How Long Do Home Additions in Houston Take?

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How Long Do Home Additions in Houston Take?


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How Long Do Home Additions in Houston Take?

Most people would rather build a home addition to their home than buy a new one. A home addition would be the best option if you still have space available. In any case, having a home addition can be exciting and a great refresher to your home. Making something new out of the old or turning a room into something new can be thrilling.

Most homeowners want to know how long a home addition will take. This is because during a home addition some areas in the house will be closed off and everyday life will be interrupted. Homeowners want to know how long they will have to live in a home that is under construction. The most asked question is: How long will the home addition take?


Hiring qualified contractors or designers like the ones we have at Smart Remodeling LLC will greatly enhance the end product. Our professionals will do their best to help you bring out your dream home addition to life in the shortest time possible. We strive to give you the best choices of materials to stand out with the best quality finishes and building materials.

So how long does a home addition take in Houston Texas? The timeline is dependent on factors such as specific addition designs, location, and scope that can cause a project to run long.

Factors That Can Affect the Schedule of a Home Addition Project

Let’s have a look at some of the most common factors that we need to consider when creating a timeline estimate for a home addition. Some factors are controllable while others are out of our hands. Having a team such as ours at Smart Remodeling LLC that is flexible and can plan accordingly will make sure delays are kept to an absolute minimum even as situations arise along the way.


The Size of Your Home and the Scope of the Home Addition

This is a no-brainer, but it's also crucial. Is there a need for structural changes? Are you thinking about adding an additional room to your house? Every well-thought-out change necessitates time and effort.

Securing the necessary building permits

Every city is different and you may be able to obtain these permits fast in some circumstances. In other circumstances, obtaining the requisite building permits could take weeks or even months. A competent home addition contractor such as ours will be able to speed up the procedure and obtain the necessary permits.

Changes in Home Addition Design

Clients can change their minds at any time on the home addition design. However, design alterations might cause your renovation project to be delayed and can also be costly. While an experienced constructor should be able to adapt to the situation, he should advise you on a new timeline based on the changes being made.

The Weather

The weather is one of those things that can affect even the best-laid plans. Our contractors and their teams are used to working through all kinds of weather like out-of-the-blue storms and cold snaps. They will also take physical effects into account when devising management methods to prevent extremes and make the most use of available resources to meet project deadlines.

Adjustments need to be made for weather variations such as:

  • Extreme Temperatures. This is usually not a major concern here in Houston though some states have to deal with large temperature changes that can completely alter the home addition timeframe. The crews may need to take a break for safety’s and quality's sake if the temperatures drop below freezing affecting the way paint dries or concrete hardens. Temperatures that also remain above 100 degrees for an extended period can cause their own set of concerns.
  • Rain, Snow, and Hail. We experience a lot of precipitation out here in Houston. While it is feasible to work in the rain, excessive precipitation pouring for an extended period might cause a project to halt. If site work or landscaping requires the use of bulldozers, extreme muddy conditions might slow them down. Excess rain and flooding can affect the foundation from being laid but once the foundation has dried, most of the schedule will not be affected as most of the work will have moved inside. (Sims Luxury Builders, 2021)

Factors That Can Affect the Schedule of a Home Addition Project

Phases of a Home Addition Project

A home addition project should have these five distinct stages: planning, budgeting, demolition, construction, and cleanup. Depending on the choices you make at each stage, you can easily keep your project on track, on time, and on budget.

  • Planning: At this stage, you ought to list your wants and needs for the contractor to have an idea of what you want to do then take all the necessary measurements. Changing your mind about minor details can cause major delays.
  • Budgeting: Ask your contractor for a ballpark estimate on your project. Keep in mind that costs can vary with location. Market prices for construction materials can change quickly. Contractors will work on floor plans based on your financial verification and a design agreement.
  • Demolition: This stage will include removing elements such as walls and wiring, carpet, and flooring which will be dirty work. Though shorter than the actual construction, this process will be just as tough. Ensure you protect your furniture from dust and debris.
  • Construction: Now this is where the work begins. Your contractor will start with the foundation work then move to framing, electrical, insulation, and adding drywall. What will follow will include putting in the siding and windows and then getting to work on the interior finishes.
  • Clean up: The work is almost over because all that’s left is to remove the dust and debris from the site then you can fully enjoy your new home addition. (Better Homes & Gardens, 2015)

ProTip Task: Getting an interior designer on board early will be a great idea. The designer will help with the selection of items you will require, this way the actual budget will be based on actual material pricing.

Best Home Remodeling Companies

How to Make Home Additions Move Faster

At the end of the day, you are in charge of your home renovation even though the team includes your architect, builder, and work teams. While some factors are beyond your control during a home addition, you should always stay in control of the situation. You can help your project stay on schedule by doing the following things:

Choose the Right Home Addition Contractor

Transparency is key. Your contractor is at the forefront of every aspect of your home addition. An expert who can precisely execute your design will ensure the project will be completed on time. Get experienced contractors at Smart Remodeling LLC with home addition expertise and whose works are the best in the state.

Get the Lead Time for Certain Products and Materials

Make all of your selections and any special orders early since materials such as flooring, doors, or specialty tiles have a longer lead time.

Have Regular Project Meetings with Your Contractor

Having regular meetings with the contractor, site crews, the project manager, and everyone else is necessary as it ensures everything is kept on track. Visit the site and get to understand what’s going on, this way you will be able to point out what’s not right and have it corrected before the work goes any further.

Stick to the original Home Addition Plan

Mid-project changes are possible although changing your mind about minor details can cause major delays. Involving your builder during the architectural design phase will help avoid these changes. They will be able to make suggestions and offer advice about possible constructability or livability issues before plans are finalized. (New Life Builders, 2020)

ProTip Task: The construction phase will be faster if you are well prepared with planning and gathering materials to kick start your home addition project.

According to Home Advisor, a home addition project takes an average of 3-4 months. The construction only takes at least 3 months, while the planning, design, and permitting stages can make this project twice as long. The good thing about the new home addition is that you won’t have an existing space torn up and the result will be a bigger home. (Home Advisor, 2017)

ProTip Task: Your contractor will be in your home for quite a while, take time to keep the project going smoothly, and make the relationship stronger by offering occasional lunches or even a pot of coffee.

Are You Ready To Know How Long Do Your Home addition in Houston Texas Will Take?

The best way to start your home addition journey in Houston Texas is to consult with us at Smart Remodeling LLC. We have qualified contractors with a reputation for delivering where it counts in the shortest time possible. We have a track record of remarkable performance that sets us apart from the rest in the industry. Our experts will be with you every step of the way from planning, design till the completion of the project.

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