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Choosing the right cabinet color is thus an important step to giving your cabinet the final touch it needs to look at the part. Here is the main consideration when selecting the right cabinet colors;


The kitchen cabinet colors one chooses can either enhance or diminish the look depending on the size of the kitchen. It is advisable to go for bright colors if your cabinet is small and to choose dark colors if your cabinet is large and well-lit.

Size matters because the color of your cabinets can enhance or oppress the kitchen so pay attention to the size.

The style of the Cabinet

You can easily choose the right color for your cabinet by considering the design style. If you have created a traditional kitchen, classic colors like cream will be a good selection or even white will do in such a case. However, if you have a modern kitchen, you have a wide variety of colors to choose from ranging from Love red, green to yellow. Contrasting tones and bright colors are noted to go very well with the modern design (Bohigia, 2016).

Arts and crafts or shaker-style kitchens are noted to be better off with subdued creams colors and bright whites.

Pro Tip: Contrasting tones and bright colors are noted to go very well with the modern design.


Will you sell your House Soon?

You need to know how long you shall be in the house when considering colors not only for your cabinets but for the whole establishment. If it is not your permanent residence that you want to pass down to your kids, and you are considering selling it in the future, you might want to stick to neutral colors so that the house appeals to a wider audience. Think less about your personal preferences in such a scenario and more about what the buyers shall like in the future. Neutral colors like white and gray are likely to appeal to the masses.

Even if you are confident that a bright color like yellow will look great in the kitchen, not every buyer shall be on board with such a dramatic décor.

The colors of Your Walls

You want to paint your cabinets with complementary colors that will blend well with your walls. The most common complementary colors are the following;

  • Red/green
  • Blue/Orange
  • Purple/Yellow

If you are not sure about pairing complementary colors, you can make use of the color wheel to complement.

Learn to make use of contrast to your advantage (Livermore, 2018). A good contrast is created when black cabinets are paired with a light kitchen design. It is noted that Gray or dark brown kitchen cabinets can look great when contrasted with light kitchen design.


You can choose multiple colors

You can be bold and playful when choosing cabinet colors, you don’t have to play safe. Two or more colors can be fun and impactful. However, if you are not a risk-taker and you prefer a single color, you can go for one bold color and choose to pair it with a neutral cabinet color. Another great cabinet for experimenting is to paint your kitchen island cabinetry a different color from the rest of the kitchen just for fun.

Pro Tip: Don’t be scared of getting bold and playful with colors.

Are you worried about a Stain?

Many people shudder thinking about the idea of painting over the beauty of the wood in their kitchen cabinets. If you are one of those people and you are a little concerned with persevering the beauty of the wood, but you still want some color in your kitchen deep down, you can consider staining the wood with a color you love.


Go for One color with Multiple Shades

Neutral colors can be so boring but bold colors can also be too much. You can find a compromise by using two shades of one color. It is very possible to use dark shades of gray or tan on your upper cabinets and use light shades of the same on lower cabinets. Such a simple technique will give you a neutral feeling in your kitchen but also give an element of visual interest.

Whether you are painting an existing cabinet or painting a new one, you should choose high-quality construction and paint so that the cabinet will look beautiful for the years to come.

One color with Multiple Shades cabinets

Which mood will you create?

It is significant to consider which kind of mood you would want to create with your colors. Whichever color you choose will give your kitchen a specific mood. The light blue color is said to create a calm, relaxed mood, whereas the black cabinet color creates a sophisticated and dramatic mood. Colors are associated with certain moods and it is good to consider that when choosing cabinet color.

What is your favorite color? You can also consider that when choosing cabinet colors. This can be an easy way of deciding what to paint in your kitchen if you have no idea which color to go with.

The best advice when it comes to selecting colors for anything is to go with what you like. What is trending doesn’t matter and what Mrs. Joshua has on his cabinets doesn’t matter either. What do you want? That is what matters.

You are the one who lives in your house and cooks in that kitchen, and you will want to see something you like every day. It is good to toss some ideas around, think outside the box when selecting the colors, and know the ups and downs that come with selecting certain colors.

Pro Tip: Colours give a specific mood so be selective considering the mood you want. 

Here are some of the main cabinet colors and their ups and downs

White Colors;

You might feel like white cabinets are everywhere and you don’t need them but there is a reason it is such a common, viable color. The color white is timeless and will never go out of style. The color also allows for flexibility in the rest of the kitchen. This color fits perfectly into both the traditional and modern kitchen design (Graham, 2018).

The only downside to white color is that there is more maintenance needed especially if you have kids or pets in the house. Don’t let that discourage you though, there are plenty of good reasons to love white colors.

White Colors cabinets

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

The color of the sky, blue makes for a fun color and it can almost be neutral, or sometimes it can be very bright. The color blue psychologically makes one feel good and it has a calming effect. This color brings feelings of peace and tranquillity if used in moderation. It is important to note that blue can be overpowering on a wall and it is important to choose a shade that you like. This is to avoid repainting in case the shade you chose doesn’t work out.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Colors

Gray is a color in the middle ground, it is not as stark as white and it is also not as traditional as wood. Gray comes in many tones that can serve both a contemporary and a classic kitchen design. Gray kitchen cabinets are currently on the trend right now (Myers, 2015).

It is a huge gamble to choose a trendy color. Many designers are embracing shades of gray as their default color nowadays. They can use gray in a way that feels fresh and we can bet that this neutral color will stand the test of time.


Bright Color Cabinets

A pop of color is a personal style statement that you can choose if you are the bold type. This might just be what your kitchen needs for it to truly feel like it belongs to you.

Bold colors when used in large doses can seem overpowering. You are also likely to get tired of them. If you like purple and have always been into that, then choosing it for your cabinet will just be great. However, if your favorite colors keep changing, it is advisable to find creative ways in which you can add color to your kitchen décor.


Are You Ready For Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets with the right color is a great step towards giving your kitchen the ultimate look that you need. Whether you have a traditional kitchen design or a contemporary design, you can always get a color that complements your kitchen design and still gives you the right mood you need in your kitchen. In case you need help with finding the right approach to painting your kitchen cabinet in Houston, Smart Remodelling LLC is where you to go. 

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