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Green Remodeling Contractor: What Is Green Remodeling

Green energy saving home remodeling

Green Remodeling Contractor: What Is Green Remodeling

Most homeowners and remodeling companies are becoming more environmentally conscious and going for green remodeling options. The types of projects that homeowners are starting and the materials and finishes they want are being influenced by sustainability choices.

what is green remodeling

People are looking for green remodeling solutions that minimize their environmental impact when they take into consideration the sheer amount of home improvement projects as well as the natural resources needed to make and transport all of home remodeling supplies. 

What Is Green Remodeling

Green remodeling generally refers to thinking and planning your remodeling project with respect for the environment. This can be through the use of salvaged or local materials, waste reduction, and recycling, as well as energy efficiency.

You can choose to use one of these areas or even use them all in your next project. What matters most is that there are many solutions available to eco-conscious consumers and contractors whether you’re having a minor update or a full remodel.

ProTip Takeaway: Remodeling is “green” by nature because you are reusing and enhancing existing structures.

Why should you do a sustainable home renovation?

A significant green remodeling project will cost significantly more than one that is not environmentally friendly. Even though the cost is rather high, you will eventually make up for it by saving money on your utility bills.

Consider adopting a green remodeling strategy as an investment rather than a cost. You’ll spend less money on energy costs, and your house will be worth more as well. Homes with green certifications tend to sell more quickly and for 4 to 5 % more than the asking price. The use of non-toxic products in sustainable remodeling will also result in cleaner living.

Why Should You Hire A Green Remodeling Contractor?

Older homes were constructed when energy was inexpensive, and therefore they lack many of the elements seen in current green buildings. A green remodeling contractor understands that every remodeling project that is not environmentally friendly is a lost opportunity with long-term effects.

Many new-home builders are looking to lessen the environmental footprint of their homes. Green remodeling contractors also have the opportunity to provide their clients with a healthier or more pleasant home without having to start from scratch.

Remodeling is naturally greener than building new homes if you take into account using items like low-VOC paints, caulks, and adhesives, as well as certified and healthy wood products.

Green remodeling makes good financial sense, especially now when environmental awareness is high. Additionally, because of the green characteristics, green remodelers can market upgrades and make more money.

ProTip Takeaway: A green remodeling contractor will provide a healthier environment for their client to live in while also making their workplaces healthier for their staff.

Green Remodeling Practices


It is best to go slowly and methodically during a remodel rather than demolishing your house to pieces from the inside with a hammer. This will give you and your contractor the opportunity to determine what can be renovated or reused.


One easy method to reduce the carbon footprint of your remodeling is to give the items you have new life. For instance, you save thousands of dollars on a kitchen renovation by painting your existing cabinets with non-toxic paint.

Refacing is another option, in which you leave the cabinet frame but replace the doors, pulls, knobs, and hinges.


This is another great idea to use for green remodeling where instead of shipping wood across the country, you can use locally available previously used materials. This will reduce the need to purchase new items and fewer natural resources will be taken from nature.

Green Remodeling Practices

The Benefits of Green Remodeling



Energy efficiency


Reduced waste and more recycled materials


Healthy indoor air


Incorporate salvaged and local materials

The Benefits of Green Remodeling

Energy efficiency

Green renovation is now a local and international problem as older houses will always outnumber new ones. Green remodeling provides an opportunity to make any existing home a more beneficial home. These older homes tend to be inefficient and also have poor interior air quality. This inefficiency results in increased utility costs.

Green home remodeling construction

There are many areas of your home where a green remodeling contractor can reduce energy use and expenditures. Using energy-efficient appliances is a fantastic place to start.

It is also important to make wise design decisions in each area of the home redesign, including the size of the room, the direction your windows face, the outside color of your house, as well as the landscaping used.

Reduced waste and more recycled materials

Landfills receive over 70% of the waste generated by remodeling and demolition projects. A lot of these materials can be recovered, put to good use, or recycled. Cabinets, doors, hot water radiators, light fixtures, windows, and wood floors and trim are examples of common items that can be salvaged for reuse. There are also many non-profit and for-profit institutions that accept good materials for home construction.

Recycling building materials is a fantastic alternative to dumping them when they can’t be saved for reuse. 

Green remodeling contractors might also turn up dangerous substances like asbestos, fluorescent light bulbs and batteries that contain mercury or lead, appliances, electronics, paint, and pesticides.

ProTip Takeaway: Handling these types of dangerous wastes properly is required by law and is important in protecting public health and the environment.

Healthy indoor air

Unhealthy indoor air is a direct cause of the rising number of allergies and asthma cases. This makes indoor health another main aspect of green remodeling which is in many ways as important as energy efficiency. Most people spend most of their time indoors but most homes have less healthy air than the outside. Green remodeling ensures that there is sufficient healthy air for people to thrive in a healthier home and avoid allergies and asthma.

Incorporate salvaged and local materials

A skilled contractor will include salvaged, recycled, or locally made materials when planning your project in order to close the waste loop. The contractor can use items like sinks, cupboards, and light fixtures that they can buy salvaged and use in your remodeling project.

There are many salvage and antique stores that offer unique, durable building materials and home furnishings that have been saved from earlier projects and are searching for a second chance. Glass tile, carpet, and latex paint are just a few of the products that use recycled materials.

ProTip Takeaway: Buying locally reduces your environmental impact by lowering transportation emissions.

Green Remodeling Design Ideas

There are multiple green principles you and or your contractor can follow when planning a house remodel. Here are materials and methods that can be used during remodels to improve your home’s sustainability and energy efficiency.

Reclaimed Wood Floors: Reclaimed wood floors are beautiful and environmentally friendly. Using reclaimed wood helps to protect our forests and trees. Recycled wood can be used to make beautiful floors, doors, cabinets, wood beams, table tops, and even stairs. 

Solar Saving Sources: Using porous construction materials like brick, plaster or concrete will absorb the sun’s rays during the day and release warmth at night. These materials will naturally keep your house warm without the need for pricey solar panels or additional energy and carbon dioxide consumption to artificially heat your home.

Environment-Friendly Countertops: There are a variety of environment-friendly materials to pick from for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. These environmentally-friendly materials can range from recycled glass to recycled paper.

ProTip Takeaway: Recycled paper diverts glass from waste streams and reduces emissions produced in cement making.

Energy-efficient windows: Replacement windows should be double-paned, weather-stripped, and caulked to keep warm air in and cold air out. You can be wasting a lot of the cool or warm air that your air conditioning or heating system produces if your windows don’t meet green requirements.

energy efficient home remodeling

Low or Zero-VOC Paint: The once smelly and dangerous paint is now low or zero-VOC paint. It is now simple and affordable to find your desired paint in your house. Low or zero-VOC paint contains fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than other paints. VOCs are known to cause respiratory problems, nausea, and dizziness while also releasing harmful substances into the atmosphere.

Landscaping: The area in the home and what type of trees you plant can make a great difference. Deciduous trees are a great option to plant in that they tend to lose their leaves in the winter to maximize heat and light while in the summer they provide shade.

For you to experience this effect in your home it is advisable to plant your tree on the south and west sides of a property. Your property will also remain cool if you install a green roof.

Are You Ready To Green Remodeling?

There is a lot of information available on green remodeling to make houses healthier and is not difficult to implement. People who live in green homes say that they are healthier and suffer from fewer allergies and asthma attacks. 

With the help of our green remodeling contractor, we can make practically any existing home a healthier place to live. Green remodeling shows our commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, and it also boosts staff morale and retention. Contact us today for more details on how you can have a green remodeling project in Houston, TX.


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