wheelchairs and walkers are a bit wide to maneuver through most of the standard doors. Therefore, expanding the doorways makes the house more accessible for the disabled. However, it may also cost you hundreds to perhaps thousands to get the entryways blocked. 
  • Use automatic doors or change from around door not be lever knob for easy accessibility. 
  • Wider hallways and more open spaces: This makes the spaces easily accessible by wheelchair. 
  • Keep the spaces bright and well-lit with natural light. 
  • Select home accessories that are handicap-friendly
  • Custom flooring: Even though thick carpeting and rags feel warm and cozy, they present a hard time for those using wheelchairs. Besides that, they are also a potential tripping hazard for everyone.  Therefore, consider safer handicap flooring options, including vinyl, hardwood, or ceramic flooring.
  • Exterior Home Remodeling For Handicapped Accessibility

Besides remodeling the interior spaces to match handicapped needs, exterior spaces aren’t an exception. Therefore, you have to make outdoor spaces more comfortable for the handicapped. Below are some of the modifications that you can implement when remodeling for handicapped accessibility. 

  • Build a ramp: A ramp is not only essential for people in a wheelchair but also for those with mobility difficulties. Therefore, you can add aluminum modular ramps or custom ramps at the main entrances.
  • Widen the walkways or sidewalks.
  • Eliminate or avoid threshold entrances.
  • Add lower maintenance sidings.
The Best Handicap Accessible Remodeling Contractors In Houston

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