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How To Get Soap Out Of A Carpet “The Best Way”

How To Get Soap Out Of A Carpet

How To Get Soap Out Of A Carpet

Tired of seeing stains on your carpet even after completely cleaning it? No need to be dissatisfied any longer because we have excellent methods for removing such stains. The frequent reappearance of carpet stains and soap residue can be attributed to two factors. 

Before we get into how to remove soap residue from carpets, it’s important to understand what causes spillage and soap residue in the first place.


This occurs when you or someone else in the house spills soapy water or other liquid cleaning chemicals on the carpet. This is one of the most common ways soap gets into the carpet.

Soap Residue

Cleaning the carpet requires the use of soap and water. Recurrent shampooing of the carpet is the main cause of soap residue. This occurs when too much shampoo is used to wash the carpet, or when the carpet is not thoroughly rinsed.

 If the carpet is not properly washed, traces of soap or detergent remain on the carpet, resulting in stains. It is therefore critical to thoroughly rinse the carpet. If this is not done and soap residue remains, there is no need to be concerned.

These soap residues are simple to remove at home and can be done as a DIY. (Home Guides, 2021)

Soap Residue

Effects Of Leaving Soap On The Carpet

If you drop the dish soap and don’t clean it up, you’ll end up paying a lot of money. Because liquid dish soap contains moisture, it creates mildew when the moisture condenses in the carpet fiber. 

Furthermore, the soap contains a harsh chemical that might react with carpet fibers and cause them to weaken. It may even damage the floor underneath it if left unattended. Dish soap residue should be properly wiped up while cleaning with it, as it is a source of moisture that draws mold. 

ProTip Takeaway. To keep your carpet looking and smelling its best, remove soapy water from it as soon as possible.

Ways To Get Soap Out Of A Carpet

There are two types of soap spills on the carpet: wet and dry. The wet form of a spill is one that is still recent, with soap visible on the carpet. The dry Spill, as the name implies, is one in which the soap spill has dried and is barely visible on the carpet.

The type of spill on the carpet is the most important component in removing soap from it. There are a few different methods for getting soap stains out of your carpet. 

If you have a wet/dry vacuum, carpet cleaner, or steamer, you’ll get the best results in the shortest amount of time. If you don’t, there are alternative options that we’ll look at. ( Wow So Clean, 2021)


You’ll need the following;

Clean towels.

Hot or warm water

Warm water.


White vinegar.


Wet/Dry Vacuum

Kitty Litter

A fan.

Spray bottle


Steps to Clean Up a Dry Spill
  1. Because a dry spill has been on the carpet for a longer period of time, the first step is to neutralize the soap. Soak the soap in warm water to dissolve it. Because of its absorbency, adding vinegar to the water speeds up the process.
  2. Cover the affected areas of the carpet with a mixture of water and vinegar. You can also soak a towel in the mixture and wipe the soap from the carpet with a wet cloth.
  3. Repeat the process until you’re confident you’ve removed the majority of the soap from the carpet. If there are no foaming and soap bubbles this means that the carpet is clean of the soap.
  4. After the soap has been absorbed into the carpet, apply more warm water on the damaged region of the carpet to rinse off any soap residue.
  5. Finally, blot excess water from the carpet with a dry towel. A wet-dry vacuum cleaner can be used to completely dry the carpet during this process.

However, it is usually preferable to let the carpet air dry. You can also put on the portable fan to fasten the drying process.

ProTip Takeaway. Vinegar is a standard stubborn stain remover. Make sure to only use enough vinegar to clean the carpet. 

This completely eliminates residues permanently while maintaining a good surface texture. On wool, silk, or other natural fiber rugs, never use vinegar. 

Steps to Clean Up a Wet Spill
  1. To dry out as much soap as possible, start with a clean, dry towel.
  2. There is likely to be some soap residue on the carpet’s surface after wiping the soap away with a clean cloth. Press a moist towel on the carpet to remove any remaining soap residue.
  3. Get a new moist towel, or rinse the old one, and place it firmly on the carpet to soak up any excess water. Squeeze the water out of the towel again and again until you can’t squeeze any more water out of it.
  4. A wet spill’s drying process is identical to that of a dry spill. Use a vacuum cleaner that can be used both wet and dry.
  5. To dry the carpet, put on the portable fan and open the windows after removing any residual dish soap. This procedure will guarantee that moisture evaporates, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. (Carpet Cleaners, 2019)

ProTip Takeaway. The carpet begins to attract dirt more quickly, especially if liquid soap is left in the carpet for an extended period of time.

Soap Residue

Other methods of getting soap out of a carpet are as follows:

Kitty Litter 

You’ve probably heard about kitty litter and how to use it on your cat. However, when it comes to cleaning soap residue from carpets, this kitty litter has a huge impact. The kitty litter method takes the longest to get the soap out of a carpet. It will also help if you don’t have the tools to vacuum or blot away the stain. 

  1. Begin by pouring a large amount of kitty litter over the detergent stain to completely cover it. Do this as soon as the spill occurs so as to absorb the wet detergent before it dries.
  2. Scoop up the litter after it has absorbed the detergent and dump it.
  3. Using old towels or paper towels press the carpet to absorb any residual detergent.
  4. If you have a shop vacuum or carpet cleaner, go over the area to make sure it is completely clean. Spray the carpet with water until it is completely saturated. Then use the shop vacuum or carpet cleaner to help lift any remaining detergent. (Angi, 2021)

Wet/Dry Vacuum

  1. Fill a spray bottle halfway with boiling water.
  2. Spray the detergent stain on the carpet until it is completely saturated.
  3. Vacuum the damp carpet with a wet/dry vacuum to remove the water.
  4. The spot will still be damp after using the wet-dry vacuum. 
  5. Allow a few minutes for the hot water to lift the detergent. Then repeat steps one through three until the detergent is completely or almost completely removed. 
  6. Blot the area with a dry towel to remove the most persistent detergent leftovers. Repeat this step if some detergent remains after running a wet/dry vacuum a few times.

ProTip Takeaway. Ensure you test a tiny inconspicuous patch of carpet for colorfastness. Do this with a small amount of vinegar for delicate or very dark-colored carpets. Before putting vinegar on the rest of the carpet, let it sit for up to 24 hours and check for fading.

Colorfastness is a feature of modern carpets. Most of the time, diluted vinegar isn’t a problem. (Cordless Vaccum Guide, 2020)

Sponging and blotting

  1. Fill a large container halfway with vinegar and hot water, 1-gallon water, and 1 cup white vinegar.
  2. Soak a dry cloth, clean towel, or sponge in the cleaning solution, then squeeze the water and vinegar into the spot with the cleaning towel or sponge. Allow the liquid to soak into the carpet for a few minutes.
  3. To blot the detergent spot, place an old towel over the stain and press firmly into it.
  4. Repeat steps 1–3 until the stain is completely removed. Each time you perform step three, make sure you use a fresh, dry towel.

No matter how careful you are, soap getting into the carpet is sometimes unavoidable. If you find yourself in a scenario where you need to remove soap from your carpet quickly, follow the methods above. 

If the carpet is entirely dry the next day, vacuum the entire carpet with your typical household vacuum. This will allow you to see if any discoloration has remained. If this is the case, you may want the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. You can expect to pay a professional about $25 to $75 for one room.

Ready To Clean Your Carpet or You Want To Change It?

If you don’t have the patience or time to cope with the soap stain, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaner. Maybe you scrubbed and steamed too much only to find a dark stain on the carpet. Professionals usually charge by the hour or by the room. Because the detergent is only one location, you could spend less than the average cost if you hire an expert who charges by the square foot. 

If you want to Change your Carpet Talk to Smart Remodeling LLC we are a professional carpet Installer. We are based in Houston, Texas, and are ready to serve you at any time to ensure your carpet is installed and stays in the best state.

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