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Best Tile For Outdoor Patio in Houston

Best Tile For Outdoor Patio in Houston


Whether you are thinking about renovating or remodeling your outdoor patio In Houston, patio tiles will add a lot of value to your outdoor space. If you need the best professional for the job, Smart Remodeling LLC is the best you can have. We transform your outdoor patio with the latest tile designs and materials.

There are various types of tile materials that you can use on your patio. Sometimes, homeowners find it hard to select the best tile design. In that case, it is best if you deal with an expert to show you the different tiles that suit your outdoor area depending on various aspects. If you are thinking of incorporating tile for the outdoor patio, you will not regret your decision after seeing the outcomes. (Rubi Blog, 2019)


Advantages of using tiles for outdoor patio

  • Tiles are easy to clean
  • Tiles give your outdoor patio an attractive look
  • They are a permanent and stable solution for your outdoor patio floor
  • Tiles are a durable option for your patio floor
  • You have a variety of colors, styles, and types of tiles to choose from (DelMonico, 2021)

Options for outdoor patio tiles

Patio tiles come in different types that have various features. We help you review different types of tiles that you can get in the market.

Options for outdoor patio tiles

  • Ceramic tiles 

If you are in a place with mild weather conditions, then ceramic tiles are the best option for you. Ceramic tiles are bright and reflect light well, giving your proper patio lighting. Ceramic tiles come in different color shades. 

Therefore, you only choose the color that you are comfortable with. If you are looking for a solid tile for your patio, ceramic tile is not the way to follow. It is excellent for smooth usage. (Rubi Blog, 2019)

ProTip Takeaway: Ceramic tiles come in different types that are made differently. Therefore you should choose a type considering how the manufacture produces a particular kind of ceramic tile.

  • Quarry tiles

When we talk about quarry tile, some people may think that they come from natural quarries. Well, that is not the case. In the world we are living now, technology has led to advancement in the manufacturing industry. Quarry tiles are products of dense clay. 

Are you looking for solid tiles for your outdoor space? Well, look no further because quarry tiles are just what you need. They are water and slip-resistant. However, the tiles are not suitable for winter climates and stains quite easily. (Norton, 2021)

ProTip takeaway: If your house has a Mediterranean design, quarry tiles will perfectly blend on your outdoor patio.

  • Natural stone tiles

Natural stone is a general name for tiles made from limestone, slate, granite, and travertine. Natural stones are known to transform outdoor spaces to have a stylish look. You don’t need to worry about maintaining natural stone tiles because they are effortless to clean. 

However, there is a limitation because they are not slip-resistant. When the floor gets wet, you are likely to slip. Therefore, you need to be very careful when handling wet natural stone tiles. (Cumming, 2018)

ProTip Takeaway: Since natural stone tiles are very slippery when wet, you can add a slip resistance feature to the tiles. You can also choose natural stone tiles that have built-in slip-resistance features.

  • Interlocking tiles

Interlocking tiles are products from rubber and plastic. The interlocking tiles are square. The square interlocking tiles lock with each other to form a continuous surface on your patio space.

In the past years, interlocking tiles were useful in garage floors. In recent years, people are using interlocking tiles on their outdoor patio spaces due to their durability. However, these tiles are not very attractive. (DelMonico, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: Interlocking tiles are among the easiest to install tiles. Also, if you need to change them, removing them will be an easy task.

  • Travertine tiles

Travertine is a type of natural stone. The texture and the color of the travertine are incredible. You source travertine from mineral deposits. Travertine is among the most robust tiles you can find in the market.

Despite having a pleasant and colorful look, travertine tiles collect dirt very fast. Manufacturers polish the travertine tiles to ensure that they don’t collect too much dirt. The polishing, in return, makes them slippery when wet. (Norton, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: If you search for water-resistant travertine tiles, consider getting them from Italy and Turkey manufacturers rather than China or Mexico.

  • Granite tiles

Granite is also in the class of natural stones. Therefore you can trust the durability of granite patio tiles. Of all the natural stone tiles, granite is one of the best materials you can choose for your outdoor patio tiles. You can get granite tiles in a variety of colors, from bright to dark colors. (Cumming, 2018)

ProTip Takeaway: For house owners that live in areas that experience frequent weather changes, you should consider using granite tiles in your outdoor space.

  • Carpet

Yes, I know some people think that carpets are for indoor use only. But the truth is that there are carpets that are ideal for outdoor use. Carpets for outdoor come in square tiles. Each square tile of the carpet lays down individually to cover the outdoor space. 

You install the carpet tiles using the peel and stick technique using special glue. You can also use the interlocking method. The limitation of carpet tiles is that they are hard to clean. The durability of the carpet tiles is also not impressive. (DelMonico, 2021)

  • Soapstone Tiles

Soapstone tiles are also in the class of natural stone tiles. These tiles have a smooth texture and are water-resistant. The soft surface of the tile makes it easy to clean. The tiles do not need too much scrubbing to obtain a shiny look. 

Those qualities of the soapstone tiles make them stains-resistant. You can be sure that water cannot in any way damage your soapstone tiles. Soapstone material is ideal for any weather conditions. It can withstand high and also low temperatures. (Rubi Blog, 2019)

ProTip Takeaway: For house owners with a pool, soapstone tiles will be great for the poolside surface.

  • Slate

Slate, a natural stone tile, is excellent for patio spaces. The slate tiles are made as a result of high pressure and heat. The slate tiles are hard enough. Therefore, you do not need to worry about breakage.

If you use slate tiles on your patio floor, you will be sure that the tiles will last for a long. The slate material is also water-resistant, meaning that it is not prone to water damage. You also get the slate tiles in bright and dull colors. (Norton, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: When selecting slate tiles, be sure to choose a natural texture that prevents slipping when the tile is wet.

  • Marble tiles

If you are looking for less hard tile for your outdoor patio, marble tiles are the best for that case. Marble tiles will give your deck a unique look. The tiles are also available in a wide range of colors. Marble is also a great slip-resistant. However, the marble tiles are not water-resistant. (Cumming, 2018)

ProTip Takeaway: Most homeowners want a chic look on their outdoor space. If you are one of those homeowners, go for smooth polished marble tiles.

Marble tiles for Outdoor Patio

Consideration when choosing tile for outdoor patio

The wide range of patio tiles available in the market makes it hard for homeowners to select one option. Here is a guide that will help you choose the best tile for an outdoor patio.


The cost varies from one tile type to another. Plan and write down the amount you need to spend on the outdoor tiles. From there, you can compare the price of different tile types. Choose a tile that is within your budget. However, put the quality of the tile into consideration. Do not spend too much or too little than what is in your budget. (Rubi Blog, 2019)


Outdoor walls and floors need robust tiles, unlike those that people use for indoor floors. Choose a patio tile that’s strong enough to handle different temperatures. A solid outdoor patio tile will also be very durable. (Norton, 2021)


It would be best if you consider where you will be using the tiles. If you are buying the tiles for outdoor usage, you are probably planning to use them on the patio floor or wall. The tiles that you use on the floor are different from those you use on the walls. For patio floors, use tough tiles that you use on the walls. (Rubi Blog, 2019)

Weather conditions

Different tiles are ideal for other weather conditions. If a tile is not water-resistant, you should not use them in places with freezing temperatures. However, to be on the safe side, go for a patio tile that can withstand all weather conditions. (Norton, 2021)


Bright outdoor tiles make the patio space have perfect visual effects. Such tiles are perfect for a patio that is always dark and gloomy. If your deck receives excess direct sunlight, consider choosing dark color patio tiles. (Rubi Blog, 2019)

Style and texture

The best patio tile is the one that complements the overall design of your patio and house in general. Choose a color and texture that blend in perfectly with the existing house design. The surface should also allow slip resistance. (Norton, 2021)

Outdoor patio tiles cost

Tile Type

Cost per square foot

Natural stones

$5 – $35 

Ceramic and Quarry

$4 – $14 




$3 – $8 




$4 – $10

Are You Ready to change the tiles for your outdoor patio?

That elegant look that you see on your buddy’s patio space does not come easily. You need to invest in some high-quality and stylish tiles for an outdoor patio. Lucky for you, Smart Remodeling LLC has come to make the process of selecting, buying, and installing patio tiles easier for you. If you have any queries regarding patio space transformation, reach us at 832 800 8889 to get all the answers you need.

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