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If you walk around most homes with decks nowadays, you will notice that there is composite decking. The number of people using composite as their decking material is increasing each day. The main reason homeowners love composite is that its wood look incorporates other features to make the material very easy to maintain. I mean, maintaining a deck is not an easy task. Therefore, if there is a material that provides easy maintenance, then it is worthwhile. (, n.d.)

To ensure that you get the return for the amount you spend for composite decking, make sure you are dealing with a reputable company like Smart Remodeling LLC, where you get experts that will deliver incredible results. Before deciding to use composite as your decking material, ensure that all information regarding composite decking is at your fingertips. In that way, you can assess whether it is a good choice for you or not. 


What is composite decking?

Composite is a decking material that’s a product of a combination of polymer resin and groundwood fiber. Composite has been helpful as a decking material for the last two decades. Composite material comes in different sizes where homeowners purchase the size that’s enough for their deck. 

Professionals install composite on the deck using special tools that are meant for composite material. When you step on a deck with the composite material installed on the floor, the underfoot feels bouncy. That is a great and comfortable feeling, thanks to the material's flexibility that allow elasticity. In terms of maintenance, composite is the best material you can get in the market today. (, n.d.)

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Advantages and Disadvantages of composite decking

Before you decide to use composite, compare the advantages and disadvantages of the material.  (Vaglica, 2010)


  • Composite require less maintenance

  • Composite decking will last for long

  • The decking material is not prone to fading

  • You can get the composite material on a longer board that requires minimal end joints.

  • The material is recyclable.



  • The material is relatively expensive.

  • Dark composite heats up fast, and the effect is felt on the underfoot

  • Prone to grease and food stains


Types of composite decking

Just like any other decking material, composite decking is also available in different types.



Wood fibers need a lot of maintenance. To reduce that, manufacturers eliminate the wood fibers and replace them with all-plastic decking. The PVC component manufacturers utilize in the all-plastic decking stain, scratch, and fade resistance. (, n.d.)


Capped composites

Capped composites are the composite core that has cardstock wrapping. The plastic is rigid and thick, giving the homeowner guarantee of durability. The wrapping is necessary to resist moisture that can damage the wood fibers. The surface is also super easy to clean and stain, fade and scratch-resistant. 

Textured Grain

Just as the name indicates, the textured grain comes with a rough grain on both sides of the decking. The grain cut-ins are helpful in hiding scratches. Therefore if you have playful children or pets that can scratch the deck floor, textured grain is the best material for your decking. (Vaglica, 2010)


Embossed grain

Unlike the grain on the textured grain decking, the one on the embossed grain is deeper. The manufacturer presses the grain on the embossed grain instead of cutting it. That’s what makes the grain deep and solid.

Weathered wood

The weathered wood decking has a solid profile that contains additional pigments. The pigment gives the weathered wood decking a veining-like design, such that the piece looks like aged cypress.


Paper Board 

The paper board composite decking comes from a combination of recycled paper and plastic. It is excellent in fading resistance. (Vaglica, 2010)


A watertight composite decking is 100% water-resistant. Even when you submerge it in water for a long time, it will not absorb any moisture.

ProTip Takeaway: Each of these composite decking types comes with a different feature, implying that the price will vary from one type to another.

Considerations when selecting composite decking 

The variety of composite decking types available in the market makes it confusing for homeowners to select one option. Here are some of the aspects that you should consider to make sure that you choose the best. (Cladco Decking, 2021)


When assessing the appearance of different composite decking, it will be good to consider how you want your deck to appear. Choose a material that has an outstanding appearance and complements the design of the entire house.


The components manufacturers use to make composite decking are different for each decking material type. Since the details have other qualities, it brings a price difference. Choose a composite decking material that suits your budget. Do not spend too much for the same results you can have if you stick to the budget.


Always select durable composite decking. Durable composite decking may come at a higher price, but the material is worth the price. Most homeowners want a deck material that will last for a long.  If you rush for the cheap ones, you will end up with low-quality material.


Different brands have different warranty terms. If you are buying an expensive composite decking from a particular brand, consider the warranty terms. In that case, you will not worry when the material gets damaged even before use. The longer the warranty time, the better.


Look for the components of a particular composite decking that you intend to buy. The features should be friendly to the environment and its surrounding. An expert will tell you that the composite decking type with recyclable components is the best.

ProTip Takeaway: Always remember to incorporate all aspects when choosing composite decking. When you leave some parts behind, you might end up with the wrong type.

Composite Decking Contractor 

A homeowner who is serious about transforming the look of the deck will work with a contractor. The urge to get incredible results drives most homeowners to look for the best composite decking contractors to do a perfect job on the deck. What will you do to make sure that you choose the best contractor? Well, by considering a few aspects, you will be working with the best contractor in town. (Corcoran, 2017)


Check the contractor online

If you have a list of contractors to choose from, take each contractor at a time and gather all information you can get about them online. You might not find background information on all contractors online. Some contractors are so good, such that they have a website. That makes the research more accessible.

Ask about the contractor

Ask several homeowners who have elegant-looking decks about the contractor that made the deck.  If a homeowner were happy with a particular contractor's work, they would refer you to the contractor. That assures you that you will be working with the best.

Make calls to the contractors

If you want to begin calling the contractors, make sure that you have a narrower list. Eliminate contractors using the first two aspects. By making phone calls, you will know the availability of the contractors and whether the contractor has a license and insurance or not. Also, ask the contractor to refer you to some homeowners whom they have worked for.

Schedule an in-person meeting

An in-person meeting will help you know whether you like the contractor or not. You will also have a chance to ask the contractors questions regarding their skills and experience. During the in-person meeting, you will also know whether the communication between the two of you will be effective. 

Put the contract in writing

Everything you discuss and agree on with the contractor, including the project timeline and payment, should be in Writing. Both of you should sign the contract to make it formal.

ProTip Takeaway: A good contractor should handle everything at the time of the project and have a strong team of subcontractors.

Moisture shield decking 

No other manufacturer can beat MoistureShield in manufacturing environmentally-friendly decking material with a combination of wood and plastic components. The components are recyclable, making the decking material friendly to the environment surrounding. MoistureShield comes in a variety of colors and styles for composite decking at a considerable price. That means that you can always work with your budget to get MoistureShield composite decking. (Flooring Clarity, 2021)

Covered Deck Ideas 

A deck is not complete without a cover. The cover enhances and adds value to the overall design of the deck. If you want a deck cover that complements your home's overall design, you need to look for covered deck ideas. Here are some structures that you can use as deck covers. (Taylor, 2021)

  • Pergola

  • Arbor

  • Gazebo

  • Roof extension

  • Attached 

Composite Decking Cost



Cost exclusive of labor

$9 - $16 per square foot

Cost inclusive of labor

$45 - $55 per square foot


Are You Ready For Your Deck Remodeling

A home with a deck feels so satisfying. It gets more enjoyable when you use composite decking. Experts will tell you that this is a worthwhile investment. The durability and easy maintenance of the composite decking makes the material outstanding among many. Reach us, Smart Remodeling LLC, at 832-800-8889 to get a free consultation regarding deck designs in general.

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