How To Choose The Best Kitchen Style For You and Your Home

[BLOG] Published: 2021-04-01 - Updated: 2023-05-31

The Best Kitchen Style For You and Your Home


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The kitchen is nowadays the central point of any home. All the ladies' talks end up in the kitchen. Most family friends' happy moments happen in the kitchen. That's enough reason to embrace a good kitchen style. People's average time in the kitchen is more than the time they spend in their bedrooms and living rooms. The days are gone where people regarded a kitchen as just a place for making meals for family, friends, and visitors. (Whitehouse, 2017)

With the increase in ideas for kitchen styles, it has become very confusing to choose the best. I mean, how can I choose just a single type for my kitchen from the various styles available?  That's is where the experts like Smart Remodeling LLC come in. To help you choose the best kitchen style for you and your home. Having your kitchen have that stylish finish comes at an extra cost. However, it is all worth it.

How to Select the Best Kitchen Remodeling Style

Factors to consider when choosing the best kitchen style

Kitchen lovers are investing a lot to make their kitchen style stand out. The decision on which kitchen style to incorporate in your kitchen doesn't come easily. There are several factors that you need to consider to know which best kitchen style is for you. The elements are on the basis of different styles that you can get and other considerations. You need to understand all the different types to know which to choose. (Matt, 2019)

Understand the styles

Research on various kitchen styles. From there you can choose the best kitchen style. However, by doing that, you will not have considered all aspects. Style type selection is one step towards selecting the best kitchen style. (Matt, 2019)

  • Modern kitchen style

Its sleek appearance usually defines the modern kitchen style. The style mainly brings out the city lifestyle. A modern kitchen style displays modern colors that are bolder. It also has neutral components from the cabinets to the walls.  That ensures perfect illumination of the kitchen space and light reflection. (Kitchens, 2021)

Modern Style Kitchen

  • Traditional kitchen style

When we talk about traditional kitchen style, it does not mean that all the kitchen components have a wooden make. The conventional aspect of such a kitchen brings out a timeless look. A traditional kitchen style may have ancient finishes, grooves, steel appliances, moldings, and other elements. (Whitehouse, 2017)

Traditional kitchen

  • Transitional kitchen style.

The transitional style gives a touch of both the modern and the traditional kitchen style. Different people have different tastes, and this style ensures that you consider each taste. A taste of both worlds seems fascinating. If you are good with flexibility in kitchen styles, this is the best kitchen style for you. (Matt, 2019)

Other kitchen styles to choose from include: (Schmitz, 2013)

  • Farmhouse kitchen style
  • Craftsman kitchen
  • Contemporary kitchen style
  • Cottage kitchen style
  • Classic kitchen style
  • Eclectic kitchen
  • Mediterranean kitchen



Your kitchen's architecture plays a significant role when you are attempting to choose the best kitchen style. The architecture of your house, in general, should link to the architecture of your kitchen. Some kitchen styles will look out of place when done in a house with a particular architecture. Someone should know the style of your kitchen just by looking at the house's architecture. If you are not able to coordinate between the architecture and kitchen style, ask a professional. (Wise Craft, 2021)

There should not be a conflict between the architecture of the house and the kitchen style. Incorporating the techniques is of utmost importance. If you have a new or modern home, the classic instead of the contemporary kitchen style will work perfectly. For a home with ancient architecture, a traditional kitchen style will fit in well. However, if a house brings out two architectural styles (modern and traditional), then a transitional kitchen style will work best.

ProTip Takeaway: When remodeling, there are specific kitchen components that look amazing. You don't need to get rid of all features as long as it brings out the superb kitchen you wanted to achieve.


  • The layout of other rooms

Look around your house in all the other rooms from the office, bedroom, living room, guestroom, to the bathroom. What does the layout entail? I know certain features rhyme in all rooms in your house. The best kitchen style should also display the dominant design. The kitchen is still an entity in your home. Therefore, the kitchen style should fit in the general layout of the other rooms. Try to minimize the sense of detaching the kitchen from the available design. (Twenty5 Design, n.d)

You should also consider the color theme in other rooms when choosing a kitchen style. Most homeowners incorporate different colors for their homes. There are one or two dominant colors in all the rooms, which you can use to direct which kitchen style is the best. If the other rooms have contrasting layouts, then you have the freedom to have a different kitchen style depending on your taste.

ProTip Takeaway: Neutral home layout tones with furniture with a sense of texture would match well with a traditional kitchen style. A modern kitchen style will fit nicely in a brighter home.

  • Lifestyle

When considering the lifestyle, you are entirely looking at the function of the kitchen. Some use the kitchen for frequent cooking of meals. Some homeowners are rarely present and don't use the kitchen frequently. Some will not cook often but will always have fun times with friends and family in the kitchen. Others will cook and have fun moments in the kitchen. Different styles for different lifestyles. (Wise Craft, 2021 )

A kitchen style with a bigger space is excellent for those who enjoy moments with family and friends in the kitchen. You will need space to put on food, drinks, and a sitting area for the guest or family. Modern kitchen styles utilize a lot of stainless steel components. If you are a family person, the new type will not suit you since handprints are left all over the stainless steel components. For the cooking lovers, you need a lot of space to put cooking appliances.

ProTip Takeaway: If your lifestyle involves going a lot of activities in the kitchen, the best kitchen style for you is the one that provides ample space.


  • Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances have a direct relation to the kitchen style. You need to know which devices are best for which kitchen style. It will help if you aim for a perfect blend, in this case, a mix between the appliance's texture and the kind that you want to incorporate. If you are not aiming for a combination, the other option is the stand-out appearance. A kitchen style that stands out will integrate well with neutral kitchen appliances. (Matt, 2019)

ProTip Takeaway: The best kitchen style is the one that allows each component of the kitchen to complement each other. Having a style that stands out may limit the display of the elegance of different elements in the kitchen. 


  • Kitchen owner’s personality

It would be best if you consider the kitchen owner’s taste. There are people with the same home structure, but their taste varies in other aspects. It would be best if you did not assume that all people will always have the same taste. When choosing the best kitchen style, you should consider the kitchen style taste and other personal tastes. What do you like and what don't you like? A particular kitchen style can perfectly fit your kitchen depending on your home architecture but does not rhyme with your personality. (Twenty5 Design, n.d)

What color do you like? Do you prefer metal or non-metal finishes? Do you love arts in general? A kitchen style that incorporates kitchen arts will not work for an individual that is not into arts. The kitchen art piece will not make any sense to him/her. There are people with a personality that appreciates the ancient style. So, a traditional kitchen style will make more sense to them. The city people will mostly enjoy the modern kitchen style.

ProTip Takeaway:  Your interests and what you wear display your personality, giving you an idea of which kitchen style is suitable for you. 

Kitchen Design Consulting & Scheduling

The kitchen style that makes you happy and makes you feel that your personality is appreciated is the best for you. Besides all the other considerations, let your taste be the key to guiding you when choosing the best kitchen style for your home. If you have trouble deciding what the best kitchen style for you is, Smart Remodeling LLC will help you with that. Call us at 832-800-8889 to get a free consultation on kitchen remodeling, or visit our showroom at 12711 Fuqua St, Suite 106 Houston, TX 77034, to discuss the possibilities of home remodeling today!

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