How To Remove Granite Countertops

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How To Remove Granite Countertops


kitchen Countertops in Houston How To Remove Granite Countertops Steps To Remove Granite Countertops

How To Remove Granite Countertops: Easy Granite Countertop Removal

Granite is a type of natural stone that is extracted from quarries all over the world. It is a great countertop material because of its durability and attractiveness. It also has color variations that can completely transform the aesthetic of your kitchen. Because granite is so heavy, countertops are made in parts and assembled on site. Epoxy resin is used to connect the parts at their joints.

Irreversible damage to your counter or cabinets may occur. This may create the need for a replacement of the countertop. You'll need to remove the old granite from your cabinets before installing the new granite. To assist you to get the greatest result from this job, there are several measures you can take and faults you should avoid. (Rock Solid, 2021)

Tools Required When Removing A Granite Countertop

Granite countertops are becoming popular among many homeowners. They are confronted with the issue of removing their old worktops without destroying their cabinets.

tools for removing granite countertop

Granite slabs normally come with detailed instructions on how to complete the project and what tools you'll need. To ensure a seamless removal of granite countertop slabs, various special tools are required. These tools include: 

  • Wrench 
  • Dust mask
  • Gloves
  • Putty knife
  • Pry bar
  • Caulk softener
  • Box cutter
  • Bucket
  • Safety goggles 
  • Chisel
  • Screwdriver
  • Reciprocating saw – To be used if the granite countertop is massive and heavy. 

With these tools, you can now start the granite countertop removal process. (RSK Marble & Granite, 2020)

Granite Kitchen Countertop

Steps To Remove Granite Countertops

Removing granite countertops is a time-consuming DIY project. It is best to get a professional if you don't have the time or don't feel comfortable doing the task yourself. When it comes to labor and supplies, removing granite countertops might cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500.

Fixtures and Sinks Removal

Turn off the water faucets.

To avoid water spills during the process, turn off the water valve beneath the sink faucet. Turning both the cold and hot water valves clockwise until the water stops running is also a good idea. Finally, using pliers or a wrench, move the nut counterclockwise to release the water lines above the valves. (Hunker, 2020)

Disconnect the Faucets

To begin, follow the disconnected water pipes to the bottom of your sink. Then, using pliers, spin the hold-down nuts counterclockwise to separate them. Remove the faucets by pushing them upwards from the rim.

Take out the sink

Inside the cabinet, around the tub's base, look for the hold-down brackets. Remove the nuts from each bracket by unscrewing them. Finally, break the caulk attaching the sink to the granite countertop using a knife or a flat chisel. This will also help to break the glue and caulk. To raise the sink, lightly tap it on the bottom with a rubber mallet. Remove the sink by lifting it out. This is especially a useful tip for under-mount sinks.

ProTip Takeaway: You need to use a putty knife or a chisel to break through the adhesive layer holding the sink to the countertop. This is for drop-in fixture sinks.

Remove all the Plywood

Between the cabinets and the granite on the bottom side of your kitchen granite countertop is a layer of plywood. To remove it, undo the screws that attach the plywood sheet to the cabinet from inside the cabinet. Use a screw tip and a drill.

Check for a second set of screws running up into the plywood from the top of the cabinet. If there are none, remove granite from the plywood by breaking the glue that holds it to the granite countertop.

Remove the Backsplash

It's now time to remove the backsplash that connects to the countertop with a hammer and a leveling pry bar. Begin by gently stroking your pry bar with the hammer at the uppermost edge of the backsplash to gradually remove it. Carry on in this manner until all of the backsplash linked to the countertop has been removed.

removing granite countertop

Removing the Granite Countertop 

Step 1

Locate the corner junction between the bottom of your countertop and the cabinet's front brace. To find it, look inside the cabinet's facing. Tap the end of the pry bar into this joint with a hammer. Pry upward gently to break the glue. If there is any plywood behind the granite, labor underneath it to separate the granite from it.

Alternatively, if necessary, remove them all at once. Only if you were able to remove all of the screws that held the wood platform in place will this work. Tap a wooden shim into the joint once it's open to hold the countertop in place. Shimming and prying along the front edge until the entire front edge is lifted significantly.

Step 2

Go deeper into the cabinets. Begin at the front and work your way back. Pry the granite (or both the plywood and granite) out from the cabinet supports with the pry bar. As you proceed, keep adding shims. To avoid shattering the stone, work slowly. Only pry up the next several inches of the granite countertop as you move along the length of it. Continue lifting the countertop in sections at a slow pace until it is completely lifted.

Step 3

Every 3 to 4 feet, one person should be stationed around the front edge of the counter. Collaborate to raise the countertop from the back edge, allowing it to fall into the workers' waiting hands. Lift the stone gently and move it to your designated storage location.

Step 4 

Protect the granite surface by placing it with the top facing down. If any underlying plywood needs to be replaced, peel it away from the granite with care. Separate the entire adhesive and remove the plywood slowly and carefully. Remove any remaining glue or plywood from the granite's bottom with a heavy-duty scraper. (Rock Solid, 2021)

ProTip Takeaway: Make sure the granite slab is properly stored to avoid damage if you plan to use it somewhere elsewhere. One method to accomplish this is to store it with the top facing down.

Are You Ready To Remove Your Granite Countertop

Removing granite countertops is a time-consuming operation full of potential problems. With this in mind, it's usually best to hire an experienced contractor who can complete the job safely and on time.

In Houston Texas, Smart Remodeling LLC has earned a well-deserved reputation. We are the best and most dependable granite counters installers. We are there if and when homeowners need us for granite countertops to install and remove. Our experienced professionals install flawless natural stone countertops that will last a lifetime. Contact us to get started on your next granite countertop job.



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