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Building and Remodeling Warehouses

warehouse Remodeling Cost

Building and Remodeling Warehouses

A warehouse is important to your business. Whether you wholesale, distribute, or sell at retail, there are several warehouse designs. When you decide to build a warehouse, you and your team work closely together. I.e. (the architect, builder, and interior designer). 

You and your team decide everything about your new warehouse. From its architectural style to its placement on the lot to its details, your goals and the warehouse itself will determine which option is best for your project. In this article, we’ll tell you the general rules that will help you decide if it’s better to build or remodel an old one.

First, we’ll look at how remodeling vs. building new influences cost, time, and design. Then, to wrap up, we’ll take a quick look at the pros and cons of each option.

Nothing can take the place of talking to a construction professional in person. We’d love to talk to you about your project and goals, no matter where you are in the planning process. For a free consultation, contact Smart Remodeling LLC.

Which is best in terms of cost?

The cost is one of the essential parts of a building project. In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to maximize their savings. Financial considerations typically determine whether to develop or remodel an aging warehouse.

3d rendering of warehouse building and box packaging in shell

The Price of Building New

It may seem obvious that buying a new piece of land and building a new warehouse will be the more expensive choice. Site work, utility installation, and warehouse foundation to the exterior are your responsibilities.

Building something new is usually the more expensive option. Building requires more work, more people, and more materials. There are, however, times when renovations can cost more than expected.

How much does it cost to remodel a warehouse?

When you remodel an existing warehouse, you’ll have to pay to make changes to the building to fit your needs. You’ll also be in charge of bringing the warehouse up to date so that it meets modern ADA, health, and safety codes. Depending on how much the warehouse is being changed, some of the original parts can be left alone. These parts help keep the cost of fixing up a warehouse lower than the cost of building a new one.

This won’t always be the case, though. Most of the time, it costs more to fix up an older warehouse. Remodeling also leaves room for the unexpected. Your construction team can’t predict conditions after work begins. These conditions could add cost and time to your project. In particular, if lead paint or asbestos were used.

Cardboard boxes on shelves in the warehouse

There may be grants or other support for improving unused or unattractive land. Governments and foundations may offer financial incentives to developers and businesses.

If all you want to do is make your current space look and feel better, remodeling may be cheaper. (Building Guide 2021)

As a general rule, remodeling costs less than building from scratch. But this might not be the case if you are fixing up an old building that has seen better days.

Which project will be done faster? 

The length of the project will depend on how big it is. I.e., whether your organization needs to keep running while construction is going on. If it’s being remodeled, how bad is the warehouse?

How Long Will a New Construction Project Last 

New construction takes longer than renovation due to the amount of work involved. When you opt to build the warehouse, you have to prepare the warehouse’s foundation and site. All of the utilities must be set up by you. You’ll have to build the whole thing from the ground up and put the finishing touches on it.

How Long Does a Remodeling Take?

Remodeling can often be faster than building the warehouse from scratch. There will be less for your construction crew to do. This is because many of the necessary building parts are already there.

Still, there will be times when this won’t be the case. especially with old or historic buildings. Projects can take longer than it would have taken to build them from scratch. Especially if there are dangerous materials in the building that need to be fixed.

Consider how a remodeling or starting over will affect your business when deciding. If your business is in the warehouse being remodeled, you may need to make changes for safety. Smart Remodeling LLC has completed multi-phased renovation projects to keep operations running smoothly. We’ll work with you to create a project plan that keeps your business running while we work quickly.

Most of the time, it will be faster to fix up an old building than to build a new one. This might not be the case, though, if the building being renovated is very old or needs a lot of repair work. (Insight Works 2015)

Which choice leads to a more pleasing and useful design?

The way a building looks sends a strong message to those who live or visit there. Finishes that look soft can make people feel at ease. Sleek, modern minimalism can show how efficient something is. The layout of your building is also important. When you put money into a building project, you want to make sure you are happy with how it looks and how it works.

Building A New Warehouse

Building from scratch lets you control how the warehouse looks and works. You can customize a warehouse’s size, layout, energy efficiency, and parking.

Re-Designing a Renovated Building

With renovations, you have to work within the limits of the building as it is. Even though you can move walls, add on to the building, and make it fit your needs, you won’t be able to build it the way you want.

 New warehouses, especially on older sites, lack the charm of remodeled ones. This charm can make a place a place where customers, clients, members, and employees want to be. In the 19th century, brick factories became apartments and old houses offices.

Interior of a modern warehouse

Pro tip takeaway: Most of the time, you have the most control over the design when you build it from scratch. With a remodel, you have to work with what’s already there.

Building Vs Remodeling Considerations



What are the rules for building in the area?

Is the warehouse in a good enough place that it would be worth it to fix it up?

What’s the weather like? What’s the place like? Do you need something to withstand temperature swings, high winds, and hail? Are you in an area that floods?

How much should you spend to keep the total value of your warehouse at a level where it can be sold?

How will the soil affect your plans and the way you build your foundation?

Do you have the original plans for how the warehouse was built?

Consider warehouse height, size, plot, service demands, complexity, access, and visibility.

If you are fixing up a historical building, try to find out if it has been fixed up before, what it was fixed up with, and why.

What is the supply of different materials and hired labor?

Are there any dangerous materials that could make it impossible to remove or build in any part of the house?

Whether you should build a warehouse or remodel will depend on the size of your project. (Insight Works 2015)

The pros and cons of remodeling

Remodeling may be fun because you use what you have to produce something new.

  • Most of the time, renovations take less time than building or construction work.
  • If all your home needs are a facelift, it would be cheaper and take less time to renovate than to build.
  • During renovations, you might not be able to use your home fully, but you probably won’t have to move out.
  • The building stays up while work is done, so it doesn’t have to be torn down.
  • You can make changes to your warehouse to fit your needs and make it more modern or better if you want to.
  • You can install new fixtures, fittings, and finishes that use less energy. These could save you a lot of money and help the environment over time.
  • You can look forward to having more room and more comfort and ease of use than you do now.
  • You’ll increase your property’s value, improve your ROI, and make it easier to sell.
The pros of building something from scratch

When people create, they look at their money, figure out how, and bet on long-term advantages. Basically, they choose to go through short-term pain in order to get long-term gain. Among the advantages of the building are:

  • When you build, you have a lot of control over the project. For example, you can build your dream warehouse exactly the way you want it, based on your specific needs.
  • You can build something that will last longer and is better for the environment
  • Smart technology and high-tech security can future-proof your warehouse.
  • You can make a space that can adapt to your changing needs as time goes on.
  • When it comes to fixtures, fittings, and finishes, you have full freedom to choose.
  • Since everything will be new, maintenance should take less time and cost less money.
  • New properties frequently sell for more than old, run-down ones when resold.

Are You Ready To Remodel Your Warehouse?

Smart Remodeling LLC wants as many firms and people to acquire their dream warehouse as we can. We would love to help you make your dream come true, whether you decide to build from scratch or do some remodeling. 

We have a breakdown hotline that can be called at any time of day or night. As soon as possible, set up a free consultation. Contact Smart Remodeling at 832-808-8889 or We believe that the people who work for Smart Remodeling LLC are the best in Houston.


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